Light & Texture In Decorating

I spent a lot of time taking pictures with my camera this morning. Following the way the light played off the furniture and objects in my apartment.

I can hear the chimes tinkling outside. There are three sets of them. So it’s kind of like an orchestra at times when the wind is blowing.

That is my music.

When there’s a thunder storm and the wind is intense there is a cacophony of sound out there.

This black llama is the painting I ordered. Something about it just appealed to me. Again, this is from

If you’ve never looked at artwork at Target, go online or go in the store and see what they have. They typically showcase different styles of wall art in various lines they carry.

Opal House has framed and canvas paintings that appeal to my aesthetic. They lean toward the bohemian style.

Here are other variations of wall art to check out at

The light here is dappled and the wood is more defined with the sun slanting in through my storm door.

The textures are more boldly displayed.

When decorating, don’t just look at the objects or decor. Look at the textures. I like a combination of wood and glass or ceramics and also fibers. Then there’s the shade of color mixed in.

This vintage bottle filled with wine corks shows so much texture through the glass. Then the wood below it gives the whole display a nice hue.

You never really realize the beauty of wood until it is bare. And then you see the striation of scratches and grooves.

Of course it all depends on what style you’re looking for.



  1. I’ve been noticing a trend in decorating for wood in it’s natural state…. it looks to me that the wood is not stained or painted. I love the look but I do wonder if they put some sort of sealer to protect the wood? Maybe Tung oil or a wax finish? My husband found a large oak desk that someone was discarding so he “rescued” it. It needed a little repair and a bit of sanding. I’m leaning towards a using Tung oil so the natural wood shows through. Do you have any experiences with this sort of thing? It aggravates me that someone would just discard an item like this…. they could have tried one of the selling places such as Facebook Market or Craig’s List and offered for free at least. Would have been a waste for it to have gone to the dump. It seems we live in a throw away world these days.

  2. Your home has gone through a complete transformation since I was there. I like it! You have a great eye. Texture is so important. That is what I tell gardeners that have shade and bemoan The fact that they can’t grow colorful flowers. Use texture and various shades of green And plants that have movement line grasses.

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