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  1. Kathy Earp says:

    I really like the Haitrall Gold Lamps pair and the Popilion Modern Brass Gold Metal Lamp.
    Those seem classy without being in your face brassy. If you get what I mean.
    You have good taste Brenda. You know what is the best fit for you.

  2. If i had to pick it would be number 2

  3. Number 1 would be cute if you had a small bird decoration to put under it. It would resemble a birdcage, lol. Whatever you pick, I’m sure will be beautiful.

  4. Janice Davis says:

    I love 1 and 7. I’m always wondering if metals can be mixed in a room. For example, gold, silver, black iron, etc. But you are proving to me that it doesn’t matter. Can wait to see what your choice will be. Will you still keep your wooden spindle type lamps flanking your couch?

    1. I’m not immediately buying anything because I LOVE lamps and have way too many!

  5. What fun! I like 1 and 2 best, but love the charging ports on several of the others. Not too crazy about the crystals, guess I have simpler tastes. I know whatever you pick will be just right for your home.
    Hugs to Ivy,

  6. I like 3, 7 & 9. They all have the charging port on them which is very handy!

  7. I like number 3. But your choice will be best. I always like what you choose.😊

  8. I like all the these but #1 is my favorite. Great choices!

  9. All the lamps are nice! I need to replace two lamps but for the life of me I can’t decide what I want! All you have shown would go very well with your new coffee table. Personally, for me, #5 is a bit too formal/ fancy for my taste. Stay cool in this horrendous heat!

  10. They are all so pretty. I just got a vintage crystal and gold chandelier for in front of the mirror of my fireplace mantel. I would normally paint it white but I am loving the gold with the crystals. Love your pretties you found here.

  11. Kelly Jensen says:

    Those are all really pretty. I like the ones with the crystals.

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