So today it’s Living Room Wall: Take 2.

I’ve changed up what you saw yesterday. It was driving me crazy with everything all jammed together.

The portable fireplace will go into another room.

We’re looking at springtime here soon and I won’t be using it. I had to make some choices and adjustments where it seemed feasible for the time being.

Cleaner Lines & More Visual Space:

Now the lines are cleaner and not so bulked up.

I moved this cupboard that matches the sideboard adjacent to it here. It holds quilts and blankets inside.

I may have to move the plants when I put the curtains up. They might hinder the combination of blinds and curtains.

The hardware to hang the curtains on the patio door arrived yesterday. I’m now washing them

In my small washer/dryer, I can only wash one curtain panel at a time. I learned that we have to have these smaller stacked washers/dryers because nothing else will fit through the closet doors where they’re located. Maintenance told me that.

An Arrangement That Suits The Room Better:

Anyway, I can live with this arrangement better because it frees up room and everything seems less cluttered here.

You know that I love my little fireplace. And maybe I can find another place for it. But for now, it has to go live in another room somewhere.

For under $200, it has provided me with lots of warmth and pleasure watching the faux flames.

My TV Watching Routine:

I’m not a big TV watcher. Just an hour or so at night. Then I go back to my bedroom and read my Kindle for an hour or so.

Someone mentioned taking the TV to my bedroom, but I already have a smaller TV in there. I never seem to use it in the bedroom.

Getting Off The Computer:

I try to stick to a routine of turning my computer off at 5 p.m. because I tend to stay on the laptop too much. Which isn’t good for my mental health or my physical health (as in problems with my hands).

Being on the computer too long means nerve pain in my hands and wrists, and up my arms and into my shoulders and neck.

Because I have a tendency to keep working on things, I have to make a concerted effort to get off my laptop around 5 p.m. That’s a pretty good balance for me.

In Living Room Wall: Take 2, I've decided I like this look better because the space isn't as cluttered.

An Overall Cleaner Look:

The thing that is most important to me is that I can look out at my patio from my recliner.

Also that Ivy and Gracie have an unobstructed view of the outdoors both here and in the bedroom so they can be entertained by squirrels and birds. And hopefully, soon they’ll get to see the bunny I saw my first week here.

So I’m more pleased with Take 2. How about you?

Funny Ivy Story:

I have a funny little Ivy story. The other night I was sitting here watching TV and suddenly the CD player came on. Turning to check what had happened, I saw that Ivy was standing on top of my CD player.

But the question is, how did she put her paw down the front and manage to hit that small button? Blind luck I suppose. She’s such a funny girl.

She looked down at the CD player oddly, I guess wondering what on earth had happened with the music suddenly coming out of it! Cats are a hoot!

Right now I can see her sitting on the trash can at the kitchen window watching people go by. I’m sure she’s on the lookout for birds around the tree that’s out there.

I have trees to the side of my apartment, where there are no windows. As well as trees in the back and in front. The tree on the side is fairly enormous. So lots of shade this summer!

Now I’m off to doctor’s appointments.


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  1. I guess I am odd man out. I don’t like either placement. What is on the wall to the right of the sliders? That is probably where I would put it. Without seeing the whole room at once with photos it is hard to imagine the placement of things. I probably would have held off putting up things on the walls till I had all my furniture placed. Sorry, but I just don’t like this. It looks way too crowded there. But it is your room and your house.

  2. You nailed it! Take 2 looks much better. It looks open, clean and balanced.
    That’s what happens in a new place. In your mind’s eye, you visualize things a certain way. But as you live there longer, you see things differently; see how you actually live in the space, so you keep moving things until you find it pleasing to your eye. And, who knows, maybe you’ll move things again. I am constantly re-shifting things in my house, and I’ve been there over 20 years!

  3. Yes! This is a much better arrangement. It really is inviting.
    Someone suggested the extra fireplace in the dining room. I believe that will be fun.

  4. I like that so much better! The tv and fireplace being placed on the corner bugged me, but I didn’t see another arrangement to suggest! I guess I’m a fan of clean lines, too!

  5. I love how you decorate. I actually love that cupboard. So just as an outsider looking in – the only issue I see with it is that it just seems kind of bulky in that little corner by the patio doors. But maybe actually standing in your space it doesn’t really seem that way. I think it’s fun to keep trying new arrangements and I am enjoying watching you find new ways to enjoy your new space!
    Before I ended up with so much stuff in my space I used to love to change things around quite often for new views and vibes. I definitely need to declutter a lot now to make that a possibility – so watching you is fun for me.
    You’ll find the right fit eventually and I’m sure you’ll love it. Until the next time you feel the urge for a different look!

  6. This looks really nice Brenda. Nice and clean and clean lines. Can you put the little elec. fireplace in your bedroom? I have a little one in my bedroom, and I love sitting there at night where I play my solitaire for awhile with the lights off. The flames make it so cozy and give one last little warmth to my room. I turn it off when I sleep as I like a cool room. Marilyn

  7. Glad you like “take two” of the living room. I like it better, too. Just sorry you have to give up the little fireplace in there. I was imagining you having another recliner in the second bedroom where the fireplace could be located. Just a tho’t.

    Here’s what I’m dying to know, though: what you will end up doing with that mirror over the kitchen sink! Not to rush your decision or anything! I know you’ll get to it in your own time. Just me being curious and impatient.

    So glad the kitties are happy. I was sure they would like their new home with all the extra space.

  8. I know you love the ambience and heat of the little electric fireplace, but maybe when colder weather comes again, you could consider this version … it’s more of a woodstove look, and it could be angled where you had the other one as well as have the tv atop it if necessary and maybe not disrupt the flow as much. Just a thought, and likely you could local buyselltrade your orginal unit to offset the purchase of a new one. I used to have this version in my office and loved it when my office was on the lower level of our home and nowhere near a heating vent.

  9. I’m so glad you are loving your new home ! I love to see how you are decorating it. The cabinet in that spot looks perfect as the tub full of plants. I can definitely see where your daughter gets her decorating talent !

  10. Looks really good now, Brenda. I think the tall cabinet works fine in that spot. Love the plants where they are too! I have to
    confess I was wondering how you moved things around by yourself. And get the TV up there! You are amazing. But because we all care, keep it slow and rest.
    Love the Ivy story! Our kitties, aren’t they wonderful?!

  11. YES!! This is perfect, much cozier. How about the other fireplace in your bedroom? Is the main fireplace in the living room a gas fireplace? I’m guessing it is, you’ll love that in the cold months. Everything is really starting to come together, Brenda!

  12. Brenda
    I’m sure you have mentioned it before. But can I ask where you got the two pieces of wood furniture in the picture with the metal fronts. The placement is perfect. Just love it! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  13. Can you switch the pie safe with the small cabinet? It seems a bit large for that sliding door space. You are doing such a beautiful job with decorating. I love your use of color and quilts. Glad you moved that small fireplace. Couldn’t understand the need for two fireplaces in the living room. Be safe and take care of yourself. Don’t do too much at once. Make sure that you have furniture sliders under heavy pieces before you move them.

    1. I agree with swapping out the cabinets. It does seem to over power the space just a bit. Plus, if it’s a little lower, I might be easier on the neck while watching tv. If she decides to leave it as is, it looks much better this way than having the fireplace there. I agree with others about the fireplace in the bedroom. It would be so cozy on a cold winter’s night.

      1. Brenda, make sure you are using the slick side of the furniture sliders on the carpet. They have different ones for different flooring. When you get it right it makes moving everything a dream

    2. I was thinking the same thing. While this arrangement looks better, that tall cabinet seems too large for the small space. Could you trade with the shorter piece of furniture I see in your photo? Or, is it too wide? It also seems like the TV is way too high to view comfortably and safely (for your neck).

      1. or what if you put the fireplace under the pictures and that chest where the taller piece is? I agree that it looks bulky and also too high. My neck would kill watching tv up high. Enjoy, Brenda. It is your home, so do as you please.


  14. I love the new arrangement, Brenda! I believe the blanket cabinet with the tv on it will be fine after you put the curtains up. I can’t wait to see it with the curtains in place.
    Cooper will suddenly lay or sit on the TV remote control and the TV will come on and scare the daylights out of me. What would we do without our fur babies.
    Have a wonderful day!

  15. That looks much better now. It did look kind of weird the way it was before but I understand what you mean about enjoying the fireplace. I have one similar to it that I love too.

  16. Yes I love the new arrangement of your furniture Brenda and I like the look of the planter in front of the sliding doors too. You are really making your home a lovely place. I am so happy for you and the kitties.

  17. Looks good! Could you put the fireplace on the dining room wall, where that dresser with the three draws across the top under the floral print and next to the book shelf? That way you could see if from the recliner, but it would not feel too cluttered. I think the dark finish would look good with the two prints on either side of the floral print.

  18. Looks very nice…find out how to run the fireplace that came with the apartment…to use on chilly days…hope you had help with all this…it is coming together beautifully…💞

  19. Oh I like this arrangement. We have our tv on something similar. Looks like an old pie safe. And works great. I think you will
    Be happy with this. I too wondered how you moved that furnitures there snd the tv. Isn’t it wonderful that tv’s are so much lighter now? Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet❣️

  20. Brenda, I’m really liking the cleaner look. But l,the first thing I thought when I saw your new photo was that maybe you should angle that cabinet the same way that you have your TV . I know it seems like a strange suggestion, but it might look very attractive and camouflage the vertical blinds that you don’t like. Happy decorating, Karen

  21. Take two looks beautiful Brenda! Perhaps the fireplace would look nice in your bedroom with the tv on top or in the other room that you might use as an office? Happy Valentines Day!

  22. Love your new home! Have you considered making your second bedroom your office/den? You could move your recliner and fireplace and tv in there. It would be a cozy space.

  23. Wow! Big change! I am ever so grateful that you found something that is easier on your eyes – i.e. the clean lines; the space. My question is – how did you physically move such large pieces of furniture? (Asked with concern.) And yes! that is a HOOT! I had a beloved dog, Myndie, who turned on the tv b/c the remote control had been left on the sofa and – yeahhh. And I was already in bed and all of a sudden – and it’s different stations?! Well, that’s because she was stretching out ;> It was enough of a classic! that I actually wrote it in to a newsletter and saw it published!

  24. Yes! Much better!! I also like my furniture set to look outside!!
    Have you thought to cover the blind slats with perhaps contact paper or fabric or a texture of some kind?

  25. Brenda, I’m really liking the cleaner look, but the first thing I thought when I saw your new photo was that maybe you should angle that cabinet the same way that you have your TV. Angled. I know it seems like a strange suggestion, but it might look very attractive and camouflage the vertical blinds that you don’t like. Happy decorating, Karen

  26. One very important thing you taught me is that when I arrange/decorate and on second thought I don’t like it “I can redo it again and again”. It takes the pressure off. Thank you. And, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 💜💜💜💜 SUSAN

  27. Yes , I like take 2 better . But it’s hard when you move to a new place . I’ve lived in my condo for 12 years and I’m still rearranging. Everts beautiful so far !

  28. I like the new arrangement. I think you might enjoy the fireplace that you have in the bedroom while you read at night. That would be nice and cozy. Look for an electric insert or electric logs for your living room fireplace. Then you can still enjoy a living room fire next fall and winter. I installed an eclectic insert in my living room fireplace because a real fire was just too hot. With the electric I can get the fire feel and only use the heater when I need it.

  29. I like this much better! The fireplace in your last post kinda bugged me where it was. I wonder if you have room in your bedroom for the fireplace? How cozy to settle in for the night to read with it going on a cold winter’s night and your kitties nestled up with you?

  30. The new arrangement is wonderful, everything fits so well, plus when warm weather comes, you might consider moving the planter outside. Your apartment is so wonderful. Good for you for making it happen. Having family and friends like Teri to help is such a blessing.

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