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  1. I think maybe she likes it because it IS wool.. from an animal… my cats loved anything alpaca that I had made when my husband and I raised alpacas. they loved the smell of that alpaca wool.. so probably the same with sheep wool. Where they ignored anything fake and madmade, they liked the alpaca items to lay on. I think it CAN be cruelty free if the owners of the sheep oversee the shearing and make sure that it’s done carefully and humanely.. we always were sure (we watched) that our alpaca shearers were careful and nice to our animals.. they could still do it fast but not be mean to them. I think most cats LOVE any sort of caves!

  2. That is so cute! I’ve seen these somewhere online and wondered about them. I wonder how you clean out all the cat hair inside of them though?

    I just read your post about Ivy drinking out of the bathtub…does she have one of those kitty fountains, by any chance? Clementine will only drink running water, too. (Monkey will drink out of a bowl.) She will only drink out of the kitchen faucet or her Cat-it fountain. I got it on Amazon.

  3. These are so darn cute! And Ivy has certainly taken to hers. I wonder if Charlie would like one of his own?

    I think this company is doing such a wonderful service for the women who make the Cat Caves and their families. I am somewhat dismayed by what Wendy, above, says about there being no cruelty-free wool because of the mistreatment of the animals. I guess there is more work to be done in that area. I don’t think it detracts from the good that is being done for those working with the wool for the Cat Caves however. It’s not a perfect solution but it is still a worthy cause. Those of us who eat meat all know that the animals from which it comes are treated very, very poorly in this country, but we still buy and eat meat. Some of us do, I should say, as I know many people have made the decision to not be meat-eaters because of the inhumane practices in the meat industry. It’s definitely an up-hill battle to fight for change in those areas. So many changes are needed in our world to make it more humane for both it’s humans and it’s animals. It’s overwhelming to think about. But each little step count and should be given credit.

    Meanwhile, I am glad Ivy is enjoying her new Cat Cave and I may buy one for my elderly Tula kitty.

  4. Wow, Ivy looks so happy and cozy inside the Cat Cave. So funny Charlie had to go check it out 🙂

  5. I need one of these – for me – so I can hide from the world for just a little while . . .

  6. What a cute idea for a cat!! Heh, do you think Charlie will try it out too??

  7. Ivy looks lovely in her ‘cat cave’ I was surprised they are made of wool and even more surprised that the company state ‘cruelty free wool’. There is no such thing as cruelty free wool. Shearers are paid by the sheep not by the hour. This is why many sheep are injured in the process and or are punched because they won’t stand still. My husband has witnessed this many times.

  8. Ivy looks so cozy in her ‘cat cave’ It looks to be a lovely thing but I have to say there is no such thing as cruelty free wool. Most shearers are paid by the sheep they shear not by the hour and so it does not take much imagination to know that this procedure is done as quickly as possible with not much thought given to the sheep.

  9. Love the cat cave. I need three. But this month spending money shipping toilet paper to my grandchildren outside Washington,DC and hand soap too. Their stores are completely vacant of these products. But I’ll think on a cave for Rose, Shaemus and Moose.

  10. I honestly feel like I’m living in a “ cat cave” right now in my own home. Thank God mine is cozy and large enough for me to do a little roaming around. I truly ache for those who have extremely small, confining spaces.

  11. This is great. All you kitty moms and dads should have this for your cats with Ivy’s approval! I think Charlie might want to have one too!
    Happy Friday.

  12. it’s wonderful! and I don’t even have a cat.
    but I’m going to spread the word about such a great humane company.
    I wonder if it wouldn’t work for tiny little dogs like Charlie.
    maybe he’s thinking the same thing! she DOES look cozily happy! xo

  13. Ivy looks so cozy! I just shared it with my nephews. I’m sure they will be purchasing very soon. Take care and be safe!

  14. That’s such a great story, helping the women economically and creating a wonderful product. Ivy sure does love her cat cave! I’ve bought things for my cat boy who promptly ignores them. Haha! I’m afraid he would do the same with that cute cat cave.

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