1. The Santa display is lovely. I was just out of town for a few days to a little town that celebrates the holiday in a big way. Several
    shops decorated with mostly bottle brush trees and it was so warm and inviting. I’m pretty sure you were an interior decorator in a past life and Ivy was your helper🎄❄️☃️

  2. Love the Santa vignette! The whole look with the corks and berries with the Santas in the bowl is just beautiful. You sure know how to put things together.

  3. Love the Santa’s!!! I’m going to have to dig out my Mom’s collection of vintage Santa’s …. I bet Ivy has a wonderful time with the ornaments……

  4. The cardinals look like they have black beards, LOL! I know it’s a thing right now for men to be growing long beards that I don’t like at all, but to put them on the male cardinals – obviously not the intent but that’s all I could see! The little lambs are so cute and have a part in the Christmas story, out in the fields with the shepherds who saw the big star on Christmas and heard the angels singing. The antique looking Santas are really eye-catching.

  5. The vignettes look great, Brenda. I like the collection of Santas, especially. And the white bottle brush tree with the white pearl ornaments on it. I have one just like that which I have had for years and years. My energy level has been so low this year and having had eye surgery with an extended recovery I haven’t done any decorating this year. Hopefully, I will get a little done before the season is over! It’s one of my favorite things to do and it irks me not to have the energy to do it. Anyway, I can enjoy yours if I don’t get anything done! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. The Santas look great. I would love to see how Ivy would style a vignette all by herself. Please post a picture, if she decides you need her help, lol! I, too, would love to see an overall room view, to get a better idea of how it all comes together. To see everything from your perspective.

  7. Brenda,
    just love sitting down with a cup of coffee and enjoying your blog during a break from work/chores! I love your creativity, it’s inspires me to look at things differently. Your sheep are gorgeous.

  8. Every year it’s like saying hello to friends I haven’t seen in awhile when I take out my Christmas things. Your post today made me think about my living room vignetttes. I love placing my Santas on my right standing speaker and my snow people on the left one. My sheep, that I made out of clothespins and a piece of furry fabric many years ago, sit on one of the CD shelves and my newest Christmas collection of wooden trees sits on top.

  9. Brenda, I Love your Christmas decor. The wonderful Santa’s, and the two sheep. My Father Christmas’s are a vintage Valencourt collection, and I have two sheep that are similar, but, like you, I don’t remember where they came from or when they arrived in my home. AT Christmas the group sits on a small table in the kitchen.
    I have the old cookie cutters also, most belonged to my Mom, and she gave them to me when I got married, 60 years ago. The others, with the green handles came from St. Vinnie’s thrift store, or antique flea markets. I keep them all, in a large vintage jar, I think that sold with coffee in it, many years ago. I love your wooden bowl and I think I’ll have to get one like yours, I really like that look. Love the white bottle brush tree with the pearl balls very very nice…Never saw one like that before, or the red tree. It all goes together perfectly. You and Ivy do a wonderful job decorating…Beautiful even without a tree. It all says Christmas…

  10. I like to see
    all your vignettes. You have such an eye for arranging items. I’d love to see a few overall pictures of how they all fit into your room if you’re so inclined. So much inspiration to see how to fit things together!

  11. I have seen on YouTube on the Flea Market Rescue channel-she puts a bottle brush tree inside the Santa mugs and sells them like that! The pop of green with the red mug is nice.

  12. Brenda, your decorating is so beautiful!
    The little vignettes are perfect.
    I keep saying I’m not going to do much, and then I just get carried
    You have a real knack if pulling it all together!
    Thanks for sharing, Lynn

  13. You’ve done it again! You’ve made such a lovely home of your apartment! I love everything you’ve done.

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