Canine CBD Oil

Yesterday I went around the corner and bought canine CBD drops for Charlie. My vet suggested it. We can’t seem to get him relaxed at night with the Trazadone, and I was desperate for sleep.

I paid $60 for canine drops in chicken/beef flavor, which I’ve been putting on his food at the recommended dose.

He might have slept a bit more last night. At least I think I got a little more sleep. I think he just enjoys being outside and it’s cooler at night. During the day I can only let him out to do his business because the heat is hard on his heart.

I’ve tried the CBD capsules before to see if I could get my nerve pain under control, but had kind of a bad experience. Instead of calming the nerves down, it ramped them up with pain.

The woman I bought the canine drops from yesterday asked if I would like to try the oil on my wrist, and I thought, well, maybe the other time was a fluke.

It wasn’t. Within a minute I was in their bathroom scrubbing it off with soap and water.

Everyone I talk to tells me how CBD oil helps them. It does the opposite for me. Wherever the nerve goes the pain follows when I apply the oil like I’m having alcohol or something poured into the nerve.

Monday at 7:30 a.m. I take Charlie to the animal acupuncturist. He has been walking better. It’s expensive, but what are you going to do? You love your pet, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make them feel better. This will be his fourth visit.

My daughter and son-in-law had a dog that they paid to have chemo. You do what you have to do.

I still haven’t found out how to protect my patio plants. Yesterday I looked at the thermometer outside and it was 110 in the shade. I’ll find a shade sail online, then read that you can’t use it except in areas that don’t have much wind.

Well, Oklahoma has a lot of wind. I don’t want to pay for something that quickly gets shredded by those strong winds.

I only had my gazebo, which I paid $300 for, for one year before the wind made mincemeat out of it.

When I moved here in 2014 there was a tree in each corner of my yard bordering on the alley. But they were problematic in all kinds of ways and finally came down a few years ago. So now my patio is mostly sun.

If you’re wondering why I always have a blanket or quilt over the couch cushions, it is because Charlie can’t seem to get traction across the couch upholstery material. It’s easier for him to walk on a blanket or quilt. Plus it keeps the couch cleaner.

About 3-4 days ago I was sitting in my recliner and started the mechanism to bring up the foot rest. Somehow my right foot (yeah, the bad ankle one) got caught under the glass of the coffee table.

It took a few seconds to stop the chair. Meanwhile the top of my foot was being pushed down. So my ankle is a bit sore from that. After that I moved the coffee table farther out. I don’t want to trip over it walking through my living room, but neither do I want to crush my foot.

I have the recliner close to the couch, as you can see above, so Charlie can bridge the gap and go from one spot to another.

He has doggy steps to go up to the couch, but then he might decide he wants to be next to me, which is typical, and this way he can just walk across.

The seeds I ordered arrived, but it’s just too hot to think about planting right now. Going to hold off a bit.

Dottie, a reader, sent me English mint wrapped in newspaper in the mail. As soon as it got here yesterday I took it outside and put it in a bucket I filled with water to revive the mint.

It’s still in water today. It needs to recover from its journey here to me.

Thanks, Dottie!

I’ve been watching Seven Seconds on Netflix. I believe I’ve watched 3 episodes so have 7 to go. I love Netflix!


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  1. My daughter got CBD oil for Molly, thinking it would help with her anxiety when she wanted to take her out to the lake or anywhere else. Honestly, I never give it to her though….the one time Shannon did, I felt as if Molly’s whole personality was different until it wore off, and it took ages to do so. Could be my imagination, but that was my perception. I just avoid taking her anywhere if I can….she likes her little routines at home and seems perfectly happy right here.

  2. My cat, Clementine takes CBD oil. I just put a teeny drop on her food once/day. She has some kind of allergies (which they haven’t figured out 100%, but pretty sure it’s food-related) plus anxiety, so she obsessively licks and chews the fur on her tummy and legs. The CBD oil helps somewhat.

    I tried CBD ointment to rub on my lower back for back pain and it didn’t do a darn thing. However, the CBD oil drops under my tongue or else the gummies help me with pain, plus calm my anxiety. Have you tried either of these?

  3. Would a retractable awning be allowed or budget friendly? The umbrella idea sounds good. You could get bands with heavy Velcro to close them tightly I n windy situations if just closing them was not enough.

    Hope Charlie gets better. Would scented oils help him calm? There’s something like that for cats so I wonder if there’s anything similar or herbal for dogs? Ask a holistic vet or the pet acupuncturist for ideas.

    Would a small old style water sprinkler running on the patio some of the day help the concrete cool off while refreshing the plants?
    It’s been almost 100 here in Maryland. Love AC.

  4. So glad u got the CBD fir Charlie ,sure hope it helps !
    My lil terrier had less pain due to getting it months before we had her surgery .
    Not everyone gets relief with it but I sure have !I could not have functioned without it with my spinal stenosis .
    Amazon carries all types including for pets and it is much more reasonable on price .
    It is worth checking out their prices !
    Hugs to u and fur babies !

  5. So sorry about your experience with CBD oil…but I think you gave it a very fair trial. We can be allergic to anything at all!! Sounds like you are, to me. Trust me…I am allergic even to lettuce…something virtually everyone can eat…some of my kin are allergic to rice!! As to your nerves, I wonder if you are taking enough magnesium…B vitamins in general…I find much help in them…I think those of us who have had trauma in our lives, might need more than others whose lives have been easier. I don’t know the answer to this one, but I do wonder about it. I wonder if perhaps you have only a certain amount of adrenaline available to you in your lifetime…and if it gets used up…or nearly so, if you develop these other issues?

  6. I enjoy hearing about what is going on in your day. The oval galvanized holder on the little chest of drawers looks very nice. Glad you are viewing Seven Seconds. I saw it when it was first released and thought it one of the best series I had ever seen. The acting was outstanding. Some of the actors are from Australia, and I couldn’t believe how they could change their accents (the man who played the cop ‘s boss and covered for him). But the plot was so tragic and sad… I usually stay away from stories about loss and grief but made an exception because it was just so well done.

  7. Good afternoon Brenda, I hope the CBD oil works for Charlie. It is so hard to watch our pets suffer but as you say, we do what we can and for as long as we can. The heat is scorching here as well and all of the plants are drooping and looking sad. Hopefully we will get a break soon.

    Have a great day!

  8. I feel your broken heart with your puppy situation. My old puppy has a large cancerous tumor that has returned since having it removed 1.5 years ago. It seems it has come back with a vengeance. Our vet didn’t want to operate again due to his age and prognosis. His skin is starting to break down and it hurts my heart to see him deteriorating. This pup had chiropractic visits years ago for his spine. We do what we can, don’t we? I hope your little guy feels better and hugs to you for all that you do for him.

  9. I’m so glad that Nathan found an attorney so fast! I hope and pray that he gets his son back soon!
    I hope Charlie does better with the canine cbd oil and you need to try to relax that ankle of yours, so you will feel better too Brenda!
    Have a great weekend with Charlie and Ivy! ☺

  10. Brenda, have you tried a large market umbrella, also get a base stand, Walmart, where I got mine, is 10 ft @ 44.00, I brought the turquoise, but on a windy day you must remember to close it…but it would most likely be a good shade for some plants. Just remember to close it in stormy situations. Then search for a heavy weight stand, even some folks give them away…or buy second hand. It’s worth a try…plus inexpensive alternative. Good luck.

  11. Brenda – Here in Wisconsin, the recent heat has all but burned out all my annuals, especially my wave petunias – I’ll wait and replace with mums next month. The perennials seem to be doing well – tomatoes are finally taking off – we don’t plant them until June 1 and this year we’ve had rain and no sun for the month of June and now July, the heat. Can’t win – I, too have a dog and a cat – so really can relate to your stories about Ivy and Charlie – just love my fur babies. Enjoy your blog and I get a lot of ideas from you for both in the house and your lovely patio garden – We have one acre and have gardened most of it – way too much to take care of as we are now in our 70’s – pretty close to the 80’s – but we hire help when we need it and really enjoy the yard . Take care..and hugs and kisses to Ivy and Charlie..

  12. There are some very nice, sturdy, free standing patio umbrellas you could use for shade that can be closed easily if windy or not in use. We got ours at Lowes. They are strong and heavy so you would probably need your handyman to set it up for you.

    1. It must depend on what an ailment is. Several of mine have suggested I try it. I have bad arthritis and I can’t take Naproxen any more. My kidney doctor said he hates naproxen, it is the worse thing for kidneys. One thing is bad for one thing, and another is bad for something else.

      1. I wonder why a doctor wouldn’t recommend CBD oil? Because it’s not Big Pharma so they’re not making any money from it? My doctor agree whole-heartedly with me when I told her I was taking it for anxiety.

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