A Day In The Life Of A Little Boy

Saturday means going to the park.
Discovering things on the ground.
Like a neat red car somebody left behind.
It’s not fun when something gets in your shoe.
Mom says: “Stop, Andrew!”
Andrew doesn’t stop.
Andrew isn’t ready to leave yet.
Melt down.
Such is the life of a three year old boy.




  1. I, too, thought your story and photos would make a nice calm story book. I used to put my little boy in a tepid/warmish bath with toys and sit in the room reading to him as he cooled off and relaxed from very hot summer days in our desert climate. He was about Andrew's age. I enjoy your posts about Andrew.

  2. Sweet story. Sweet boy. Ah, yes, the melt-downs. I know them well! I don't know if I've ever shared on this post that I have four grandsons, age two to six. What a lively crew! They all are so dear to me, each in his
    own way. But I must say, since I raised two girls, having all of the boys was quite a shock to my system at first! I don't care what anyone says, generally speaking, boys are just different than girls! The large motor activity is non-stop with these guys!

    Thanks for sharing the photos of your dear little boy, Brenda.

  3. Such a handsome grandson you have! I am so happy for you that you get to spend time with your daughter & him at the park. Those are such precious memories. All my grandchildren are grown up and now I have great grandchildren. Glad some of them live close by so that we can play. Even if I am exhausted when they go home.

  4. This post had me smiling in anticipation.

    Any day now, we will have a grandson. As we sat on the beach today, the cutest little boy was having so much fun in the sand. I told Steve that we will have so much fun with our little guy next summer when he's walking.

  5. I agree with Lynx. I was also thinking how good it was to be a child and have a nice large park to run around in and work off some excess energy. Kids always sleep well after outside exercise.

  6. Andrew is such a handsome little guy. He's almost unreal- no dirt on him that's visible. My sons always looked like they'd been in a wallow: dirt & smudges everywhere. Take care & stay cool, Sandy

  7. Being outside in a park, with a few toys to play with rather than an electronic device, seems like the perfect way for a little boy to spend a couple of hours. And yes, it can be hard for a little one to shift gears and head home! Your daughter looks patient and unruffled. Andrew may be upset, but he knows he is in good hands, and well loved by his mom and grandma.

  8. ahhhh, grandchildren. Aren't they the best? All of mine are yrs older than Andrew and I miss that. When my grand daughter and grand son, were around Andrew's age, they called me outside for a "present". Oh the looks of pride on their little faces when I looked in the little box of all of my mum flower heads laying there and the plant bare. But the look, it is so precious in my mind……enjoy him. They grow so fast.

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