It is a typical summer in Oklahoma. Once it heats up, it usually stays steadily hot and humid for months to come.

I get weak, then I feel better. Until I get weak again. 

This seems to be the pattern of my days. When I’m feeling stronger, I think to myself: Maybe that’s the end of the weakness.

But I’d be fooling myself with such a thought. 

From the information I’ve been gleaning online, it is a slow and arduous process to get completely well. 

I think one reason I’m so tired is that Abi wakes me up every hour or so and wants out. And has been doing this for months now. 

She does not have a urinary infection. So we don’t know what is compelling her to do this. 

However I looked up the cough medication (pills) they gave me for her last Monday, and it said that a side effect is more frequent urination. 

So now she does have a good reason.

When I can’t put her off any longer, I let them out. 

Then, in the wee hours, I stand at the patio door while they’re out on the patio. You see if Abi goes out, Charlie wants out too.

I will often lay my head on my folded arms and lean on that yellow pantry by the door until they want back in. Because I’m so tired I can hardly hold my head up.

Then I wake up tired in the morning.

The other night I laid awake and couldn’t stop scratching my scalp. I don’t have sores anywhere but inside my mouth. But I itch.   

So right now what I have in my direct sights is just to get through the day. 

Take care of the pupsters. Water the patio plants. And shower.

This too shall pass.
I do very much appreciate all your suggestions and kind thoughts!



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  1. It is too bad you can't get a full night's rest. No wonder you are exhausted and I am sure the heat sucks the energy right out of you, too. I hope that you have a better weekend and can lick this illness completely. xo Diana

  2. It might be that your lack of sleep is playing havoc with your immune system. Loss of sleep can trigger immune response increasing inflammation. Can you possibly put down pads by the door for the pups to use at night. Not a pleasant thought but you've got to get some sleep to stay healthy.

  3. I know you are absolutely miserable, Brenda and I wish I knew something that would help you. I do know that being able to sleep is super important. Does Abi need to go out frequently during the day, too? I was thinking maybe you could sleep during the day or during the periods when the pupsters are sleeping. Maybe draw all your curtains and make them think its' night-time! Does the medicine for Abi's cough make a real significant difference in the cough? I wonder if you could give it to her less frequently, maybe every other day? That might help decrease the frequency she needs to go out. But, then, would she wake you with the coughing? Gosh, it seems like you just can't win, doesn't it?

    I guesss I would give you the same advice they give new mothers: sleep when the baby is sleeping!

    Continuing to send healing tho'ts and prayers. Remember, the more calm and laid-back you can be the faster the healing. Love and healing, my dear.

  4. I'm so sorry things are worse. I lived in Arizona for years and you hibernate during the summers there like you would in Alaskan winters. Now that I'm older, I never get to sleep through the night. So many of us are sending hugs and healing thoughts your way. I hope it gets better very soon.

  5. Brenda, maybe you should consider taking a break from posting everyday and just rest without the added stress. I know from personal experience how extremely difficult it is to care for pets when we are sick, especially if they are like yours and mine in that they seem to be a part of us. They are a full time job when we aren't sick! I think all of your readers would understand if you wanted to just take some time for yourself to rest and heal. Sadly, it seems the older we get, the longer it takes us to recuperate, even from minor things. At least consider taking the weekend off from posting. You know we all know what you should do, better than you do, lol! Take care.

  6. Interrupted sleep is not helpful but we do what we have to for our babies! Just keep resting and taking care of yourself. It seems to take longer to bounce back from illness then it use to also. Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes! Hugs and get some rest.

  7. i live in the same climate you do. and I always dread our summers. they're so hot with no break from it like you say… for months on end!
    with my heart in AFIB they have told me that extreme heat is a trigger for it. and so I now will find myself hibernating until winter. we no longer have an autumn season.
    our high summer lasts right on through fall anymore!
    our spring was totally lovely though.  with very cool nights. and relatively mild days.
    ever thinking of you each day. and hoping each one finds you better and better!
    REST is so important! and you're just not getting any. could you maybe nap more in the daytime?
    your patio garden grows more beautiful with each post!
    bless you three. xo

  8. Your body is fighting back from a serious issue ( not real sure if shingles is an infection).If memory serves,itching maybe a side effect of the pain meds?
    Sending prayers and good thoughts…I sympathise with not having an in-house support system to help when we're ill,my hernia surgery last year pointed that out here loud and clear.
    We love our furbabes unconditionally but they are a bit selfish, they want what they want when they want it and won't be ignored..
    Try to be easy on yourself,sweetie and get better!

  9. I am so sorry you have to go through this Brenda. I have only heard stories about how painful Shingles can be. I hope you feel better soon and the puppies too. They are probably stressed out because they know you don't feel good. Sending you (((((hugs)))))) and cheerful thoughts.

    1. Hello Brenda, I am sorry you have to go through this. My case of shingles started near my eye and cheek, then spread. It was like the worst sunburn, poison ivy, and flu all at the same time. After the dr. appointment and scrips, Benadryl was helpful, loose clothing, cool air, and cold liquids, and cold food seem to help more than anything. This is not going to be quick in going away. Your pups are your support group, they love you, Penny

  10. Hi Brenda,
    I have just read about your visit to the dentist and subsequent shingles episode. What an awful thing to be going through. I have heard from so many people that shingles are so painful. I can't even imagine having them inside the mouth. I feel for your and hope you will find relief soon.
    Take good care.

  11. Oh Brenda- you're a great dog mom but you're letting their needs be more important than yours – sleep deprivation can prevent healing and make you sick in and of itself! Is it possible to take her off that med?

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