1. We have a pond near the pool and I love it. I actually miss the water sound when we’re on the covered porch. I’d love to add one this summer. Thanks for the inspiration and supply ideas!

  2. I love all of these ideas! I want a fountain for the front but have yet to find the design I like. In the back we have some sort of water feature, it is in the ground, there is a pump and lots of rocks. I cleaned out the sludge the other day, now I need to figure out the rest.
    As for hummingbirds, I saw one the other day. I love them.

  3. Love all of them!! Some folks are so smart!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. These are all lovely, Brenda. Thanks for posting them. I have a small fountain with an electric pump that I haven’t set up in years. Now I’m inspired to putting it together again for some soothing sound on my deck.

  5. They’re all beautiful. I especially feel drawn to the turquoise/teal pot colors. I love your indoor water feature too.

  6. We have a hummingbird bath now just without the solar pump. The one we had died and needs to be replaced. It has been a gathering place for all the birds! It sits on a small table for height and we can see it from the kitchen window. I wonder how you keep dogs from drinking out of the ponds? They are all lovely and thank you for posting.

  7. These are great ideas, although I’m not sure I’m up to the task! 😉

  8. These water features are great! Thanks for posting them! I’m going to try to make the Hummingbird bath!

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