Well I went back and forth on this decision for days. But I finally decided to get the best countertop kit they make from GianiGranite. What I have on my counter tops right now is from GianiGranite. And I know their product holds up well.

Now they’ve come up with a much stronger application for a marble look and it is pretty expensive at $179.99. But I went with it because I really didn’t like the other choices. I don’t want a granite look. I’ve watched their video and it looks pretty simple.

I don’t think I will add the marble touches and just leave it white. In the FAQ’s someone asked the question about whether they could just leave it white with no marbling. And they answered yes, they could certainly do that. Just skip that step of the process.

Here is what I ordered yesterday from Amazon: Giani Marble Epoxy Countertop Kit, Carrara White. This is the only color the stronger application comes in.

I came very close to ordering a strong vinyl peel and stick countertop application from Etsy. Here is the Etsy site if you want to look at their products.

I put regular contact paper like you buy in the stores on my countertop when I first moved here. And it just doesn’t stay down very long in a kitchen or bathroom. So that kind of put me off that idea.

I went to Lowes yesterday for the white cabinet paint I use and it was $52! But I need something durable for cabinets. I’m not sure just what I used last time so I might not be able to just touch it up.

While I was there I looked at their white subway peel and stick tile but it was $8 a foot. And they didn’t have many. Probably not enough for my kitchen.

So I went down the street to Target. I had to pick up Charlie’s eggs anyway.

I looked at wallpaper there that looks like subway tiles that was around $30. But I don’t know if I want that. The look isn’t very realistic, but then I was looking at it in the fluorescent glare of a department store.

So I’m moving along with the project, a bit at a time. My leg from the right ankle up has been swollen just from getting on the step ladder to take down the three cabinet doors the other day.

This morning I’m limping so I got out my ankle brace, but I have forgotten just how it laces up. So I think I’m going to drive over to the doctor’s office this morning and have them refresh my memory so I can wear that for stability.

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  1. My tiny kitchen suffered one of my less-than-stellar countertop decisions (!), right around the same time my decorating money gave out! But I had a marble pastry board….

    Figured the counter didn’t have to be the same height front to back, so I put the marble board up to the front edge of the counter. That left a space in the back about eight inches deep. That part of the counter doesn’t get real use so I just lined up some useful kitchen things, like a pretty jug, utensil holder, etc. which largely covered the old countertop. Overall look…my countertop not-so-good decision….disappeared! Fit my very funky kitchen.

    Love improvising. Needed a setup to hand wash dishes so took one rack out of my dishwasher, which I never use, giving me a nice big drainer…..Added a baking sheet as a drain board (clean it daily)….and wired a plastic colander to the rack for silverware.

    Necessity really is the mother of invention!

  2. Epoxy tends to amber over time, especially if your kitchen has good natural light. For that reason, I’d caution against solid white. Adding some color and veigning can go a long way to help disguise that.

  3. Ya’ll realize you could get new laminate counters for under $1,000, right? Lasts over 20 years and comes in thousands of colors. It can look like granite, marble, cement, solid surface whatever. All that work you’re putting into this project is just lipstick on a pig. IMHO.

    1. I have a “high definition ” granite look counter in house (I didn’t know about epoxy at the time). I like it–but no matter what laminate you get, it always has a “flat” look to it. It’s plastic and it looks like plastic. Plus it doesn’t have nearly the heat resistance that epoxy does. I’ve done epoxy counters for other homes and it’s not that much work–& is limited only by your creativity. You can do it any color that you can get paint in–so basically ALL of them, done in any combination. You can add mica, glitter, etc to make it look like granite, quartz or something totally off the wall. You want a sparkly hot pink & purple marble for your little princess’s bathroom? Easy peasy! Btw– that high def laminate that I paid about $1200 for? I’ll be going over it with epoxy in the very near future.

  4. This sounds beautiful and I have yet to see the final product. As for the subway tile I think there are a lot of options for that, but as you said take it one step at a time.

  5. I’m updating a tiny half bath but not wanting to spend a small fortune on new custom counters. I might have to try this. Will check out the links you provided also. Just can’t decide. Thanks!

  6. Hi, I have the peel and stick subway tiles and most people think they are the real thing. I cannot remember if I got the on amazon or at Lowe’s. My husband put them up and thank goodness for him because he’s fussy and they are a bit of a puzzle in some spots. I wouldn’t have been as patient! Good luck!! I can’t wait for the finished product!

  7. Can’t wait to see how this looks! If you want to do subway tile as the backsplash, I’m sure you could get more online or go to another big box store such as Home Depot or Menards.

  8. The epoxy finish coat should give you a lot of wear out of it. From what I understand, it’s a very strong finish. You might want to take a look at self-stick vinyl subway tiles at Wayfair – they offer very good prices on a number of products, less than $8 a square foot.

  9. Cannot wait to see the finished counter tops. I know they will look great. I am about to watch the video and see if this is something that I can handle. My counter tops are in desperate need of updating — forest green (with white specks) formica that probably looked great in the 70’s and 80’s but looks quite awful now.
    Hope your leg heals quickly.

    Take care and have a wonderful day.

    1. The first time around I went with the less expensive granite look. But I’m tired of that. I’m not a real fan of granite or marble. So that’s why I’m thinking I might just leave the marbling step out.

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