Cat Spats

We’re having some serious cat spats this morning. Ivy is on her usual perch looking out the front window, which she does every morning after they eat.

Then here comes Gracie wanting to join her, and Ivy is far from happy about it.

Serious cat spats going on here with Ivy bird watching out the window and Gracie trying to get up there with her

Kitten Silliness:

But Gracie, being a kitten, is undeterred. She’s jumped up there on the cupboard before.

Thing is, Ivy wasn’t up there at the time.

And that spot is another one of Ivy’s “thrones.” She doesn’t like to share her seat at the throne.

Gracie tries again to get up on the cupboard with Ivy

I can just see the wheels whirring in Ivy’s head. Now if that isn’t a serious stink eye Ivy is giving her, I don’t know what is.

Don’t come any closer, I imagine her thinking.

Kittens can be such a nuisance when you’re busy watching birds in the front bushes. This is a big part of Ivy’s daily routine.

Ivy Getting Really Irritated:

Ivy looks upward as if to say: Mercy me. Why won’t that kitten leave me alone? Why don’t you go take your kitten nap and let me watch the birds in peace?

Then Gracie tries again. She is being pretty bold.

Ivy is looking up at the ceiling in irritation at being bothered

Cat Spats:

Finally, Ivy jumps down, weary from trying to bird watch while swatting away Gracie at the same time. And then come the cat spats.

I hear growling and thumping on the floor. But Gracie is quick. And she manages to get out of Ivy’s grasp and run down the hall.

Of course I’ve got my steely eye on both of those two little stinkers.

Just minutes before this started, Gracie was laying on the couch. She could barely keep her eyes open because she needs her morning nap.

Then I guess she had a spurt of energy and started in on Ivy on top of the cupboard.

And once Ivy is on the cupboard, she means to spend some time doing some serious bird watching. And swaying and thumping her tail when she sees them up close.

Cat spats with Gracie trying to get up on the tall cupboard with Ivy

Now they’re chasing each other. There’s going to be some long naps coming before long I think. They will wear each other out finally.

And that they did. Now Ivy is back on top of the cupboard watching birds and Gracie has apparently gone into the bedroom to take a nap.

I can tell Ivy has spotted the usual sparrows out front because her tail is swaying back and forth. I imagine she wants very much to be out there chasing them from the bushes.

And until Gracie’s nap is over, there will be peace and quiet in here. Much to Ivy’s relief.


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  1. Once, we had 2 cats who would romp with each other twice a day. Morning and evening. they would run all over the house attacking each other. All over the upstairs, down the stairs, all over the basement, and then back up the stairs to do it all again. One cat, who was huge, would jump 3 feet in the air and land on his back with his paws ready for another attack. the younger one would pounce and they would be at it again. They loved it. When the older cat died it was like he lost a parent. No more fun, sadly. I know they are in cat heaven together.

  2. That’s funny. Gracie has learned how to tease and bait Ivy into playing “chase” with her, LOL!

  3. Oh Brenda,
    scrolling down; the third picture down of Ivy’s face…. priceless!
    Thank You for this…

  4. I love love love all the stories of your cats. It keeps me entertained, just reading about their silly antics, lol! I wish you could post videos!! They’d be fun to watch in person. Thank you for sharing their stories.

  5. They are so funny. Love Ivy’s expressions. Does Gracie ever try to get in the cat tree? That could cause an all-out war!!

  6. The expressions on Ivy’s face are priceless! So much fun to watch them interact with each other. I raised both of my boys from babies, Dizzy’s now 12 and Sam Elliott’s 8 and they’re totally sweet well behaved guys, never leave the yard, come when they’re called, and are just so easy to live with if you don’t count the fact that they manage to sleep on every single thing in the house. That’s now. As kittens they were challenging to say the least, some things got broken. I’ve decided that my next rescue will be a gentle, quiet, and MATURE guy, but someone’s got to raise the babies. Yay you!!!

  7. I had to laugh out loud, when you mentioned that Ivy gave Gracie the “stink eye”. That is really what it looked like to me too. They are so funny and cute. I remember when Ivy would get on Charlies’s nerves sometimes. Now things have turned around for Ivy. Can’t wait to see someday, when they cuddle and nap together. Maybe…
    Hugs from Wisconsin

    1. Yes yes ,,,,,, was gonna say the same exact thing re 🐈 Ivy. How she annoyed 🐶 Charlie at every turn!! Amazing to see it reversed now with Gracie!!!
      They might get along in the end. Then maybe they won’t. Depending on their personalities. Fun to see as long as no one gets hurt.

  8. Your Ivy is so much like my Maddie (who was also a rescue). She is the boss and SHE has her favorite spots that no one else dares to go. I have a tall quilt hutch that she claimed as her own as soon as she could jump up there…. she is also one of those who loves heights and being up high… so when our male rescue cat (Rudy) tried to join her up there, she would NOT have it.. lots of spats went on there too when they were younger, and it’s her throne now and Rudy knows he doesn’t dare jump up there! He will sit in the chair and look up there, but never ever jump up there now. They still “fight” but I think it’s mostly rough play.. lots of staring each other down, growling, paw hitting (no claws) and then rolling around on the floor. and then chasing up and down the hallway. Alot of it I think is her claiming her superiority if Rudy oversteps his bounds. The interaction between two like that is always interesting and fun, but sometimes it seems too rough so I have to step in and stop it. I’m sure in time, those two will know their boundaries and I know Ivy will love the company of Gracie, once Gracie knows her limits!

  9. I was just going to say the same thing as Gail. It is like having young kids in the home! They really can entertain you!

  10. Once again, I was having a rough morning and then there was Ivy and Gracie. They remind me of my two. Thanks for putting a smile on my face.

  11. Life with a kitten in the house is so much fun! Their antics can be hilarious. I daresay Ivy likes the “intrusion” of Gracie. She stimulates Ivy and gets her some exercise. Plus, Ivy can pull rank and smugly keep Gracie in her place. Just like having young kids in the house. I love watching the different personalities and behaviors of my furkids! Enjoy your babies!

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