1. Sounds like an enjoyable family dinner! Sounds like Riley has a pretty fabulous dorm set up – a personal chef? Where do I sign up? Best of luck to Riley as he begins this exciting journey.

  2. Glad you got to have a dinner with your grandkids and daughter!! Time is so swiftly passing…hard to imagine when our grandkids are in college (our oldest finishes this year). Hope your healing progresses along well too!!

    1. It seems like Riley was just a little boy yesterday. Now he looms above us he’s so tall.

  3. Just requested a copy of that book from my library! Can’t wait to read it!

  4. It’s so good to hear of a young person wanting to go into the medical field. I hope and pray more do this, as there seems to be more and more a shortage of doctors, nurses and other medical people. Sounds like the dorm is pretty nifty! And yes.. cats have more fun with the simplest of things. My cat loves playing with a long strip of fabric.. it fell off my table when I was sewing. He loves it! He loves pulling on it, chewing it, and then I pull it and he chases it. So funny. I tied one of his little stuffy toys to the end, and we spend about 10 min. a night now, playing with it. I pull it up away from him, into the air, and he jumps and grabs for it. My other kitty is the typical cat that loves yarn. She will dig it out of my yarn bag (somehow.. even though it is closed) and in the morning I find it all over the floor! They do love to stalk things and chase things. Your family dinner sounds so very nice. Marilyn

    1. I think a lot of doctors stopped seeing patients after the way they were treated with Covid. So we need new ones to take their place. Yes, cats are the silliest creatures. Amazes me what Ivy finds to play with.

  5. Glad to hear you had a nice dinner with your family. My oldest niece (25) is in radiology, though not a dr. She’s a Diagnostic Sonographer. I have never heard of a dorm having a private chef!

  6. A lovely way to spend your Friday evening, Brenda. Wishing Riley, the best as he starts his university journey.
    I need to get that book because it definitely sounds very intriguing.
    I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday!

  7. Congratulations and good luck to Riley, as he begins the next phase of his life. College years are the best. Freedom and no responsibilities yet. I hope he has a wonderful college experience! Your poor daughter, on the other hand, will begin to feel the effects of the empty nest. At least she still has one child at home for a while longer, but it’s still a very hard transition for parents. Especially Mamas. My heart goes out to her. I totally understand!

    1. She’s spent as much time with him this summer as she could. Yes, it will be hard for her.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day, with your family, Brenda.
    It’s 87 degrees here in Wisconsin, and so humid out there, it feels like a person could melt. Suppose to get storms tonight and tomorrow. August weather for sure. Can’t believe Fall is only a few weeks away, and the start of a new school year. Summer sure does go fast.
    Have a nice weekend, hope you are feeling “NO” pain. Hugs and good wishes,Bonnie

  9. Glad you had a nice dinner/visit with your family. Ours all live thousands of miles away and we rarely see them. I just finished What Happened to the Bennetts. It is a good example of how life can change in an instant.

  10. My nephew is a doctor and it was interesting hearing him intern in all the fields and traveling around for all that interested him before deciding on orthopedics. Riley will fill a very much needed profession in any health care field and never be without a job. Nice he spent time with you before embarking onto this new journey.
    I have heard about that book so might need to get my name on the reserve list at the library.

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