Garden Poetry

One of the favorite parts of my day is when I go outside to inspect my plants and tend to them. I deadhead flowers, snip spent blooms, marvel at something new.

It is like receiving a present every day.

It could be that a fairy tiptoes into my garden each night while I sleep and places something new there for me to find when I wake up.

A garden fairy of sorts.

In Mother Nature’s world, practice does not make perfect. Sometimes what I see seems near to perfection though.

The next best thing to having all these plants to watch grow and tend to is photographing them.

I don’t think I can be any more in my element than when I’m trying to get just the right angle of a flower in my view finder. Framing it in my lens to enjoy later.

I walk slowly round and round my subject, watching the magic happen as I find something just a little bit new and more fascinating each time.

It isn’t always a plant or flower that causes me to pause. Oftentimes it is the texture of the driftwood or the sun crisscrossing a rock or tree leaves casting a shadow on the fence.

Sometimes it is a combination of all of the above.

My happiness is directly tied to what is outside my door. The mixed scent of various flowers when I walk outside. The musical sound of the water fountain and wind chimes in the background.

The sun shines down and wraps the plants in its warmth like a blanket. Urging them along to bloom and then flower.

I don’t think there’s anything closer to poetry than a garden. The raised stems of flowers that string together a rhyme. The chorus of birds that gather in the trees. The imagery translated to verses that tie it all together so beautifully.

Rainbow Treasure
I have found the treasure
That lies at the rainbow’s end;
Wealth beyond computing
Is mine to give or lend.

Opals of an April dawn,
Gold of a shimmering noon,
Amethysts of the sunset,
Pearls with the glow of the moon.

Would you like to share it?
There’s more than enough for all
In my iris garden
Against a grey stone wall.



  1. I look forward to reading your blog each day. Truly an inspiration to me and I’m sure many others! I also believe that your garden is an extension of your home. Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Brenda,
    My favorite part of spring and summer, is strolling around my flower beds and pots, with a good cup of coffee. Just checking in with my friends. 😊. Unfortunately, I only have a short time period to do this, due to living in Michigan.

  3. The garden as poetry is a such an appropriate description. My husband and I enjoy taking cups of coffee with us as we walk around the yard, looking at what new things are sprouting up. Sometimes we make delightful discoveries and other times we find something not so good, such as a plant that has been sampled by a deer. But even that kind of discovery is interesting, in terms of what was happening when we were asleep. We have several bird feeders and they sure bring a lot of poetry to the yard with the different species bringing movement, color and sound. Thank you for sharing the poetry of your patio garden through your delightful words and photos.

  4. I love seeing the new and outstanding pretty in my garden flowers too. I am amazed everyday how things grow and you find something new with life in a garden. Love your pictures always and the poem is wonderful. Happy Memorial Day.

  5. Beautiful poem. Love the garden.Our summers here in Canada are short.Would love to have a garden to last longer.Have a great evening.

  6. What’s stopping you from shooting in manual? Turn the dial on your cannon, customize a few settings and experiment.Automatic will always be there.

  7. I Love going out and just piddling around in my garden.The times we are in I am so thankful for my space.Several daylilies fixing to bloom,also my Hibiscus as well will be blooming soon.Thanks for the lovely words

  8. Lovely. Whenever I am out in a garden I am reminded of all the gardens in my past. Each garden is unique in its beauty and inspiration. You find so much of those things in yours. xo Laura

  9. What a wonderful post today! Thank you for sharing such happy sentiments, I shall think of them all day while I do my gardening and cooking.

    Have a wonderful Holiday!


  10. Your photography is so lovely. The flowers are always so clear with absolutely true to life colors. Would you mind revealing the type of camera you use? I would like to take better photos in my garden but I’m a real beginner and now have a simple camera. I would have to learn but I would like to take better photos. Thank you for any tips or camera information.

      1. Brenda, thank you so much. I will never be able to equal your photos but I’d like to try. Maybe in twenty years!

  11. I don’t know which I love more, your beautiful photos, or your lovely ability with words. The fairy creeping into my garden at night is an image that wrapped around my heart. Thank you, and it’s wonderful I don’t have to choose either photos of words, you provide us with both. It is a gift that you share with us. I love your fur baby reports as well. Again, thanks for giving us peace and loveliness in these times. It helps.

    1. Jan, I totally agree with you. I look forward to reading Brenda’s blog everyday!

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