The new coffee table I ordered arrived Thursday evening. But then I had to put it together.

What they said would take 10 minutes to put together (and it looked so simple!) took me about an hour and a half.

First I had the parts backward. And my fingers are no longer nimble enough to handle small screws.

My new glam coffee table on my gray and white area rug

This morning I took photos of it. Twice I had to make Ivy get down off of the coffee table. Ivy takes over anything new.

She’s become quite the little diva.

The Outdoor Coffee Table Went Back Outside:

I put the outdoor coffee table back out on the patio. Now I can take some of the plants off the hot concrete and put them on that table.

I looked and looked and looked for weeks until I decided on this coffee table.

It came from Amazon, but took longer than usual to get here. Although it did come earlier than they first indicated.

My new coffee table with Ivy in the photo on the cupboard

Buy Furniture That Adequately Fits Your Space:

I decided on this coffee table because it is smaller. It fits the space better.

I couldn’t seem to find one that didn’t either have a self underneath or metal of some sort around the bottom. Apparently that’s the hot style right now.

I wanted a coffee table that I could vacuum under. And I didn’t want another shelf that would accumulate dust and require more cleaning.

My new coffee table with decor on top of it

It’s my preference to make things easier on myself these days.

Made By Safavieh:

The gold color made it seem more elegant. It is the Safavieh Home Collection Alphonse Gold Coffee Table. It comes under the style of “glam.”

Though I’m not really a “glam” type of person, this coffee table checked all the boxes for me.

I told myself there’s nothing wrong with having a little glam in your life!

Photograph of the top of my new coffee table

I’d say my style is a little bit of everything. Boho, farmhouse, and cottage. And now a little glam is thrown in there.

I guess eclectic might be the most accurate description.

My reclining chair in the photo of my living room

What decor style would you say is your preference and what you decorate your home with?

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  1. I LOVE that coffee table – it’s gorgeous! The finish is beautiful. I’ve always been partial to brass colored finishes, and the burnished “gold” color is so elegant. My style is pretty much traditional, with some transitional and modern elements thrown in. I like dark wood finishes, use a lot of neutral colors with bright flashes of color for contrast. Surround myself with my books and my few collections and trinkets/souvenirs from my travelling years.

  2. I love it, Brenda! It’s just the right amount of glam. I find that Safavieh has great styles with reasonable prices. My taste has changed over the years. I’d definitely go a little more modern now, but I’d add in a rustic piece to keep things interesting.

  3. Brenda, I think that coffee table really kicks the “elegance factor” (I made that up!) in your living room up a ton! Did you want your style to be elegant?? It’s really about eclectic taste, I think. And I think the new coffee table is perfect for your needs and your decor. Good choice!

  4. Beautiful coffee table! I love the timeless style of it and it adds a touch of elegance that fits right in. Good choice.

  5. I love the way your room looks and I love the coffee table. I would buy one like that myself but with a child who crawls through the living room all the time, it would not work for me.

  6. Gorgeous table! I ding myself leaning towards Midcentury Modern. I think it reminds me of my childhood and good memories. Your place is so warm and inviting. I think it is beautiful 😍

  7. Love the new coffee table! Your entire apartment is just so nice—you have a talent for decorating.

    My style is more traditional with a little “oriental” thrown in. I like all styles, though, and love seeing pics of other homes…

  8. Love the coffee table! It fits right in. You have such a knack for decorating. I get such great ideas from you. Love the picture with Ivy in the background on the shelf. She’s a cutie.

  9. Oh I am so loving that coffee table! It goes so well with everything else you have chosen for your home. My decorating style… how about “jumbled mess”. Ha-ha! Not my chosen style, but more or less how things turn out for me. I just don’t have the knack
    for choosing things that go together. Now outside is a different story. I am very creative with landscaping and can turn out beautiful beds. That Ivy girl is a hoot!

  10. Love the new coffee table. It is absolutely beautiful ! I live in a log home so my style is country or farmhouse !

  11. I buy most things second hand at estate sales so I think it is pretty eclectic. I’ve been collecting furniture and accessories for my two level home since 1986. Now I’m done since it’s hard to transport anything myself. I love your stile.

  12. I think eclctic is always good. That way you can add to your decor many things that make your soul happy but might not fight exactly in the specific design you first had in mind. Works for me all the time. And I love the coffee table! Just fits in your space perfectly.

  13. I love your new table! So elegant! I’ve had the same coffee table for for about 20 years, scratched up glass top, lots of metal that you can’t get your finger into to dust, so ready for a new one, but it’s the right size for my gymnasium size sectional so not buying a new one for now. Good job, you have such style!!

  14. I love how it ties in with the gold/yellow colors in the room. It’s beautiful. Your patio plants will surely love being raised up off the hot concrete. I know mine do. I try to get as many up when it’s hot as possible. I just moved my birdbath to a better location so I don’t have to change the water 2x a day when the water gets too warm.

  15. I think it is traditional. A perfect piece. It will be interesting to see what your adventurous kitten does.

  16. Beautiful. It looks like one I bought from Ethan Allen in 1983. It had Italian glass. Wish I had not given it away.

  17. The coffee table is a Lovely addition to your cozy apt. I love its openness. My house is a mix of antiques and farmhouse. Most everything has a purpose and a lot of that is storage.

  18. Love your new coffee table and your style. I like French Country. It reminds me of the country style when my kids were little- scratches and dings from the kids didn’t matter. Now with French Country scratches and dings from grandkids don’t matter.

  19. Hi Brenda,
    That table is a lovely and classic addition to your wonderful, cosy decor.
    I had to chuckle at your description of assembling it- several years ago I had to furnish my holiday rental property with Ikea furnishings. I will never forget the days spent with Allen keys assembling and then disassembling pieces when I discovered I’d attached pieces back to front, upside down etc! Self assembly sounds good but feels very different!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend there from dusty, hot Saudi Arabia.


  20. Love your new coffee table! You have a very comfortable nice space. I would say electric is a good way to describe it! -)

  21. Love, love, love the new coffee table. Although I’m not using a coffee table now, I’m tempted to get one now that I see how stunning yours is. And the fact that it has a glass top makes it more appealing. Sure does open up a small space. My decorating style is all over the place. I’m growing tired of the Farmhouse trend. Everyone has it. I tend to like French Country, coastal, even rustic. I dislike contemporary and modern. So guess that I’m eclectic.

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