Some of you asked to see my daughter Kendra’s renovated duplex she’s leasing. I now have photos to show you. I think she has them both leased now.

Each of the two units is 1100 square feet with a one-car garage. There are two bedrooms and one bathroom.

Kendra said there was lots of wood rot around the windows. So that was one of her first tasks with this duplex.

Apparently, the side where the owner of the duplex had lived was in much worse shape than the other side. It took Kendra weeks longer to redo that unit.

In Kendra's renovated duplex she's leasing, she has given this bungalow style home a nice do over.

Front Yard Of Duplex:

I’ve seen duplexes that were very plain and ugly outside. But this one has character.

I would be happy to live in one of them. However, I’m already moving somewhere next month. Plus, I wanted to live in a 55+ community.

The living room of the duplex with a fireplace and a window on either side.

As you see the living room has a fireplace.

Everything has been cleaned and painted and spiffed up.

I don’t think Kendra has it in her to do the very minimum and let it go at that. She has lots of pride and love when it comes to houses.

Living Room:

Another view of daughter Kendra's renovated duplex living room.

Duplex Kitchen:

I think the duplex has good “bones.” It is laid out nicely and flows well from room to room.

In daughter Kendra's renovated duplex she's leasing, there is a small kitchen and all new appliances.

The kitchen has new appliances. It’s not huge by any measure, but big enough for one or two to cook at the same time.

Duplex Bedroom #1:

The French doors of the duplex going out to the yard.

There’s a French door leading out to a good-sized yard with a small deck.

I’m truly going to miss my French door when I move. This type of door lends a certain elegance to a room I think.

Duplex Bedroom #2:

In daughter Kendra's renovated duplex she's leasing, there is carpet in all the living spaces.

Duplex Bathroom:

The bathrooms of the duplex are not large, but very accommodating. I like the green she painted the cabinets.

The bathroom is nothing special, but it is pretty. Had this been one of her flip houses, that mirror and lighting would have been the first things to go to the scrap heap.

But I think Kendra has come to realize, from a business point of view, that she has to pare things down on rentals.

Duplex Laundry Area:

In daughter Kendra's renovated duplex she's leasing, she purchased a new washer and dryer for each of the two units.

She purchased a new washer and dryer for each unit.

Duplex Bathroom:

The bathtub in the bathroom of the duplex.

The bathroom is fairly small. But on target for a typical duplex or apartment bathroom.

These units have fairly large yards for a duplex. You could let the pets roam or plant a garden.

If it were me I’d have that garden started as soon as spring was approaching. Flowers would be blooming before you know it!

Duplex Yard:

In daughter Kendra's renovated duplex she's leasing, there is a new deck and nice sized yard for the new resident renting it.

This duplex is in a very good area of Tulsa. That alone was a factor in her buying it. I don’t think she’ll have any trouble keeping the units occupied.

She tends to stay in the same area when she buys properties and flips houses. Because in Brookside, houses are renovated or taken down all the time due to people wanting to live in this area.

As you drive through this area of town, you will see little cottages in between huge million-dollar houses. And the land underneath these little cottages is worth a great deal.

As they say, it’s best to find a cheap house in a nice neighborhood. That’s a good business practice.

Kendra started out selling real estate. Now she also redesigns houses and renovates them to sell,

I’m very proud of her and her work ethic. Any home she signs off on will be in tiptop shape.

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  1. Love, love, love these little “English” cottages ! I’d live there in a heartbeat! You
    have a talented daughter, Brenda….took after her Mom.

  2. Looks like a roomy and great duplex ..with that great back fenced yard. Someone looking for a rental will be lucky to land this one or twos. Your daughter is very saavy. wow..Good for her ..a real business woman. Happy Holidays to yall.

  3. Beautiful ❤ duplex! I love everything!! Wondering re storage though. The backyard is so perfect 🥰 for enjoying the seasons!!! Our pups 🐶 🐶 would just love the yard ,,,, plenty of room to run around.
    I hope Kendra will stay here. It’s real nice!

  4. Thanks for showing us the duplex. Kendra always does such a beautiful job remodeling the homes. This house doesn’t look like your typical duplex from the outside! Like you, I love French doors!

  5. Brenda, I love it. The living room is wonderful. The kitchen very workable, bath and bedrooms are just fine. I love the French doors, deck and fenced yard. I can see why you’re so proud of Kendra.

  6. Very cute duplex…anyone would love to live in seems to me!! Kendra does do excellent work, obviously, as it appears new!!

  7. What a perfect (not really small) home. The rooms are such a nice size and even the kitchen, with the counter space where two can sit to eat. And then the extras like the fire place, the french doors, and the awesome private back yard. I don’t know, of course, what rent would be, but I bet it won’t take long before a renter is living here. Very, very NICE!!! Thanks so much for showing this to us, Brenda. Your daughter is Amazing!!!!!!! Hugs from 49 degrees, really foggy WI, where we expect 60 mile wind gusts this evening. Crazy weather.

  8. Brenda, Kendra is a wonder. What a beautiful place to call home. I would live there in a minute. Of course it would depend on the amount of rent, but I’m sure it’s worth every penny. One year ago, the apartment I was living in was only 700 sq ft and rents today for $1600 per month. No fireplace, no yard or even small patio. Love, love the French doors. Atta girl Kendra!

  9. You have every reason to be proud of her. Wow…I am amazed at her ability to do renovations and her work is impeccable! Love this duplex! Happy Holidays, Brenda!

  10. Very nice rental units. I love the fireplace. The kitchen has everything you need, and having a separate dining area is nice. The bedrooms look good size. Those large-scale mirrors that so many of us removed from our homes 10 years ago – they’re back in style, LOL! If Kendra wants to fancy them up a bit I’ll bet she can make her own frames out of a wood scrap pile and install them. I’m not a fan of French doors in bedrooms, but they are pretty. And the yard for the unit you showed us looks nice and roomy! I hope her tenants will be responsible and do not wreck the properties, and will also keep up the yards. I grew up in a family that rented our flats for years, that’s how I learned to do yard work and take care of flower beds!

  11. What a cute duplex and how nice of her to include a washer and dryer. I know how proud you are of her.

    We have oak French doors with beveled glass at my entry way and have talked of replacing them but doubt we will. I love the morning sun shining in.

  12. Such a cute place! I love the red on the exterior doors for a cheery pop of color. The layout is good and I would love living there.

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