If you want to grow healthy geraniums in pots they like to be slightly root-bound, as long as they have adequate drainage.

I love my potted geraniums out on the patio. They are so pretty and the leaves so intricate. Like they were cut from a pattern.

The geranium plant is native to South Africa.

My Potted Geraniums:

Here are photos of my potted geraniums on my patio.

Next to the red blooming geranium is a citronella plant. A member of the geranium family, citronella carries the fragrance of citrus in its foliage.

When leaves are crushed and the oil rubbed on the skin, it smells wonderful and may help naturally discourage mosquitoes.

How To Plant Geraniums In Pots:

It’s actually as easy as planting them in the ground.

You will need loose well-draining soil and low levels of fertilization. Geraniums need consistent watering.

As long as there are drainage holes in the pot or container, geraniums will grow well in most anything.

There is a key to growing geraniums. Place them in a sunny location and away from damaging winds.

My geraniums seem to prefer dappled light and not full sun.

Types of Geraniums

Zonal geraniums are grown for their variety of colorful flowers and velvety leaves. Others, known as scented geraniums, emit different fragrances from their finely-cut leaves.

I have had rose scented geraniums, chocolate scented geraniums and various others at times in my adult gardening life.

Although the plant is not edible, the leaves of rose, mint, chocolate, and lemon fragrant geraniums can be used to add flavor to sugars, preserves, and drinks.


Geraniums, a perennial, are said to need lots of direct sunlight.

But as I wrote above, mine prefer dappled sun over in the semi-shaded area of my patio. Probably because they’re on a cement patio that gets really hot.

Remember that geraniums have a tendency to stop flowering during very hot weather, so don’t be alarmed if this happens.

During the hottest part of summer simply move your plant where it will receive some afternoon shade.

Geraniums like morning sun, afternoon shade and fertile, well-drained soil.

How To Water Geraniums:

You need to water geraniums deeply. Some say to leave an irrigation furrow around each plant as a sort of watering reservoir. Then the water will gently filter down through the soil.

You don’t want root rot, so allow the soil to become somewhat dry between watering time.

The best way to water geraniums is with a soaker hose where water is kept off the foliage. This will protect your plant from disease.

Also remember that soil in pots get warm faster, so maintain regular watering patterns.

Watch your plants for signs of stress. Don’t let your geranium get to the point of wilting. This could cause your plant to go into shock and do poorly.

How To Prune Geraniums:

Annual geraniums planted outdoors don’t require pruning. But make sure you regularly deadhead the plant to prevent disease. This also increases production.

To deadhead, pinch off the entire stalk after the flowers fade. Also remove dry leaves from your plant.

The geranium plant tents to become leggy and thin. So regular pruning and deadheading will encourage branching.

Growing Geraniums Both Indoors & Outdoors:

Whether you have your geranium plant indoors or outdoors the needs are very similar. Both need plenty of sunlight, careful watering, and light fertilization. The drainage holes in indoor containers help to keep the moisture in the pot more regulated.

If you live in an area of harsh winters and you want to keep your geranium going until the next time you can place it outdoors, move them indoors when the weather gets cooler and before temperatures drop too much.

Geraniums will thrive indoors so you can grow them year round if you desire. They do require cool temperatures in the springtime to begin setting buds.

Move your plant to a cool place within your home and that should help with future blooming.

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  1. Thank you for the information. Geranium’s have trouble staying alive under my care. I thinkI will try again and put the pot where it gets morning sun and in reach of a water drip.

  2. I remember when I was little, my mom used to put all her geraniums in paper bags for the winter and store them in a dark crawl space. In the spring they’d come and be perfect!

  3. In these times of stress and uncertainty, I love the feelings your blog gives me. Thanks for being all of our sisters. Thanks for sharing yourself, your honesty, your struggles. I’m not sure how I can love someone I’ve never met, so I will say I love how your presence in my life makes me feel. Sending warm thoughts your way,,,,


  4. Brenda,
    I wish I had your knowledge of plants and your green thumb. I try, but I seem to have the most success with succulents and surprisingly I’ve managed to keep my orchids alive. Your red geraniums look just like your beautiful painting! I know your next home will have a place for you to grow a beautiful garden, and I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Thanks for making your blog such a happy, beautiful place to visit everyday. It gives us all something to look forward to. And we can all use a little extra happy in our lives!

  5. I love my potted geraniums. I agree with the dappled sunlight. I’m sure the cement patio has something to do with it but also if you live somewhere where it gets really hot. Maybe in zones where it doesn’t get so hot they could be in direct sunlight. But for me I agree with the dappled sunlight they do much better. And they really are easy to grow I have some that I have had for years and years. Always enjoy your posts Brenda.

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