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  1. That green bean recipe with the candied pecans looks delicious. I might make it for Easter!

  2. The shrimp boil foil packets look yummy. Making the green beans with glazed pecans for Easter. Thanks for sharing all this cuteness and yum. Have a good weekend. Hugs. Kris

  3. So much great information! Thank you for taking the time to seek and share!

  4. Annette Tracy says:

    I just looked on Amazon and it says House of Cotton is $25!! Yikes. When did books get so expensive?

    1. It’s because it’s a new hardback. I wait until it goes to paperback. Or order from your library.

  5. Brenda, there are so many interesting things to read about this week. Thanks for finding them. The green beans recipe looks perfect for Easter dinner.

    1. Annette Tracy says:

      The green bean recipe is a definite keeper! The books all sound so interesting. Hope you are starting to experience some warm days. We have some coming which will help dry out our rain soaked ground.

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