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  1. Curated collections have so much personality! I love how you put the white hobnail vases amongst the red and white dishes.

  2. Have you considered instead of temporary wallpaper making the background you want to highlight easily changeable with fabric? You could get white foam board ($1.25 each at the Dollar Tree store) and cut it to fit the area. Cover the foam board with fabric you like by taping or stapling it to the back. Push your now covered foam board in place and set your display pieces in front. You could them change the background whenever you wanted a whole new look. The fabric could be repurposed in the future.

  3. That’s certainly a lot of lovely collections. I have a pretty curio cabinet I use to display my pretties. I was quite impressed with the rolling pins mounted on the board and leaned against a wall. I never would have thought to do that. I like your temporary wall paper idea.

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