There is a new look for the patio now. It’s amazing what changing up cushions and adding two outdoor wicker chairs will do to the looks of your outdoor space.
The white mums in the green ceramic pot are so lush and pretty right now. I bought the pot at Southwood with the mums already in it.

Coming Up With A New Look:

My brown chairs, that you see against the fence, stayed in good shape as long as they were under shelter. But since I moved here in April, the cushions are already quickly started tearing up. 
I looked far and wide online and could not find anything to replace the chair cushions that wasn’t too expensive. And I was very doubtful that I could find the right fit if I bought them without seeing them in person anyway.

A Trip To At Home Store:

So I decided to go to a store here called At Home, which once was called Garden Ridge Pottery. I called first but the recording said they would not search out items or give prices over the phone.
So Friday afternoon, written directions in hand, off I went to visit the store.
I was in luck. They stock outdoor furniture all year!

My Find:

And they had these wicker chairs for $79. I could not resist. Now I have four chairs and a full conversation area.
The bonus was that I found cushions for the brown chairs that matched the green cushions I chose for the new chairs.
They’re not as thick as the others were, but for $59 they are more than adequate!
I’m not even sure I have the cushions on correctly, but I’ll deal with that later.

A Larger Seating Arrangement:

Bringing the wicker chairs in meant moving some plants around to accommodate a larger seating arrangement.

I dragged the gigantic Kimberly fern to the other end of the patio.

When you live in a small space, an outdoor space, is really important. It can become a wonderful extension of your living space and flow right through to the outdoors almost seamlessly. 
I want to get a rug to tie the arrangement together come spring.
And it would be wonderful if I could figure out how to cover the seating arrangement so I could sit outside with my coffee and watch the birds.

Birds At The Bird Feeders:

Right now I’m looking out the window at the bird feeders. The birds are all over the feeding spots, and there’s a line of sparrows all the way down the branch waiting to eat.
I just now saw my first mourning dove out there!
The mourning dove has now managed to run the sparrows off and is perched about five feet from the window. I love mourning doves. I am so glad to see they’ve joined the menagerie back there!

Happy Sunday!


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  1. What a nice and cosy area to have a cup of coffee! My patio is also very open and I was thinking of creating a pergola so it'd be a little protected when it rains… This is my project for 2028! I hope you'll find a solution quicker than that!

  2. Love the furniture and bright green cushions! So many different color pillows will go with that. When you say "cover", do you mean like an umbrella? They have the free standing ones that tilt. All that stuff, even outdoor rugs are on sale and clearance now. Try Rugs USA. I like Becky's idea of painting a rug on the sidewalk!

    Jane x

  3. Love your patio area … such a pleasant place to spend some time reading and listening to the birds. You certainly have made the most of your little space.

  4. Everything looks so pretty, Brenda! We had 2 nights of frost warnings this weekend, but it must not have occurred because the plants all look untouched. We have already brought in the geraniums, sw potato vines, and spikes I want to winter-over. I like the idea of an umbrella, Brenda, because when those bad storms come through you can be sure it is wound down. With gazebos, etc. if a bad storm comes through you just have to hope it doesn't get blown down or away. Just a thought…..

  5. You have made this patio so beautiful! I, too, was going to suggest that you look into a canopy or gazebo. Costco always has a huge one, and I have seen various sizes at Lowe's. Usually they are plentiful beginning in the Spring through the Summer. Another option is a retractable awning, like those from Sunsetter. You might have to leave that if you move, however, because it is attached to the building once installed. It might be less expensive than a gazebo, and you have the option of closing it up if you want full sun.

  6. Maybe my hearty appetite Mourning Dove have gone to your house! They are pretty and I love their sound but gosh they can eat thru the food. My husband use to hunt dove years ago. When he would leave to go hunting, (mostly a work thing, taking clients out, etc), I would remind him that dove mate for life and he will be killing someone's spouse. When he left that job, he quit hunting. Actually, when we got our four-legged babies, he changed about hunting. Funny how that worked.

    I love your new chairs and cushions. So bright and colorful. Your patio looks wonderful! Your patio is extremely large for an apt. What a blessing! How do you keep everything so green and pretty this late in the summer? My stuff is fizzling out What a great place to sip your coffee and enjoy nature. Such a blessing! Now with your seating, you could invite three of us at a time to come drink coffee!

  7. Looks very cozy, just like everything you decorate! Loved it! I had to give up cushions on my patio because the neighbor cats, for some reason, like to mess on them. So frustrating! That has been awhile ago though and I haven't seen those cats around, so I may try it again.

  8. Maybe you could find a used garden umbrella at a yard sale or on Craigslist, that would be sufficient cover for one person and might not cost that much. Or at an end-of-season sale even.

  9. Everything is beautiful, Brenda. Your outdoor "room" looks like it's out of Better Homes and Gardens. I'm so happy that you have it to enjoy.. Sounds like you have an aviary going on too.
    Happy dance, happy dance !

  10. Green is my favorite color. Your arrangement is perfect. As soon as we return from our autumn adventure, I'm in the market for another outdoor gazebo, as this time of year is my favorite for sitting outdoors.

    Have you ever considered trying a "sun shade sail" for your patio? Amazon has them. I don't know how difficult they are to hang, or how "covered" you would like your seating area, but they seem to work well in small spaces. Also, they make great umbrellas that come with a heavy-duty stand that might work.

  11. Love the green cushions and the great seating area; what a lovely area you have to enjoy your plants and birds! Isn't Garden Ridge a great place, no matter what the name is? The closest one to me is 2 hours away, but I still love it! As for shade, have you considered an "off-set" umbrella? I had one for a few years, and enjoyed the shade. It's time to replace it, as the old one has finally ripped. I suggest an umbrella cover; it helps protect it from the elements when it is down during the winter. I got the first one from, and would buy from them again, if they have one I like in the spring. If not, I've been looking at to see what they have.

    Blogless Peggy

  12. Brenda, I love what you've down with the patio! The green is very serene. We have an "At Home" store near our home, it's just been opened a year, we love it! My sweet hubby bought a white resin/wicker chaise for me for Mother's Day, from there. My grand-daughter calls it my "summer chair". I love it, it's so comfy and well made. Our porch is covered so it gets a LOT of use! We are in CO but we can even use the porch in the middle of the winter, as long as it's sunny and mild. So happy for you that you have that extra living space, it's gorgeous!

  13. My brilliant ideas were already mentioned! But, I think painting an area rug would be great idea. If you wanted a pattern, you could use a stencil. The stand umbrella is also a great idea. You could move it around if you wanted to rearrange the seating area.
    The patio is gorgeous.

  14. Great choice of green for the cushions. I could live in this lovely space. My favorite is the wagon of gazing balls. If you have the time, we would love for you to share this on Make It Monday (live now).

  15. Hi Brenda! Oh, how pretty your patio looks! Love your new cushions and those new chairs look great! I'm really happy for you. I used to love Garden Ridge – it's been around for a long time. I don't think they have any around here and didn't know they changed the name.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  16. Pretty patio, Brenda! Love all your pots of petals. Hope you do get out there to really enjoy it all, my friend!!

    Have a wonderful week!


  17. I like your new patio set up.
    The color on the cushions is lovely too.
    If the cover is just gone on the old cushion… maybe Judy can make new covers and you can switch them out!
    Also… have you checked into a portable gazebo? to give you a covered porch? They are light weight and maybe something you can afford. Check Garden Ridge– or Lowes? Maybe– they might be on clearance this time of year. Or Craigslist…
    Just a thought.

  18. Lovely wicker chairs and what pretty green cushions. Love the way the vines cascade down your fence behind your chairs too. Your greenery, pots and gazing balls all combine to create a beautiful outdoor space.

  19. Looking good Brenda. I love wicker outside, adds a sense of calm and charm. This is the time to get those great bargains, I have to head out to see if I can find a white wicker love seat the squirrels ate last winter. If you find the time come on over to Sunday's Best and share!

  20. A friend of mine bought one of those huge umbrellas on a stand, that far-reaches over to cover the space you want covered. She priced around and found the best price at Ikea. Do you have one in Tulsa? If not, you can order online from them. Your patio looks beautiful.


  21. Wow got some bargains there and they fit in so that green on the cushions..That sweet patio just completes your whole living space..oh outdoor rug would look wonderful in the spring..I have been looking for a bargain on one of those myself..Enjoy!

  22. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of your entire patio area…I love it! You are right – it's like an outdoor extension of your home. I like how it's so nice and private. And you have it set up so lovely with the new seating arrangement and all the pretty plants. I love the wagon full of gazing balls – beautiful, creative touch.

  23. Your patio is fantastic. Makes me wonder if other people in the complex use theirs like you do. It is certainly a huge feature to your place! You have such a green thumb. The chairs are great, as are the cushions. Yes, a gazebo would be perfect for your patio. I'm so jealous, your patio is so green and lush w/your rain. It's over 100 again today and no rain for months! Everything is now turning brown!

  24. lovin the green. I made a set of white and a set of green in that same tone you have for the furniture I bought summer 2013.

    I love your potted garden, it all looks so pretty and peaceful.

  25. Your newly redecorated patio looks very pretty. That is a very nice green color for the cushions. Are you able to leave your Kimberly Queen Fern outside during the winter there where you live? I got a new one this past spring. Now I have two. They are big and take up a lot of space over the winter in the house. Luckily, they don't shed leaves as bad as the Boston Ferns. I have to be careful about bringing in leaf shedding or poisonous plants, because Fuzzy snaps up and eats any leaves as soon as they fall onto the floor.

    Lana mentioned a portable gazebo. That does sound like it would be pretty out there on your patio.

  26. I have painted concrete patios in the past with watered-down Behr exterior paint, the one with the primer already in it. I chose a deep taupe color and it turned out beautiful, and did not even look like it was painted, it just looked like clean new cement. How about one of those portable gazebos for the patio. Someone will have to put it together for you. I had one of those on a patio just like yours and loved it. It would protect your cushions, too.

  27. Love your new chairs and your new cushions. That green color sure pops out there on your gorgeous patio. Hope you can figure out how to cover it – that would almost make you a all year long retreat. Of course, excluding when there's snow on the ground!


  28. Brenda, what a perfect place to sit and enjoy. It could not be an prettier. Love the cluster of pots. It is really dramatic and pulls your eye over to that corner. How about paint a rug on the concrete? That way you won't have to worry about getting it wet and it could be in the color and pattern that you want.

    Happy day to you!

  29. It looks great out there Brenda! The green is a great addition and love the new wicker chairs. I use to shop at Garden Ridge and found they did have the best prices on cushions. Didn't know they had changed names. I think a rug would be awesome next spring.

  30. I love the pop of color that bright green gives your patio! It will work beautifully for all the seasons. I'd love to have a rug on my patio too, but the neighbor's cat keeps piddling on my door mat–not sure I want to chance buying a larger target for it. 🙂 Enjoy that beautiful haven you've created!

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