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  1. The green salad plates are so pretty, they remind me of being out in the countryside when I visited my paternal grandparents and would stay with them many weeks over summer. Happy memories. I think the design can be used just about any time of year other than (maybe) Christmas. The color is beautiful, not to dark, not to bright – just right. And the white plates with the raised “dots” on them can go with just about anything. I love it when people find and do “get the look for less.” That’s the wonder of the internet, it has given all of us the ability to turn into shopping sleuths, LOL! We can find some high priced version of something we really like but don’t want to pay the price for, and then hunt online for something very similar or nearly identical for much less.

  2. Very pretty tablescape, Brenda! I also like how you wrapped the beads around the vase and candle on the table.

  3. It’s always fun to see what you’re up to, Brenda. I’ve been very inspired by your table settings and such so I’m hoping to start doing something similar! I have a very bad habit of sitting on the couch to eat my meals and I’d love to change. We’ll see how it goes.
    Busy days around here with life. My daughter and her family are moving back to Texas so she’s been super busy getting her ducks in a row and I’ve helped where I can. Today is my birthday – the final one with a six in front of it. Big Sigh!
    Enjoy your Wednesday.

    1. Happy birthday Darlene! I hope you had a wonderful day! 🍰🍦🎁🎈💐🥳

  4. So lovely…I adore those plates…my Grandpa’s barn looked very similar!! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!

  5. I love the new colors! So relaxing but not boring! I also use white dishes…my children got me two boxes of 4 place setting of the Winter White from Corelle about 15 years ago. One box had the coffee mugs and the other clear drinking glasses. I have added to it over the years by shopping at the local thrift store. I am up to 20 place setting and have also found the pasta bowls. (don’t need paper plates with all those dishes) It doesn’t go out of style and now you shown us how to add color without going crazy! Thank you…I always learn something new on your blog!

  6. Green and white just happens to be my favorite color combo. My second favorite is green and pale butter yellow. They’re both so clean and refreshing.

  7. Those green farmhouse plates are beautiful! I love them! I’m glad you got a set of 4. You can use them the next time you have both of your daughters over for lunch, or if you have a couple of your neighbors over at the same time for a fun, friendly get together. They will be perfect! They really are lovely dishes. I hadn’t thought about layering them with the white dinner plates, and that saving on the cost. That’s so smart!

  8. Hi Brenda – I really like the green napkins and those pretty salad plates. Just have a dumb question – do you just have them on to look pretty or do you use them for a meal?
    Keep cool, and like your other readers, am so happy to see you enjoying your garden and activities.

  9. Everything looks beatiful Brenda. Love the dishes and those green napkins.

  10. Those plates are so adorable…everything looks so good together…you did a great job as usual…the teak utensils are beautiful…and love the salt cellar.. we are supposed to get the heat here in Wi. today…guess it is our turn. It is so nice you are feeling better and getting to do some of the things you love💕

  11. Very cute and calm….Green is my go to color also, mostly in the sage tones. White dinnerware goes with everything…I have a similar set of white from Martha Stewart , probably purchased 15years ago, so I’m getting my money’s worth. I do pair them with salad plates I splurged on from William Sonoma in a grape leaf pattern, again from years ago…..enjoying reading about your journey in decorating, and love your outdoor area…….stay cool…can’t wait for fall…..

  12. Everything looks beautiful, so calm and simple! I did a big declutter and it feels so good. I am adding to my houseplant collection as decor. I love my Corelle white dishes and like you I add small plates to the mix. Peg, they are lightweight and stand up well to everyday wear. September can’t come soon enough for me! Fall is such a glorious season and I am ready to get decorating ideas!

    1. PS. Brenda, I have been using Mason jars and loving them. Make sure you get the wide mouth lids. Love the utensils and the salt cellar. Thanks for sharing your cozy home with us.Stay in and stay cool.

  13. Hello Brenda
    I don’t know how you are handling the heat this summer. You just stay inside where it’s cool. That’s what we did when we lived in Florida for years. I now live in the mountains of Virginia. We’ve been spared so far the heat but it’s on the way.
    I love your tablescape! Nicely done! Thank you for sharing your home and life with us.

  14. Are you pleased with the white dishes from target? I need to switch to something lighter weight for my husband. I’ve had Fiestaware for almost 25 years (15 place settings in different colors). Why 15? Because it was an easy gift when family didn’t know what to give me. I love Fiestaware but it just doesn’t work well for us any longer.

    1. They are not lightweight. I love them, but they are just as heavy as my first plates from there.

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