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  1. You are doing great! My Mom had several months between surgeries but she is 87 and they wanted to make sure she was doing OK between them. The drops were the hardest thing but I went over and put them in 4 times a day the first week and then for 3 more weeks. She just couldn’t do it herself. I’m glad they got you the all in one drops, so much easier. I would love to be able to drive without glasses and just use readers. Happy to hear you are doing so well.

  2. So glad your eye surgery went so well. I love to read your blog before bed and try to read it every night. Love to see your decorating and hear your ideas on things. I, too, was very sad to hear of Aretha Franklin’s passing. A true Queen has entered heaven. Hugs to Charlie Boy .

  3. So glad to read how well your surgery went. With the next eye you’ll know what to expect.

    I’m glad your birds are back. We had a similar experience earlier this summer, but they are back in force with their hatchlings. We’ve had lots of juvenile Cardinals recently. They can be very comical as they are learning their way. I enjoy hearing about and seeing your birds.

  4. This might be an ignorant question but is this a one time surgery? Meaning you’ll never have to have it again in the future? Not having to clean glasses all the time would certainly be a huge bonus.

  5. So very glad your surgery on the right eye went well. The 2nd should be a breeze since you won’t be anxious after having one done and learning how easy it was. Hope your new computer transition will be easy. It will be fun for you to have a printer again, too. Word of warning-I have an HP Printer and the inks are very expensive, ugh, but I find the lowest prices for ink online at HP when they run sales. Just saying.

  6. So glad to hear you are feeling and seeing better. My mom called me 5 minutes ago and told me she needs cataract surgery in her left eye as soon as can be scheduled. I will tell her about your experience.

  7. I had my cataract surgery done this summer too. Today, I went to renew my drivers license. I am 72 years old and this is the first time in my life, that I have not had to have glasses to drive with. After all my check ups were done and with the final exam. Since I need glasses to read and sew, plus I have light sensitive eyes to fluorescent and the bright sun light. My insurance paid some and Medicare paid some and I paid some, for my glasses to have clear glass on the top & my bifocals on the bottom along with the photo gray for sun glasses. I guess they don’t call it photo gray any more either. But, I went to the dollar store and have cheaters all over the house. Every color under the rainbow too!! Yes, it is a bit testy with two such different eyes for awhile. But, worth it when it is all done. Hope you are as happy with your surgery as I have been with mine.

  8. So glad you are doing so well. And that the computer is in. Will really look forward to hearing details about it all.
    Tske good care of you and Charlie Boy.

  9. Glad to hear your eye surgery saga since I will face the same issue soon and am uncomfortable about it. Hope you continue to recover quickly.

    1. That’s why I’m relating everything about it. I figure some of you will be having this surgery soon.

  10. Brenda,
    For whatever reason, taking out one lens in your prescription glasses does not work. The cheaters are your best option.
    I am amazed to drive without glasses, too.

    1. I thought it would be a choice at first. But he just substituted it with a clear lens and we kept the one that belongs in the readers.

  11. Glad to hear your vision is clear. And won’t it be wonderful never have to pay $$$ for glasses again.

  12. Excellent news on all fronts! I like that you see what you need to do and you get it done. No eye glasses is a joy but I misplace my readers from time to time. Oh well.

    1. I guess it’s one thing or another. I guess I’ll go to a cheap store and get several pair.

  13. So happy everything went well and you can SEE clearly now – like the song… What about putting a blackout (paper, cloth?) over the lens on the eye that hasn’t had the procedure yet? Maybe that will help until the second eye is treated.

  14. Congratulations, Brenda! One down and one to go!

    Too bad you didn’t think about getting one of those eye patches like the pirates wear before you spent money on drug-store glasses! Just kidding; I know your modified readers are a much better choice! Great that you got the eye-drops changed to just one, too. I don’t remember whether I had more than one drop or not. I’m pretty sure that if I had multiple drops these days I’d get the all mixed up! It was more than ten years ago that I had cataract surgery I think.

    How nice that you’re seeing some birdies again. I miss seeing them in my yard and on my deck but it’s just because I haven’t been able to get a feeder that the squirrels don’t raid. I must get one before cold weather. I so enjoy watching the little creatures when they come to eat. I’d better put it on my To Do list!

    1. I thought of calling my daughter and asking if Andrew had a pirate’s eye patch. But I needed the readers.

  15. So very happy that your vision is so Good! Our eyesight is so precious, Dr’s can truly work miracles these days.

    1. The surgeon told me it would take 10 minutes or less. They had people lined up on gurneys taking them in and out so fast!

  16. That is good news that you are doing so well. I, too, was sorry to hear Aretha Franklin died. She was a great singer and I have such good memories of times with her songs playing. Hugs to Charlie-Boy.

  17. Glad to hear your surgery went well Brenda and thanks for the tips. I will be having one eye done sometime in the near future. Although the surgery will be free I am having to wait a lot longer than you did.

    I do read your blog nearly everyday but don’t always have time to comment. Still in the midst of renovations!

    Happy to hear that Charlie is doing well, I love seeing pictures of him.

    1. I am 61 and they said the cataracts only get worse. They’d been forming for some years. So I just took care of it.

  18. oh I feel so happy for you! and thank you for the info that the eye drops can be all in one.
    I would have the same confusion! even with notes. didn’t know that was even an option!
    do you have to use the readers for the computer? just wondering. since the print on it and kindle can be made larger. I’m so used to not being able to see at a distance (very near sighted!) that I thought when the time comes I’ll choose to be able to see up close and still wear glasses for distance? !!! now I’m re-thinking all of that!
    I’m 73 and only just now having to make things larger for up close. a thought just occurred…
    I wonder if this light from the screen is good for you during the healing of it?
    also… SO glad your birds are back!!!

    1. I’m getting offline after I answer these comments to rest my eyes, since you mentioned it. I am using the readers now, but my eyes are still a bit blurry. It takes awhile to heal. So once everything is healed I’ll see if I need them for the computer. I just chose the traditional cataract surgery. I was very near sighted. It automatically fixed being able to see into the distance I think (still a bit blurry) but now have to use readers to read up close.

      1. To clarify that, I didn’t tell them to fix my eyes one way or the other in terms of how to see. Wasn’t an option they gave me. It was just automatic.

    2. Tammy, just wanted to comment about near and far vision. I too am myopic and wear glasses for distance. Have had cataract surgery on one eye thus far and the intraocular lens inserted is for near vision. The second eye will be adjusted for intermediate vision so I will be able to use the computer sans glasses. I will be wearing glasses for distance vision only. Most people opt for the opposite. They correct for distance and use readers. I made my choice based on my lifestyle. All my hobbies – sewing, reading, painting, piano, building, gardening, internet and doing daily household chores do not require distance vision. This means that I never wear glasses at home and I love the freedom of that. I am used to wearing glasses in public and for driving and don’t at all mind. I am generally one of the youngest in the senior groups I participate in and I notice that none of the ladies wear glasses. I guess I am in the minority in my choice but that is what works best for me. Good luck with whatever choice you make.

  19. One of the dollar store has readers for $1. I usually buy two of three pairs bc I keep losing them bc I don’t wear them all the time. Look there.

    1. Well that’s good to know. I had no idea. I paid $20 for the pair at CVS. But I wanted to drive to the closest store near the optometrist’s office so he could fix them for me.

  20. I’m so happy for you that everything is going right to planned. See you worried for nothing. Charlie and you have a great day!

  21. Isn’t that fantastic, Brenda!!! I remember back when my dad got his cataract surgery he all of a sudden showed up at my house without glasses – he looked so different, he had worn glasses all of his life! Like you, he still needed reading glasses sometimes, but that was it!

    1. I’ve worn glasses since I was about 13. I keep reaching up to adjust them and they aren’t there!

  22. Hi Brenda,
    Please unsubscribe me from your newsletter. I love your blog! I love the flower photos also.
    I’m just cutting back on so many e mails I’m getting. I really appreciate that is you could take me off the list.
    Thank you. So glad that you are doing good with your eye. Hugs to Charlie too…

  23. This is great to hear! I know that you were nervous and I am so thrilled it turned out to be so easy. Thankfully your doctor told you about the all in one drops, I wonder why they did not suggest that first?

    Take care of yourself and stay away from the dirt. Love the photos of the flowers.

    1. I asked them that at Triad Eye Center. And they said they had to get something insurance related taken care of and will now implement this all in one drop. Sure is easier. My optometrist this morning said he’s trying to get them to mention this to patients to see if they’d prefer this rather than pick up all those various bottles of drops at your pharmacy.

  24. I know I’m going to have this cataract surgery in a few years. I hate the idea of something coming at my eye. You were okay with that part? I’m so glad everything went well.

    Carol and Molly

    1. Yes, they give you something to relax you. I barely remember it. That was my worry as well. But it was fine.

  25. I am so glad your surgery went well. I am glad you got it done and it is behind you. Now you know what to expect for the next one.
    I hope you love your new computer. Are you going to be able to move all your files and everything over to the new one?
    Have a great Thursday- xo Diana

    1. I typically don’t move files. I just download software for my camera.

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