A couple of weeks ago I was perusing Etsy shops looking at dough bowls.

The one I had on the coffee table with magazines in it is the one I really prefer to use next to my chair under the glass table shelf. That way I can hide things like camera lens, chargers, etc. where Ivy can’t get to them.

As I’m trying to support small business, I figured Etsy was a good place to look for something unique. And I found it! A dough bowl that happened to have handles. Which was a truly beautiful feature I thought.

The shop was called Sunflower Cottage. This shop has been on Etsy for 10 years.

It arrived a few days ago. When I went back to the shop online today to see if they had others like it, I didn’t see another one.

But I know the shop has made others like it because I saw photos of the same dough bowl with handles in the reviews.

Here’s a look at the bowl without magazines. The hand carved wood is just gorgeous!

I have shopped Etsy for yours. I love supporting small shops and sometimes you can find something made to your own specifications.

Here is how Sunflower Cottage had it listed:

Large Dough Bowl with Handles, Hand Carved, 22″ x 12″, Iron Handles, Rustic, Farmhouse, Centerpiece

The shop also has these adorable little wooden hearts. I’m quite tempted to get one of them at $15.

If you go to the shop you’ll see all kinds of hand carved wares for the home plus other vintage items. Maybe you’ll find something you just can’t live without.

During this time when many of us are sheltering at home, Etsy is a good place to shop for items for our home and garden, etc.

Wouldn’t the little hand carved wooden hearts look cute with vintage keys or sea glass in them?

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  1. Thank you so much for spotlighting our Etsy shop! We love selling our dough bowls on Etsy and appreciate your support for small businesses. We also have another Etsy shop with similar items where the bowl featured here can now be found, VintageMarket2493. Thanks again!

  2. Gorgeous and rustic! I absolutely am calmed when I look at these handmade items. So grateful you brought this to attention.

  3. Beautiful bowl! I love wooden & woven bowls. You’ve given me more inspiration on what to do with them. I will check this shop out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ooooohhh that bowl is stunning! If I saw that in a shop it would go home with me! I don’t normally do much on-line buying of home accessories; my preference is shopping in person. But, you have made me rethink my attitude.
    I love your cat tower, Ivy looks so pleased with her new perches. I love how you care for your pet children, they are supremely lucky to have a sweet generous “Mom” like you, Brenda.
    Also, your patio gardens are really thriving! I hope the cold front isn’t causing any long term harm. I hate to see any of your hard work get damaged.
    Happy Mother’s day weekend!

  5. Very nice dough bowl!! Thanks for sharing that site…now that we must shop mostly from home!!

  6. What a nice dough bowl, Brenda. It’s newly made, right? Not vintage. The wood is really beautiful and I like the texture of the carving that shows. I’ve never shopped much on Etsy but I guess I should start looking at the different stores a little more. Like you said, it’s good to support small businesses. And I know there are lots of unique items to be found.

    I went to the Sunflower Cottage site and saw lots of tempting items. They have a variety of unique things. I will make the one of my favorite shops when I need a gift for someone (or myself!).

  7. That dough bowl is gorgeous! I love the wooden hearts, too. I will definitely be taking a look at this shop. I just read your previous post about Charlie’s acupuncture appointment, too. So glad to hear the good news about him. And I’m glad Ivy is loving her new tree. Monkey likes the cat tree a lot more than Clementine does. She perches on it to look out the window, but that’s it. Monkey spends a lot of time sleeping in it.

  8. I live in Amish Country Ohio. And I see a lot of those dough bowls here with handles. All hand made because the Amish don’t have electric. I have not bought one but I have been so tempted.

  9. I love the dough bowl, that would look great in my log home. I love to shop Etsy and I’m going to check out that site and the other one you mentioned!

  10. That dough bowl is gorgeous !! I also love the little heart shaped bowls. Your idea of putting vintage keys inside is one I may have to steal !! Love your decorating & gardening ideas. Keep the pet pics coming too. Have a great weekend.

  11. Love the bowl and the angel wings. Instead of decorating with little odds and ends here and there I am trying to add the smalls to my decor. A few years ago I was reading not to have decor any smaller than a cantaloupe. Over the past 5 or so years I have decluttered everything of mine on the main floor of our house. In the basement which is for storage, I only have a few bins for holiday decorations. Unfortunately there is a bit of clutter that my husband needs to take care of. I wanted to clean out more of my things but in the last 2 months with things changing I have a new perspective on keeping items that I might have donated. Kinda like that Great Depression thinking. I am glad to see people enjoying their Victory gardens. Many lessons to adopt from the past. Enjoy your day!

  12. I love the dough bowls. My daughter ordered one for me that is candle filled that I just love.
    Your bowl is lovely.

  13. I love that bowl. It is beautiful. I will be checking out that Etsy shop and probably some others. I have only purchased from them a couple of times but have always been happy with the items I got. Have a great weekend.

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