How To Create A DIY Water Feature

Today I’m showing DIY water features and fountains in containers created by 6 bloggers for their garden or patio space.

Maybe you will be inspired to create one of these water features for your own patio or garden space.

1. A Piece Of Rainbow Water Feature:

The blogger at A Piece Of Rainbow took a simple round galvanized tub and created a water feature with various pond plants or plants that can withstand sitting in water.

She used a solar fountain pump that operates with sunlight to create movement in her container pond.

The movement helps to keep mosquitoes from hatching eggs in the water. Mosquitoes need stagnation that allows them to breed.

2. An Extraordinary Day Water Feature:

The blogger from An Extraordinary Day created her water feature with a blue garden pot.

She surrounded the water fountains with lots of container plants to create more of a jungle effect.

Below are the elements she used to create her water feature.

3. Frugal Family Times Water Feature:

The blogger from Frugal Family Times created this blue water fountain with 2 container pots and rocks.

And here’s what their DIY fountain looked like as they were building it. As you can see they created this with cheap elements, but it looks like a million bucks!

I wanted you to see how simple it is to create a DIY water fountain. You may have these things, like bricks and plastic containers, sitting around your home or garage.

Thus your water feature would be very inexpensive to make.

4. What’s Ur Family Story Water Feature:

The blogger from What’s Ur Family Story chose to create her container pond in a large plant pot.

Then she added pond plants, which can be purchased at some of the bigger garden nurseries.

Below are the elements she gathered together to create her water fountain. Apparently, she decided not to use a pump in her water feature.

5. Hearth And Vine Water Feature:

The blogger from Hearth And Vine created a solar water feature.

It also has potting soil filled in around the smaller of the two pots so she could add plants.

Her water feature was created using 2 terra cotta pots. A smaller one is sitting inside the bigger one.

She chose to paint the terra cotta pots for her water feature.

If you decide to add fish to your fountain, you should check to make sure the paint you use won’t kill the fish.

Above you can see that she added a smaller pot and turned it upside down inside the larger pot to add height.

She poured potting soil into the bigger pot so she could grow plants in the soil.

6. Flower Patch Farmhouse Water Feature:

The blogger from Flower Patch Farmhouse has created both a water feature and a hummingbird bath for those of you who enjoy birds/hummingbirds.

Here is her creation seen in several stages of setup.

She used a solar fountain and an old plastic pot to create her water feature.

A terra-cotta tray will serve as a watering spot to make sure the hummingbirds are hydrated.

This blogger created both a solar fountain as well as a hummingbird bath for her garden feature.
Flower Patch Farmhouse

Just above you can see how it works.

Go to the linked sites for more information, as I’ve linked to each site in this post. The titles are also links back to the individual posts.

For your convenience, I have looked up links from Amazon to help you create your DIY water feature.

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  1. We have a pond near the pool and I love it. I actually miss the water sound when we’re on the covered porch. I’d love to add one this summer. Thanks for the inspiration and supply ideas!

  2. I love all of these ideas! I want a fountain for the front but have yet to find the design I like. In the back we have some sort of water feature, it is in the ground, there is a pump and lots of rocks. I cleaned out the sludge the other day, now I need to figure out the rest.
    As for hummingbirds, I saw one the other day. I love them.

  3. These are all lovely, Brenda. Thanks for posting them. I have a small fountain with an electric pump that I haven’t set up in years. Now I’m inspired to putting it together again for some soothing sound on my deck.

  4. They’re all beautiful. I especially feel drawn to the turquoise/teal pot colors. I love your indoor water feature too.

  5. We have a hummingbird bath now just without the solar pump. The one we had died and needs to be replaced. It has been a gathering place for all the birds! It sits on a small table for height and we can see it from the kitchen window. I wonder how you keep dogs from drinking out of the ponds? They are all lovely and thank you for posting.

  6. These water features are great! Thanks for posting them! Iā€™m going to try to make the Hummingbird bath!

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