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  1. WOW – what a house! I could be very happy there! Using flannel shirts for wrapping presents is a brilliant idea!

  2. It’s beautiful . The interior is not at all what I expected or was thinking it might .

  3. What a lovely home. That apple garland is amazing…of course, it wouldn’t work well with my allergies…but there’s always faux!! Enjoy the weekend!!

  4. Beautiful home! 🏡 Everything is practical/comfortable to enjoy without fuss. Christmas 🎄🎅
    Love the trough bathroom sink! So 😎 cool looking!! A restaurant we often go to has something similar. Made out of polished pinkish stone ,,,,, 3 faucets!!
    Kiddos are lucky to grow up in a home 🏡 🏠 like this!!
    Not too soon viewing 🎄 “stuff” ,,,,,, it’s fine & fun!!! 😊
    I have all my holiday 🎁 gifts under dining room table. Going to wrap them all on Thanksgiving!!
    Other presents will send via catalogs. I try and give original things. Also with complimentary shipping.
    There are many good values to send to a special someone!

  5. I love that area in Michigan. Lots of these beautiful farm houses. This is near The Found Cottage one of my fave shops in Hudsonville Michigan. Love that she kept the integrity of the outer home. Lots of work for them but so wonderful. Thanks for sharing. xoxo Kris

  6. I like the simple wreaths in the windows and the trough sink in the bathroom.
    I have a pair of those exact boots and they are so comfy! They keep my feet warm when I have to shovel the walkway, that I do don’t want to think about! Lol
    Have a fantastic weekend Brenda!

  7. Lovely home & family. Enjoyed this one very much. Would love to live in a light-filled old farmhouse!

  8. Beautiful home! I love the bathroom, lol! The dog is cute, all dressed up to match in the family picture. They did a good job with the house addition and the holiday decorations are beautiful!

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