The Unfortunate Story Of The Misshapen Tree

Across the way, beyond the swimming pool and on the other side, is a misshapen tree. I noticed it a few days ago and wondered what that was about. Well yesterday I found out.

I happened to talk to a male resident who has lived here about 17 years. He is a designer and has probably fixed his apartment up even more than I have. He’s even had the wiring redone.

He told me what the story with the odd looking tree is all about.

He recently talked to the manager who used to work here, but went to manage another of the current owner’s properties, and she told him the story. She has quit her job, by the way.

He said the owner of this property, who came to Tulsa about three months ago and bought up seven different complexes, is broke.

So broke that the tree removers that were here for weeks with their big machinery stopped taking down the tree as soon as they learned they were not going to be paid.

The branches on one side of the tree have been cut off and the branches on the other side remain. As though in silent testament to people who over-extend themselves financially and can only get things halfway done.

Sometimes I wonder if this place is cursed. Just when we think good things are going to happen, it doesn’t.

So the resident named Julian told me: “You can move your patio furniture back. They aren’t going to be coming to work on the walls of your apartment.” Which is actually two walls, because I live on the end.

They aren’t going to be doing any of the things they promised us, he said.

Three months in, and the owner, who I think lives in Miami, goes broke.

So once again we residents could be on our own.

If he can’t pay the manager at another property, seems that might happen here as well. And the manager and maintenance man are certainly not going to work for free. They couldn’t afford to.

Perhaps this is why the manager’s nearly new car disappeared a few weeks ago. I asked him what happened to his car and he was quite evasive. Maybe his commissions aren’t being paid either. I would think that’s highly likely.

Remember when we went several weeks with no management or maintenance whatsoever and residents ended up calling the fire department over apartment flooding, etc?

Because they had no one else to call. Well, I suppose that could happen again.

I guess that should have been a foreshadowing of what was to come.

Which is why I’m glad that I had a window air conditioner put in my bedroom window. It’s small but I could stay in that room if I had to. Thanks to my son-in-law, whose birthday happens to be today, for installing that for me a few summers ago.

And I ordered that wonderful electric fireplace, so if the heat goes out, I have that. I got a new refrigerator, a very simple one, but I love it. I won’t need to depend on them for that. And I’ve replaced other things as well.

I don’t use or have a stove, so I won’t be needing that from them. And I don’t use the garbage disposal.

They did give me a new dishwasher a few weeks ago, so maybe there’s a story there I don’t yet know.

In other words, I have tried to make myself as independent of management as I can be. Because I’ve learned over the six years I’ve lived here that you need to take care of yourself when possible.

Now I don’t know how bad things are. Whether they will lose the properties or not. Maybe they will find the funding they need to move forward. News will probably filter through the grapevine and Julian will tell me.

And when that happens and I hear anything, I’ll let you know.

For now every time I look out the front I will see that poor tree and remember that this could, I suppose, happen anywhere.

And that I am wise to be as independent of these folks as I can possibly be.


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  1. Oh, my goodness, that is awful that the company has gone broke already! I’m so sorry you are having to deal with all the uncertainty again so soon after you tho’t the new management was a big improvement over the old company. Dang! What’s wrong with folks that they overextend themselves and then go broke? It’s especially upsetting when their behavior affects so many vulnerable people.

    Well, I guess you just have to do whatever you can to keep your spirits up and keep well. Then, whatever comes down the pike you will be able to deal with it more easily. I’m glad you have your AC and your fireplace at least. And your new frig. And you are wise to keep tabs on what else is out there that you might move to if you have to. Keep as positive an outlook as you can as I believe that will help draw good things to you. As soon as you can do some planting that will help you stay upbeat. (I hope that doesn’t sound Pollyanna but I do think attitude can affect us and our lives in many ways.)

  2. That’s just horrible that you’re going through that stressful and neglectful situation again. Since affordable apartments and housing are scarce in Tulsa, why not check areas just outside the city? This complex looks nice …

    you’ll probably never find another complex with a patio the size of yours but safety and good maintenance is very important. You’ll definitely have to make sacrifices as we all do when home searching, but please don’t hang on so long there that as was stated above, the market is flooded with everyone from your complex making a mass exodus. It’s easier to make the move now while you have control and choices. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

  3. I am so sorry to hear this about your new owners. I think you are so good to think things through just in case you once again are without any kind of management. Maybe you should all stop paying your rent since there is not management to collect it lol!
    Have a good week ahead.

  4. Dear Brenda, I wish you lived near me. I have a large home, and we keep it in immaculate condition. We have a separate basement unit and It would be perfect for you. We added it about five years ago. It was going to be my craft and quilting room. But I sew upstairs to keep the hubs company.
    If you ever move to Everett,Wa., Come look at it.and no noise either! It is very lovely and we are not greedy. The rent is to be negotiated. We were thinking 300.00-500:00 per month including utilities.

  5. Sorry to hear this unsettling news. Greed is a terrible thing. I hope things work out for the best with no stress.

  6. There is really an affordable housing crisis in most states. I have been through it. My landlord raised my rent $500! I loved where I was living. I had the place so cute and I put a lot of hard work into it and my own money. Trying to find a place that was nice and affordable was a nightmare. There is a shortage of rentals in my city and state. I was on 4 year waiting lists. After much prayer, I finally found the apartment I am in now. I like it and I am happy. There are things I miss, but somehow I will adapt. It is a frightening thing when you are only a step away from being homeless. Money rules, nothing but greed and power. I have felt so helpless and alone at times. And moving is a nightmare! I don’t handle change very well, and feeling so vulnerable was a living nightmare. I honestly don’t know what can be done. Somehow, someone, someway needs to take action to help all of us Senior living people who can and want to live on our own but we are on limited budgets. Something in our country has got to be done. I hope everything can work out for you Brenda. Keep looking and be hopeful.

    1. Thanks for sharing Karie…old age in this country is anything but fun…it is indeed sad how greedy this country has become!! One can see how so many are homeless these days…obviously not all are druggies!! Well, years ago, a nurse friend told me that if a country could so easily kill off the unborn, one day they would be coming for the old…I am beginning to see her point!! I wonder what is next!! I really do not know what we will do…we will survive, even if we stay but like I told my husband…well, they will no doubt raise it again next year and you better believe, our income will NOT BE GOING UP like that…so we will need to move anyway at some point. I am happy you found another place…but I agree how moving is indeed so hard!!

  7. I am so sick of greed…that is really the bottom line, isn’t it?? I looked outside our door last night and lo and behold a note from the management…we will be here a year in May…THEY DECIDED TO UP THE RENT BY $90 a month!!! Now tell me where am I going to find a tree to pick that money off of?? Do they expect us on fixed incomes to just go find a way to steal in the night to pay them?? You really wonder!! I am so sick of it all. My husband is no way strong enough for us to live in an RV or that is exactly what I would be doing. At the rate they are going, we will be on the street or elsewhere at some point anyway!! And of course we MUST tell them in a month, if we are staying or not…even though we don’t have to sign until May. It must be something all the owners do in this area as the private rental we had before this upped the rent EVERY SINGLE YEAR!!l But maybe it is somehow better if they kind have empty units due to folks leaving. They know a lot of us here are not really very able to move. Sigh…life just gets too hard sometimes.
    In your case I was wondering how such an organization could even kick you out if you decided to not pay the rent anyway??

    1. I looked up the laws in OK. You have to pay the rent. Unfortunately, if they file bankruptcy, landlords are not obligated to up hold their end of the lease. Examples include utilities and repairs that are normally paid for by the landlord. So I’ll just wait till I hear more. Don’t know what else to do. I’ll still watch the rentals coming up around here.

  8. Wow the new owners have only had your property 3 months and things have gone so bad, that is terrible! I hope they are able to keep paying your manager or you will be in the same boat you were in before when things went wrong and you had to call the fire department ! I heard interest rates have gone down on real estate so maybe they could refinance and get themselves out of trouble ! Glad you got the new dishwasher!

  9. There must be SOME decent housing somewhere in that city you live in. I encourage you to move before you are forced out because the place gets condemned after complaints about unsanitary and/or unsafe conditions and neglected maintenance and no repairs are brought to the attention of the city, and everybody gets kicked out – then you will have little choice as to where you will end up if several complexes filled with tenants all flood out into the market at once trying to find places to live! And in the meantime, prepare for hefty rent increases. If a mortgage lender is involved, depend upon the complex NOT being kept up to snuff by the lender’s REO department. And don’t be surprised if when you do move, whoever is in charge of the building at the time it’s condemned or taken over by a bank after foreclosure will come after you to pay for a new stove! Whatever arrangement you had with the prior owner may not have been documented or the current owner will make sure that the paperwork “disappears.” Sorry to be such a downer, but after practicing law for 30 plus years, I’ve seen people do the most despicable things to others, and crooked landlords who will milk every last penny out of tenants like you who are reluctant to tear up roots and move elsewhere (they count on it, actually) are a dime a dozen!

    1. Here’s the problem finding housing. With my ankle I cannot walk up steps. Period. If I had someone living above me I would go mad from the noise. An Asperger’s sensory problem. I really can’t afford a duplex or house, and I don’t want to or think I can take care of a yard. Even the duplexes I’ve seen that are somewhat reasonable are dumps. They don’t have the kind of senior housing they do in eastern states. Here it’s either HUD/bad crime apartments or you pay $3000 a month for a senior apartment/housing community. They don’t have senior independent living places for true independent residents here. It’s more assisted living and they provide your food, etc.

  10. A lot of times there’s lots of gossip or whatever you call it.
    Take it day to day.
    If things start looking bad you can always put your rent in an escrow account until you get “official” notice what’s happening.

  11. So who collects rent and what’s it used for? Do renters haven’t rights or any protection?

    1. So far we still have a manager. He’s collecting the rent. Seems he’s gone a lot though. I put my check through the mail slot. Maybe he’s looking for another job.

  12. Oh no. I’m so sorry. One thing after another. My new refrigerator is very simple and I love it. I can now see my food. I hope the new owners get some funding. xo Laura

  13. So sorry to hear this bad news. Low interest rates can lead people to take on more debt then they can repay. It is smart of you to be self sufficient while living in your apartment. I enjoy your posts whether they tell of adventures or problems.

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