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  1. A white kitchen with red accents is about as bright and cheerful as it gets. I hope your kitchen now is to a point where you can just have fun swapping out decor touches and you don’t have any big jobs to do. It’s great that you can enjoy yourself in there now after the work you and your daughter did to the room.

  2. We were planning on a kitchen remodel for early 2021 but we’ve put that on the back burner. The house is newish to us but was built about 25 years ago. We have the almond toned colored laminate cabinets that we popular then. The construction .is very solid but the appearance isn’t. So, it may mean just new doors when the time comes. Thanks for all your wonderful tips. Small changes can make things much better.

  3. I would like to take the doors off at least two of my cabinets and paint the insides, but they go deep in back towards the left corner. Almost impossible to reach into. And I’m such a sloppy painter, it would look horrible. At least I admit it! Then there’s the outside of the cabinets…my entire kitchen is oak. So even if I painted the outside frame of just those two cabinets, it would look stupid because all the other cabinets (and there are lots) are all oak. I’m simply going to wait until we can afford to have things done professionally – and of course, wait for this Covid virus to be gone, too. I don’t want anyone in my house right now, even with wearing a mask.

    Have a good weekend!

  4. I don’t use ceiling lights,either. I do have a crystal chandelier above a small vintage drop leaf kitchen table, and a smaller one above my kitchen sink. Don’t use those often, just when the kids are over for Christmas. There are two pendent lights which hang over the kitchen island, and those are on when we are eating. They don’t glare like a ceiling light would .And I have a “chicken” counter top small lamp that I turn on in the evening, and early morning when it’s still dark (in the winter). When we purchased this mobile home, I was able to design the floor plan, and choose the lighting fixtures, cabinet doors and colors. with their pulls and the counter tops, a, deep kitchen sink and “bridge” faucet. The appliances and flooring, and curtains were my choices, so I really don’t need to change anything. We’ve lived here 8 years, and I haven’t tired of any of it. I decorate for Christmas with two fake berry wreaths on the cabinet doors above the pantry, and Santas on the window sills, and the The Holy family and animals on the table, with some fresh green branches, that come from the bottom of the Christmas tree, when they are cut off, so the tree will fit into the tree stand. Oh, of course I have to use the Christmas towels, to hang on the oven door. I bought the puck lights too, on line, like you purchased, and I use those when I am cutting up vegies, or whatever I’m doing on the counters. My daughter-in-law gifted me a small wicker cornucopia with a nice little green ivy in it, so that adds a little green to my kitchen also. Going to have another cup of coffee now, and start on my Christmas envelopes and notes for the inside of the cards. Have a nice cozy weekend Brenda, with your little two lovebugs. Hugs from COLD Wisconsin…

  5. I like putting small lamps in my kitchen because I hate those overhead florescent lights. They make me feel like I’m in a big box store.

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