Yesterday was a family lunch and plant nursery visit.

Then Kasi drove me to Under The Sun, where I found the geranium mixed pots like last year. I was so glad they still carried them.

New Potted Patio Plants:

I was going to wait until next week to buy plants, but having Kasi along meant she could carry them for me as well as put them on my patio. Family lunch and plant nursery visits were just what I needed.

There are now 2 potted plants on my patio, and I’m contemplating what else I’d like to have out there. Not having a water source close by will mean a whole new setup for my patio choices this year.

I’m thinking about using empty gallon-size plastic jugs, adding water to them, and then storing them outside. I’ve already begun collecting them.

Then I could fill a watering can and water them as needed from the jugs on the patio porch without having to go back and forth to the kitchen sink.

A container with geraniums and various other flowering plants on my apartment patio.

The Higher Part Of My Yard:

If I put any pots up on the higher part of the yard, I’m probably going to take the suggestion one of you made to put them right on the edge of the concrete blocks.

That way I could water them without having to go up that concrete block step.

These planted pots were pricey, $39.99 apiece. But they’re already planted up and can remain in that pot, and I don’t have to buy or lift potting soil.

I suppose if you priced each plant, then the pot and soil, it probably wouldn’t differ much from that price.

I’ve noticed that everything at the nursery is more than it was last year, but then I guess that’s to be expected. Prices for everything have gone way up.

In Family Lunch & Plant Nursery Visit, here is one of my container plants in a plant stand and my wicker settee not far away.

Moving The Wicker Settee:

After the family lunch and plant nursery visit, Steve took my wicker settee off the patio and put it on the upper part of the yard as I wanted.

I don’t sit in it; it’s mostly for guests. There are still two chairs on the patio to sit in and look out onto the grounds.

Now I need to get out my windchimes. I’m giving my birdbath and big sun to Kendra for her yard.

A birdbath needs to be cleaned every day, and without a water source for my hose, that would be a pain.

A potted plant with various flowering plants on a stand on my patio

Plus I would want it on the higher part of the yard and that means going up the step and walking on that awful rocky surface.

Plants For The Patio This Year:

I want to save the area on the lower part of my patio for plants.

And I don’t think they’d let me hang that big sun up on their walls. They’re pretty picky about that kind of thing.

At the other apartment, I hung on the fence, but there is no fence around my yard here.

I’ve had that sun for many years.

Kendra can put it up and start decorating her new yard, and it will stay in the family.

In Family Lunch & Plant Nursery Visit, I found this mixed plant pot and bought it.

It’s so nice to look outside and see plants again.

This was a gift from me to me I suppose. So I can look out at my patio and see something growing.

Losing Little Gracie:

I’ve been so very sad about losing Gracie. I’ll never stop missing or grieving her.

She gave me such joy and I miss her so very much.

Gracie was just a baby, which is one of the hardest things for me to understand.

Why, why did she have to die so soon?


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  1. It’s always impossible to understand why someone we love it is taken too soon. Little Gracie will always be a part of your heart.
    I think I might have suggested many posts ago about putting the plants right on top of the cinder blocks (or else, I’m just trying to take credit for a good idea, haha!). There are all kinds of pots now that claim to be self-watering, so maybe something like that could cut down on the number of times you’d have to water them. I’m not sure how well they work. I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen mini birdbaths on stakes that you can stick right into a flower pot. I’ve also got a little hummingbird feeder on a stake that I put into a pot. It’s decorative, but a convenient way to keep it close by to wash out and fill.

  2. Last September we lost our sweet little girl Cocker Spaniel. It was awful and it still is often unbearable. However, we still have her litter mate Beau. He did go through a grieving process We have a long front porch and they would love to run up and down it.The hardest was when he would run and look behind him to see if she was there. To honor her memory I have started a garden. Her name was Lily Rose – and that is what the garden mainly consists of. I even had a plaque made with her name on it and I’m painting a small statue to look like her. Both will be placed in her garden. Maybe you could get a small potted tree to place in your garden to honor Gracie.

  3. It’s so nice you got to spend the day with Kasi, and that she was able to help you out. I’m sorry you aren’t able to keep your sun and birdbath. I’ll miss seeing them in your photos. Your sun was especially pretty! I’m glad your daughter will be able to enjoy them in her yard, and like you said, it stays in the family. I like the hose and glass water balls that some of your readers suggested. I think both of those are great ideas! The glass balls are pretty. I think you’d like them. Those potted plants you bought are pretty. I think you’ll be really happy with those. Maybe you can pick up a few more. Nobody knows why things happen the way they do. Especially when it makes no sense at all. All you can know for sure is that Gracie was given to YOU, and in that short time, she knew love. She felt safe. And you both were blessed. You had a very special purpose in her life. God knew she would need a very special mama in her life, and he chose you! Of all the mamas in this world, you were chosen for this very special job. All your babies are still with you Brenda. As long as you have memories of them, they will always be alive in your heart. And we will never forget them, and we will always love hearing about them. The happy and the sad. ((Hugs))

  4. I’m happy that Kasi was able to take you plant shopping, Brenda. Your purchases are so lovely–I know you are going to enjoy those and whatever else you get so much when you look out the patio door.

    I’ve read the several suggestions from readers about using water-filled milk jugs for watering on your patio. That is a good idea, but as several have mentioned those jugs are super-heavy when full of water. Someone suggested filling them only half way which I think is a good idea. I buy distilled water for my humidifier and I really can’t easily manage carrying more than one jug from my back door to my bathroom. Just another heads-up so you don’t lose balance and fall.

    I know you are just so sad and grieving for Gracie. I’m glad she had you for a mama for her short life. She just had to have had some illness or problem from the beginning to die so suddenly and so young. I know your sense of loss is going to be acute for a long time. Give yourself all the time you need to grieve her. You will heal in your own time. Meantime, plant flowers! And anything else that gives you pleasure. Ice cream, perhaps??

  5. Brenda using water jugs is a good idea but they can be pretty heavy when completely full. Carrying one in each hand only halt full might also be better for your balance. Also you might think about hanging a rain chain which could feed into a large attractive jug type container allowing you to dip collected rain water onto your patio plants.

  6. Brenda the pots are gorgeous. Glad you got to spend time with Kasi. How’s your grandson doing? Sounds like you have the watering issue resolved just be careful carrying those jugs.
    I also want to thank you for your blog. Although I don’t comment much, I read your blog daily and have gotten to know the ladies. Thank you for all you do.
    Take care

    1. I’m really glad you ladies feel like a part of something that will maybe help you and for you to help them. Remember, it takes a village…

  7. I use the milk jugs with water on my front deck. Then I don’t have to drag the hose out and around the house. If you don’t like seeing them. Sit them in a old wooden box. Or some pretty container.

  8. Your yard is starting to be like you want have you thought of have a rain barrel to store water in . Not sure if that would be of any help You have a great day

  9. Your plant is beautiful. Gracie had to b a sick girl. You were chosen to b her Mom by someone greater than yourself. You did a wonderful job and she was grateful.

    1. Yes.
      I feel the same. Gracie was already very sick.
      Whatever the seriousness of the medical problem Gracie had, you made the little girl feel very loved and wanted.
      More often than it should be, people adopt and rescue pets who are already ill.
      Most always unknown to r even a vet.
      These precious pets cannot tell us what’s wrong.
      They eventually die.
      It’s happened to us many times.
      Especially when adopting an older pet.

  10. Brenda
    I just saw a selection of rain barrels in the Wayfair ad. Try may have them at Amazon or your local nursery. Maybe that would work on your patio. They are very attractive and you can water your plants with rainwater.

  11. The planters are beautiful. I love geraniums because they are easy to care for, hardy, they hold up to Wisconsin’s often unpredictable weather. A week or so before Memorial Day, a friend and I go to a couple of our favorite nurseries and we stock up on annuals, perennials and gardening supplies. I get red geraniums and white petunias for my front porch planters, they never disappoint.

  12. I am so sorry about Gracie. I lost my little Misty a few years ago and I still think about her all the time. She was just 9 and had a tumor that blocked her from being able to swallow. So sad but once I knew I couldn’t stand to see her in pain one more minute.

    Your outside area is lovely. You have lots more space than you had at your old place. Happy Sunday, Brenda. Diana

  13. Once my hubby fell in love with a little corgi mix pup at the animal shelter…she was maybe close to a year…and we only had her a few months when we could no longer keep her going, as she was chock full of tumors. (I have always wondered in the owners gave her up rather than put her down, leaving that chore to us to do). That was hard on us…but still nothing like it was when we lost our wonderful dog we had over 16 yrs from the age of 5.5 weeks on…she was indeed attached to us and we to her. All hard however. As much as I love dogs, even if I was able to manage one now, which in apts I am not…I would pass on it…I simply do not want to grieve anymore in such a loss. I realize others feel differently. But there is a time and a season to all parts of life. If we ever end up somewhere, where we could have a pet door put in, I might choose differently…but maybe not too. I am so sorry you lost the little thing so soon. I suppose with Ivy how she is, you are not sure if getting another pet would be a good idea either. I think investing in plants that give you joy is a good idea, especially during this time. So nice you already have a nice neighbor who helps you out too!! VERY nice!!

    1. I think Ivy needs all my attention now. I have no plans to get another cat, though I’d love to rescue another kitty and give it a proper loving home. It’s just not in the cards with Ivy.

      1. I think that’s smart. My cat of 14 yrs passed last fall and much as I’d like another one, my older chihuahua is doing much better as an only pet. I know another car or dog would stress her and I don’t want that.

  14. I’m so glad Kasi took you to purchase some plants and then helped you do some work on the patio. The plants are lovely, and I believe the water jugs and a watering can is a perfect solution. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind sharing a picture of your patio from inside your home looking out onto the patio. I’d love to see what you’re seeing now.
    Enjoy your Sunday!

      1. I emailed my neighbor about this possibility. He’d never seen one. Then I read what it said on the product page and emailed the guy who makes them. He asked me to take a photo of my bathroom faucet and send it to him, which I will do today. It’s really pretty far from the kitchen.

  15. Gracie was lucky to have you as a Mom and it was way too soon for her to cross the rainbow bridge. Sounds like she had a major medical issue and I know it doesn’t make it any easier but maybe she was in pain and now she is in peace. It has been 3 weeks since we had to put Kaia to sleep all day and night I think I need to fill her water bowl etc. because they are our babies and we mother them 24/7. Your planters are beautiful and I agree as we get older the convenience of having the planter all made up is a good option. Visiting the plant nursery is a treat for sure. I also love sharing plants and decor with my sweet daughter! Enjoy your day everyone!

    1. I’m so sorry about your Kaia. I can get through some days without too much crying. This morning was a hard one. You never stop missing them.

  16. I do love the plants you have chosen Brenda. I love geraniums, it reminds of my Dad who used to grow them in a greenhouse. I must get some this year.
    I am still grieving for my Dexter who passed about 18 months ago, it is very hard to get over the loss. One of my friends also lost her cat recently, he had a large tumor on his face which the vet could not do anything about so I certainly feel your pain over Gracie.

    1. I know. I’m still grieving Charlie and Abi too. I can’t look at photos of them without breaking down. It’s so hard to lose a pet. I had not had geraniums in a while till last year and I really enjoyed them and they did well.

  17. Don’t you have a storage box there on the patio? I’m sure you could keep some gallon jugs inside. Plus, you can buy those beautiful swirled glass water balls that stick into a plant and drop water in for a day or two and are easy to refill.

    1. Yes, I have the white trunk. Stuff is in it now, but yes, I could take that stuff out and store water jugs in there. I didn’t know about the swirled glass water balls. Will check into them!

  18. I haven’t read any of the other comments, but should you check if you’ll be allowed to store plastic water jugs on your patio? Some places can be pretty particular as to what they’ll allow.

      1. It sounds like you had a very nice day yesterday with Kasi! The potted plants are the way to go, it will be so much easier for you to take care of!

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