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  1. My cat was the reason I figured out I have sleep apnea in 2020. She woke me up several times and when I woke up I wasn’t breathing right. I use a cpap machine now, but if the power goes out in the middle of the night and the cpap turns off she still wakes me up if I stop breathing.

    She also loves “cat tv” on YouTube. They have tons of videos of birds, mice, etc. She will sit and watch them and follows them back and forth across the screen. She even knows the sound YouTube makes when I turn it on and comes running. Animals don’t get enough credit.

  2. My 2 house/outdoor cats have trained me well! They used to meow or scratch at the door to go outside, but now they just sit and stare at the doorknob.. and I get up and let them out! My male likes his dish of milk at night, so he’ll sit there by his food mat after he’s eaten, and just look at me as if to tell me, I want my milk now! I comply of course! he also loves to play, and so I put his toy on the string in a little basket, and when he wants to play, he goes and sits there right by it, and looks at me (or meows a tiny meow) to let me know he’s ready to play! And both my cats love to jump up and “play” under the sheets as I change my bed! They LOVE laying on clean sheets (but unfortunately, my female, who is very strange in ways,) likes to pee on my newly laundered and made up bed! I have to watch her like a hawk and get her off right away if I see she is preparing to do it! her sense of smell must be super duper, as anything new in my house, gets pee’d on if I don’t catch her in time. I had my carpets shampooed and she won’t even COME INTO the house at all! it’s all new smells and that really bothers her!

  3. I had a Maine coon cat that would ring the bells hanging on the door when he wanted to go out. Another cat would climb up the railing on the steps and let himself in (we had a door with a handle not a knob). We had to turn the handle sideways because unfortunately he never learned how to close the door behind him.

  4. Our cat gets us up every day at the same time…heads right in to the sheba packet waiting for her…she leads my husband to her treats every morning…and let’s us know when she wants to play with her laser toy…she slaps the dogs if they bark…it is so funny…she is a joy even when she is naughty…💕

  5. I trained my dog to ring a bell on the door when she had to go potty. She trained me to open the door and let her out! She even gave me more specialized nighttime training to wake up from a deep sleep and let her out! Thankfully, she did use the puppy pad almost all the time. I miss her.💔

    1. Oh, I know you do. Just like I miss my pupsters and Gracie. Ivy taught me how to play fetch the way she wanted to play it. My funny bunny.

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