This morning around 7 a.m. I opened the French doors to let Charlie outside and a bird seemingly just fell out of the sky.

I had just opened the French doors maybe 10 inches when a little bird fell into my dining room. It looked like some variety of a sparrow. It wasn’t a baby. Just a small live bird.

Shocked Into Action:

I was of course shocked, but Ivy acted quickly. She sits at the top of her cat tower and watches birds all day when she isn’t in the living room watching from her perch there.

Ivy jumped down and went for the bird so quickly I didn’t even see her jump down.

Charlie was shocked and went to sniff at the bird at the same time.

I yelled for Ivy to get back.

Ever tried to get a cat away from a bird?

Ivy wasn’t going anywhere. Her chance had finally come to get to a bird that was not outside the glass door. She’s never been outside so this was quite exciting for her I imagine.

Acting On Sheer Instinct:

Acting instinctively, I reached down with my hands still in the arthritis gloves I wear at night and scooped the little bird up. It took a few tries because I was fighting a dog and a cat intent on getting to the bird.

But I got it scooped up in my right hand and tossed it over my next-door neighbor’s fence about 12 inches away. If I’d had time, I would have done something else. But I only had a second to think, if that.

The bird didn’t appear to be harmed in any way. Maybe just shocked that it ended up falling out of the sky straight into my dining room.

Hopefully It Fell Into The Dirt:

I hope it wasn’t hurt when I tossed it over the fence. But I know that there are about two feet just beyond the fence that is dirt. Hopefully, it landed on the dirt.

So then Charlie was afraid to go out. But I scooped him up as well and put him on the patio to go out as he’d first wanted to.

Ivy had missed her chance and wasn’t too happy about it. So now she’s laying in front of the French doors, like she’s on bird watch.

Surely what happened can’t happen twice. Can it?

How Does A Bird Just Fall Out Of The Sky:

I mean, how often does a bird just fall out of the sky at the exact moment you open the door? It was a bizarre confluence of events. And it sure woke me up from my drowsy state into immediate wakefulness.

I don’t know how a bird suddenly just drops into my home. And especially in the second or so when I open the door just a bit. But as with all odd happenings, it did and there’s no accounting for why.

Ever had something like this happen?

Just for fun, I looked up bird superstitions from the Audubon Society website.

“The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly.”

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  1. Yes, that happened to me after a blizzard. I think the bird was may have been perched over the door somehow. The new snow was 3 feet high against the doorway. We were all stuck inside and marveling at how the snow was blocked the exits. As soon as I opened the back door to peer out, a bird dropped down just like you describe and landed inside, but it wasn’t stunned. It seemed to know exactly where to go. It scrambled quickly past me on the floor, went a few feet to a doorway into my bedroom and then hurried into my closet! Yikes. I am not used to animals, and although I was above age 40 back then, I called out to my mother who happened to be here. She got a shoe box and ushered the bird inside and then set it back outdoors. I felt bad for the bird, but hopefully it had warmed up enough to where it could fly to some other shelter.

  2. A couple of times I had wrens snuggle into the back groove of my Christmas wreath and I had no idea one flew in! At the time I had several small trees as decor and the poor thing kept flying from tree to tree 😆!

  3. Oh my that is hilarious! Do you have a nest over your door anywhere? I could see one being startled when you open the door & falling in. We have a sparrow nest under our screened porch. Our garage is a basement garage so we drive under the porch to park. My potting bench is to the side….with the bird nest. I startle her every time I walk under there so I could see how opening a door might cause that.

  4. One of my houses had high ceilings, an atrium, and tall windows. Birds would fly into the windows. Several even flew down the chimney and into the house. The first time that happened I called my father. When I opened the door for him to come in the bird flew out.

  5. One time I saw a grackle just fall from the sky. It let out a squack and just fell. I have no idea what made it fall. Another time I had a grackle just fly at my windshield as I was driving. It was a miracle that I kept my wits about me and didn’t drive off the road. The sound that it made when it flew into my windshield was so loud. It sounded like someone threw a big rock at full force. Surprisingly, it did not crack the windshield.

  6. I’ve never had this happen, though birds sometimes do fly into my living room windows.

    My cats have caught mice in the basement and the other day while Clementine was out on the porch with me, she took off after a chipmunk and caught it. Ever try to get a cat to let go of a live mouse or chipmunk?! Not easy, but they finally do drop it and the rodent has a chance to get away.

  7. Wow such excitement. And oh so odd that it fell
    the minute you opened the door. Love that picture of Charlie. he’s like: Mom, what the heck just happened? Ivy was just reacting in a normal kitty pounce type manner!

  8. I was painting a table on my driveway, when a baby Blue Jay fell out of a nest onto my driveway. Unfortunately, it did not survive.

  9. Perhaps the bird was just settling to perch on the frame around the outside of the patio door and when you opened it suddenly it caused some kind of slight draft that sucked the bird down into your house, or just startled it. Yes, the little fellow would have been as shocked as you, but I’m sure he’s all right and would have fluttered his wings instinctively to land on the neighbor’s patio.

  10. Nothing like a good adrenaline rush to start the day! Do you think it was heading for the glass like birds sometimes do? How strange that you opened the door at just the right time. You saved that bird’s life! Thank goodness, kitty didn’t win that one!

    We get birds hitting our windows all the time. Recently, one hit and left a red smudge. At first I thought it was blood, but it stayed bright red for days. So I’m guessing the bird had a berry in his mouth, maybe? Happy Tuesday!

  11. Maybe the bird was perched on the top edge of your door and when you opened it the force drug the bird to the inside. Thank goodness for your quick thinking which probably saved its life.

  12. What a way to start your day! That is something that doesn’t happen very often (thank goodness). You did a great job getting the bird back outside without getting hurt. Very quick thinking! I don’t know if I could have been so quick. Hope the rest of your day is quiet.

  13. Oh my goodness! What a thing to happen when you barely had your wits about you just getting up in the morning! You did a great job of rescuing the bird from Ivy and Charlie! I hope the rest of your day goes better! Is there a nest near your door that it could have fallen from?

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