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  1. Brenda, try using instant coffee instead. It turned out so much better with the instant coffee for me using your recipe. They sell it in little jars next to the regular coffee. They have it in decaf too.

  2. Hi Brenda. You are quite the barrista! Your iced coffee is more of a smoothie drink than mine. I make iced coffee by basically adding ice to my hot coffee. I make strongly brewed coffee, let it cool a bit, add a bit of nonfat milk, and pour it over a lot of ice. No flavorings. It’s great that everyone can fix it they way they like it.

  3. Hi Brenda,
    Why aren’t you an affiliate at Amazon? I was going to check out the little blender and was looking for the link, but then realizied you don’t do that. You can make a few extra bucks if
    anyone purchases from your site. Just sayin’

  4. Thanks for sharing your recipe! I didn’t know you could use the coffee grounds without first brewing coffee. That makes it a lot faster. I love the carmel flavors too.

    1. Well, maybe you’re supposed to brew it. I don’t know. It is a little gritty, which is why I don’t add much Folgers. I made up this recipe. So keep that in mind!

  5. Thanks Brenda! I love simple directions and that caramel syrup sounds wonderful.
    Enjoy lunch with your daughter and I hope you and baby boy Charlie have a wonderful weekend!

    Carol and Molly

    1. I made up this recipe, so it has to be easy! I’m not very creative with recipes, Carol and Molly.

  6. Thanks for the iced coffee instructions and product list of ingredients. Sounds good! Lunch out with your daughter sounds very nice. ?

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