1. The green is lovely Brenda! You have the magic touch when it comes to decorating. Oh and if you ever want to get rid of those red floral Country Living rose plates, you know where to find me! 😉

  2. I just love your new green theme … it’s so calmig and peaceful. I had a smilar color in my old house and loved it. Now a different house required a different color scheme and I’m enjoying this one too. Changing things up is always fun.

  3. Your new green kitchen is beautiful! You did a lovely job. You always do!

  4. I like your changes! It’s fun and refreshing to change things up.

    I have never used the heating element in my dishwasher. I set it on the 1 hour cycle (which doesn’t use the heating element) and then I open the door, pull the racks out, and let the dishes air dry before putting them away.

    Don’t throw out your old dishtowels: I have a small stack of old, worn out dishtowels that I use for rags…wiping down the counters and the kitchen table, cleaning out cat fountains, wiping up small spills, using them to wipe my hands on when I’m cooking, etc.

  5. I love it, but then my kitchen is green too! I love anything nature-ish in color! Those dishes are very cute and those glasses are really to die for. They’re really beautiful.
    GAG on the dishwasher. Why buy a dishwasher that doesn’t go the distance? When I bought mine it was hard to find one they said, that actually dries the dishes. WHAT? Not playing or wasting my money on ridiculous nonsense. Besides, there’s a peace in doing your own dishes! Love the change!

  6. So beautiful…my wifi would not come in yesterday so I did not get to see it till today…I just love it…the barn plates are perfect in there with everything else and the glasses are so pretty…love the curtains too…as usual it looks lovely…great job…💕

    1. I have trouble with wifi too. I keep having to turn it on when it should stay on. I think maybe they’ve somewhat fixed it now. I wasn’t sure about the barn salad plates, but decided to go ahead and add them.

  7. Hi Brenda, love the green my favorite color. I would like to purchase the glasses are they heavy?

  8. It looks really nice. I like green a lot and it’s a great neutral. But the red was so cheerful; I’ll miss it.

  9. Green and white has been my favorite color combinations for nearly 50 years. It looks so clean, crisp and refreshing. My second favorite combo is green with a pale, buttery yellow. Love all that you chose from Amazon.

  10. Though I enjoyed the white decor you shared recently, I think these are even more appealing!! Just love the glasses…makes me think of my grandma and great grandma!! The feeling of welcome and home!! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE those barn plates…were those Amazon too?

  11. You always find the best curtains! Love red and green together in my house. The green is so soothing. Love, love how you decorate

  12. Hope you are having a good day. I love the curtains, green glasses and dishes. Such a soothing color. .

  13. Oh I like green too! It is pretty and soothing. I have went through various colors over the years, but now I like to decorate with green. And I like how you styled and placed everything in the cabinets. So nice. You just want to look at everything.

  14. How “cool” looking. Makes me want to change out my colors in my kitchen but then I would have your red polka dot bowls/plates that you gave me. I think of you often and our trip to Tulsa when I look at those plates!

  15. LOVE Green. It’s the color of all seasons. I find it to be a relaxing and calming color. The color of nature, it goes with every other color, just take a look at any garden. Enjoy Brenda

  16. The green is very refreshing!
    Do you think you might take the new dishwasher anyway and use it for storage just in case you ever do want to clean a bunch of things in the future?

    1. They’re not offering it to me at this point. They’re saying the motor has to go all the way out. And the grinding sound it makes to wash dishes is loud and I can’t bring myself to use it.

  17. I’m not a fan of green. I much prefer the red. But I have to admit that those dishes and especially the glasses are really pretty!

    1. I’ll always love red. But I needed something different currently being cooped up in here all the time.

  18. Yes to queen green! I like that crushed oregano and just might use it on the front door! Great inspiring post!

  19. I love the changes you’ve made, Brenda. Everything looks beautiful. The pin stripe curtains are fabulous.

  20. I too love the green and white! It IS very soothing. I did love the red too, but this is a nice change for the winter months… will be an advantage if you want to add some touches of red for Christmas! You inspire me to have open cabinets and pretty dishes. Love those green vintage looking glasses. I’ve had too much crammed in my cabinets so I need to do another cleanout. I have old corelle dishes from 20 years ago, so have begun to replace them with white dishes and I love them. I see one peek of red you could replace (I’m sure you know)… and that’s the collander hanging on the wall! Will be fun to shop for something with green (and pink? :-)))) maybe? Take care… Marilyn

  21. Thought it lovely with red, and it’s lovely now with green! If it matters, I never use the dry function on the dishwasher. Open the door once it’s finished and let it air dry. Maybe it’s only me.

    1. I can see where that would work. But my dishwasher makes a loud sound because the motor is grinding and it scares Ivy.

  22. Brenda, you are such an inspiration. I really like the green and white. Now I am in the mood to clean out my cabinets, paint them and reorganize with a different color other than red. Thank you

    1. I’d like to put temporary wallpaper on the back of my shelves and do some other things I’ve thought about, but my mobility is an issue. With changing the dishes, I sat on the other side of my walker, stood for maybe 30 seconds and put dishes up, sat down again, etc.

  23. Lovely makeover! I love the green! I am a green girl too. And also a pink girl:-) By the way, an accent of pink here and there is lovely w green – I know how much you enjoyed pink in your garden this year. Anyway just a thought to try if you have something pink around the house (a pink vase with flowers and their green stems/leaves is so fun). Or a terra cotta pot painted in pink w a pretty houseplant (I paint terra cotta pots instead of buying fancy planters and coordinate w my rooms).
    Your home must be well insulated therefore the little amount of dust. In construction lingo they might say it is a tight house. You are lucky because you are also probably efficiently keeping your heat and air inside too!

    1. It boggles my imagination because everyone tells me they can’t have open cabinets because of dust. But I don’t seem to have any. Or very very little.

      1. I’ve notice with my houses that I clean that people who don’t open their windows for fresh air – don’t have dust.

  24. Oh Brenda! I almost jumped out of my seat when I saw your kitchen. I have too many dishes and your idea is what I needed. Ty

    1. Take everything out of your cabinets. Don’t put much back in. Step back and look. I had more and I took it out. Because I like to look at many things I had to rein myself in and edit, edit, and edit some more. Leave space between groups like glasses, etc. Before I had them all crammed together. So obviously I’m not using all my white dishes.

    1. I looked for weeks, at every online site I could think of plus Etsy. (Etsy charges too much for things like this, I found out.) I wanted simple.

  25. Oh my goodness, Brenda! Everything you bought is so pretty!! I just love it all. The dishes are gorgeous too. I especially like the cups. I could never have imagined any other color being prettier that the red but I love the green. So glad you’re having so much fun with your apartment, both inside and out. Hope you aren’t doing too much but I know how much you love making your home so welcoming and warm.

    1. You put up much of that red and white for me at my direction! It was just too much up there, I decided. Had to lift something to get to something else. So when I put things back, I made sure I wouldn’t have to do that. I can just reach in and get what I need without any fuss.

  26. Brenda, what a lovely makeover!!! Your new dishes and glasses are perfect. My kitchen is white and pale sage green, even the ceiling is a very soft almost not there green..I don’t have open shelving but two cabinets are glass fronted. Green is soothing and with wood accents, cutting boards and vitage bread bowls, really makes the room…love your pinstripe curtains…. I do like your entire apartment makeover…

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