1. Brenda, I’m so glad you have Ivy! She seems to bring you so much joy! It amazes me how smart she is and how quickly she learns. I haven’t been around a cat since I was a child, so I have no idea of their behavior. She does seem to be quite mischievous and inquisitive…great personality! I hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas! Love and hugs to you!

  2. Always love Ivy sleeping on the quilts. Since she is growing why not fold them a bit differently to accommodate her growth?
    She loves having her special place to retreat and we enjoy your photos of her on them.

  3. What fun, being a mama to Ivy! She is definitely one of a kind. The thing that always stands out to me in her photographs is her beautiful eyes. I can’t tell exactly what color they are. They look sort of grey sometimes and then I see them as a very pale green like a gemstone. I’m glad you get so much pleasure from her being part of your little family and that Charlie has seemingly accepted her presence but does set his boundaries. Seems like it’s all working out very well. And I do see how much Ivy has grown since she came to live with you. I imagine she is probably close to full-grown, but we’ll just wait and see, I guess. Just so she doesn’t get bigger than Charlie! Give them both a pat for me until tomorrow.

  4. Ha Ha Ha! I laughed out loud at you asking why Ivy wants to drown her mouse! One of mine does the same thing – little fuzzy balls especially. I take them out and plop them on the floor to dry.

    So Ivy is about the same age as my two new kittens (found dumped on my road). The female is pretty quiet but Davey, the boy, sounds a lot like Ivey. His personality is really showing now and he is testing the other cats wanting to be the big cheese in the house – but still very much a baby.

    Ivy is beautiful and keeps you entertained for sure!

  5. I had the worst scare today. I misplaced my phone and never found it. I had to go purchase another one. Luckily my Pad still had storage. I thought what if I couldn’t read your stories every day!!! I’m So glad I have you back.

  6. I’ve had a number of cats over the years but I feel quite attached to the two we got this year because I picked them out instead of my kids or husband picking them. I certainly cared about the others but I saw these two at different times at the shelter and sensed they’d be a good fit and they are. They have become good pals very quickly. The chubby tuxedo boy is getting needed exercise now that the little ginger guy is on the scene chasing him. But they don’t play with toys like Ivy does which is a shame. She is such a character! I’m glad you and Charlie are her new family.

  7. Brenda,

    Ivy has certainly captured a piece of your heart. What a feel good post.


  8. Ivy is such a cutie! I love how Charlie is the boss and she knows it. She should reach her ‘full’ size between 9-12 months and might grow a bit more but not much. Now the filling out part that can continue as my very fluffy Annie Belle can tell you. I’m careful with her food but still she is a big girl. Ivy has found her forever home and it’s lovely to watch you all together.

  9. She’s such a beautiful, sweet kitty. I know how much I love mine and even their crazy antics. Monkey is very hard on cat toys, too. We ended up with a lot of toy mice with no tails, lol.

  10. Oh my gosh Brenda, the picture of Ivy sleeping on all the quilts stretched out on her side is hilarious! She is a beautiful cat.

  11. Ivy is adorable!! We have six, yes, I said six rescue cats, five of them are from the same litter and then I rescued the only male cat before he was put down. They are 6 1/2 years old and I could not imagine our lives without them, they are so funny and so sweet and they know their name when called.

    We also have a rescue dog, she was tied to a tree in Feb. with a bowl of water and she was just a puppy. I’m guessing she was a Christmas gift and that person did not want a dog or a puppy. We have had Daisy for 9 years, she’s the sweetest dog anybody could ever ask for and the cats lover her to pieces.

    The cats never go outside and they don’t try to escape either. I believe it is safer for them to be indoors and as long as there are windows and sunrooms for them to look out I think they are happy. One of the cats can open drawers and she will take everything out and then jump inside and fall asleep, you always where she is because there is a pile of stuff on the floor!!

    Beautiful photos of Charlie and Ivy by the way, I love the one where she is on her stack of quilts!

  12. One of our cats is constantly putting his stuffed toy fish in the water dish. I pull it out and leave it on the counter to dry just like you have done. When he is ready for it he will jump up and get it himself. I watched him once as he was throwing the fish up in the air and it landed in the water, so maybe it is an accident? Who knows with these guys! But we can’t help but love them!

  13. Ivy is about the age of our Norah now. And Norah is tiny but I know she will grow more. I too have a 10 yo Morkie who just tolerates her. She is such fun. She chases my daughter around sort of stalks her. And loves stealing things. We find tissues all over. I love Ivy’s pictures. Wonder how demanding she will be come summer to go outside.

  14. The pictures are adorable and Ivy Lou has such beautiful markings. I think Charlie is playing with her, in his own way, about her joining him on mama’s bed. So cute. My Molly mutilates her toys as well; why, I’ve no idea. I think you three have settled in quite nicely and learning as you go. Enjoy your afternoon with the babies!

    Carol and Molly

  15. Having Ivy become a member of your family was a wonderful idea. I enjoy reading about her antics and your daily lives.

  16. Good afternoon Brenda,

    Ivy is so sweet. I love seeing the photos of her asleep on the quilts, beautiful! And of course charlie is adorable. Have a wonderful day!

  17. Brenda, I love the stories of Ivy!! She sounds like my cats. I have one named Beezus and her sister Ramona. Beezus learned how to turn on the water in the shower. She would stand and with her paw, would pull down on the nozzle and the water would run. Sometimes we didn’t know it was running. My husband had to reverse the nozzles so you had to pull up on them to get water to run! Now she looks for other things to get into. Her and her sister are 6 years old. And I love them so much, that I could never live without a cat! Thanks for your blog. Best to you and the pets.

  18. Ivy is learning ‘Brenda’, even as you are learning ‘Ivy’. And she is also learning ‘Charlie’ ~
    I still love hearing all about their doings.
    She is a blessing from the universe to you ~
    Hugs ~

  19. She’s absolutely adorable, and I think all your readers love hearing the antics of this silly sweet cat! That’s funny that Charlie won’t let her on the bed, I can just see his little bum wiggling with excitement!!

  20. she’s such a sweet little cat.
    I really don’t think she’ll get much bigger. maybe that’s just wishful thinking!
    I love the pictures of both of them!
    she’s just a little quilt cat! xo

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