Because of the circumstances we now find ourselves currently living in, I have had to alter my patio garden plans.

Yesterday I picked up the plants I ordered through Woodward Park. I told them what car I was driving and arrived at the scheduled time. Charlie and I drove up and they put the small box in the back. No contact at all.

Here is what I ordered:

Party Dress Morning Glory – I think these have pink flowers, and I rarely use pink. But that was the only color they had. So I got it.

Banana Pepper, Lemon Habanero Pepper, Lemon Mint, Lemon Grass, Cilantro, Oregano, Sage and Red Ruban Basil.

Then I placed a seed order with Swallowtail Garden Seeds. Debbie of Mountain Mama told me about them last year. It was where I ordered the zinnias I planted that had the pretty yellow-gold flowers.

It must be so difficult for people who live in apartments who don’t have an outdoor space right now. I feel for them.

Here’s what I ordered from Swallowtail Seeds.

Zahara Double Brilliant Mix Zinnias, Rush Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic Chives, Lipstick Sweet Organic Pepper, City Garden Mix Lettuce, Summer Picnic Mix Lettuce, Diva Cucumber, Lupine, Cup & Saucer Vine, Cardinal Climber Seeds, and Preciosa Yellow Zinnia Seeds.

I’m sure I have more than enough and will hold some seeds back for later.

Then I got online and began looking for raised container beds. After getting out and trying to dig ornamental grasses out of my big pots, I was doing my back in attempting to get them out of the pots for reuse.

Since I can’t go out to physical therapy right now, I don’t want to make the back situation even worse, so I opted to do something else.

I looked at various companies and settled on Here is what I ordered:

Two of these at $54.47 each. It was the cheapest containers I could find of a decent size that had legs. They had good ratings (I rely on good ratings) and said this:

High-quality plastic material is lightweight and weather-resistant

Strong and sturdy; rated to hold up to 150 pounds; shelf rated to hold 15 pounds

Removable legs and shelf for easy winter storage; easy open drainage hole

Raised so it is easy on your back and knees

Measures 36-inch length by 15.5-inch width by 34-inch height. Container Volume: 37.4 qts

Then I ordered 2 twelve quart bags of this soil ($22.89 each), which is the same brand that I buy from my local nursery, Southwoods.

My current plan is to put vegetables in one and herbs in the other.

Then in the other containers and pots that I already have, I’ll plant the flower seeds.

Most of my containers already have plants coming up in them, so I won’t need to do much there. I’ll probably have to dig some space out of these for flower seeds where I can.

I doubt I’ll be going to Southwoods Garden Nursery for some time. I typically go there on April 15 and buy plants. This year that has changed. I’ll be planting what I get in the mail.

Have you had to change your garden plans with all that is going on? Please share with us.

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  1. I’m looking forward to watching your garden grow, Brenda! You always have things so lovely! Not sure how much I’ll get done this year except watch our perennials bloom. Maybe I’ll order some herb seeds and plant some pots!

  2. I have that planter ordered it 2 years ago still looks great after going thru Minnesota
    Winters. Good luck with your new garden plans.?

  3. Is there a link to those on Amazon? I like them. It is really sad about your grandson. Do they do the same for your granddaughter?

  4. Brenda, you sure are going to have a lovely and pretty garden. I have some seeds I have to plant soon. Enjoy your gardening. Stay well and safe.

  5. These look great. I don’t even know if our nurseries are open. Not much I’d out here finally. Great idea to plant seeds in the containers. I am not the Gardner. My daughter took it up last year and loves it.

  6. I bought 3 of those planters last year on for $35 each. The soil for the planters at tractor supply are $13 a bag.I like to shop around and be frugal for the best prices.Looks like I did pretty good. They are nice planters, just don’t overwater because there is only a quarter size drainage hole in the center. I ordered several varieties of zinnia seeds at Check them out. Purples,oranges,salmon colors, striped,reds,pinks.

    1. Well, I Googled all over and that was the cheapest I could find. Also I can’t go out into the stores right now, so I have to have everything delivered. Yes, you got a great deal. I think I might drill more holes in them before I put soil in there. Herbs have to have good drainage.

  7. I just thought of something. You know how your planters get over heated because they are right on the concrete patio? Could you get some railway ties cut to about the size of your big tubs or pallets to put under them to raise them off the hot concrete? I’m picturing a railway tie under each end of the tub/planter and one across the middle. Or you could line up concrete blocks the same way to raise up your current planters.

    1. I’m afraid that kind of thing would be too heavy for me. I’m thinking of getting small pieces of wood to raise the height a little when I can shop again.

  8. Those table-height planters look very nice. I’m tempted to buy one. I have to figure out where I’d put it first. haha

    There is nothing like home-grown tomatoes. You’ll surely get a lot of salads out of your garden this year with all the veggies you’ll be planting along with the herbs.

    It’s way too early here in northern MA to garden so I hope we can buy our plants as usual come late May.

    How about getting your teenage grandson to help with the heavy work of digging out your beds some afternoon after this lock-down is over?

    1. He won’t do it. My daughter can’t get him to do anything even if she pays him because his dad’s parents spoil him so bad he knows he can get all the money he wants from them. One of the reasons for the divorce I think. He is 16 and has 2 cars! The grandparents bought him a brand new revved up Mustang long before his birthday in December when he turned 16, but my daughter said no, he isn’t going to start out driving that. So then they got him a fairly new Jeep and he drives that and probably when he’s with his dad, the souped up Mustang. No, I’ve already asked him to be my handyman. What money I gave him would be a pittance. He has everything. Once his mother mentioned giving him an allowance and he said: “Why would I need an allowance. I’ve got grandparents.”

  9. I love those raised planters. Next pay period I’d like to order some. Right now my finances are low because I’ve been giving larger than normal tips to waiters and waitresses who bring food to the car. These people have been suffering badly. I have ordered potting soul and I’ll be using the seeds I have left over from last year. Can’t wait to see your garden grow !

    1. The other day I had a Shipt delivery of groceries, what they could find. When the girl called to ask to substitute something, I asked her if she had latex gloves. She said no; that you can’t find them. I told her I’d put four pair of them in a baggy on the front porch for her. I for some reason had a bag of them. I tipped her $25 because I feel these people are also on the front lines, so to speak, during this time. Good for you for thinking of these people too!

  10. You are so lucky to have that space where you can grow and garden. I feel for people that do not have a space like that to enjoy. Looks like you got some great plants. Enjoy planting. We still have about another month or more to plant anything outside.

      1. Perhaps they don’t use their patios because they don’t have your vision and skills to make them into a welcoming oasis! I love the pictures you post of your flowers.

  11. Love what you got to plant your herbs and veggies in. I was hoping to have my little garden space that the building provides, but since we are on lock down in Atlanta I won’t be able to pick up the plants to have a vegetable garden. It things don’t change by the middle of April I think I will order some wildflower seeds and go out and plant them in my space. That way everyone in my building can enjoy them. I definitely miss having an outdoor space of my very own. Thank you for mentioning me, my friend. xo Laura

  12. Wow, Brenda, those raised beds look awesome, and the price is great!! I was just thinking about that very same topic this morning….I usually don’t buy a ton at the garden center since I start so many seeds at home, but I always buy my wave petunias there….but this year I wonder if they will even be open for business??? Hopefully by the time I could put them out (late May) this whole crazy situation will have calmed down some…or perhaps they will be doing something similar to what your garden center did.

    Can’t wait to see your gardens!!

    1. I just went on Amazon and ordered one of those planters in brown for my deck! I used credit card points I had with Amazon and only paid $15 woo hoo!! I have a flimsy metal plant stand that I always used two heavy terra cotta rectangular planters on – one on top, and one on the bottom – but at the end of the season I have to put them back in the garden cottage and they are HEAVY! I love that I can leave this out all year!! I’ll find a use indoors for the metal plant stand, Lord knows I have plenty of plants around, it won’t go to waste. I’m so excited to plant in this, it’s huge!!

      1. I wanted green but it was out of stock, as so many things already are. I liked that you could break these down, though I won’t bother probably, and that they’re plastic and won’t be heavy. Using galvanized tubs is okay and I really like them, but sometimes they get too hot on my cement patio. Good for you getting it so cheap!

  13. I don’t know how you’re going to have room to plant all of the things you’ve ordered! You’re going to have an abundance of an abundance, you’ll be feeding half the apartment complex. I’ve got no plans to do anything different this year, and since there may not be any trips to green houses to pick up plants, which I did traditionally close to Memorial Day every year with a friend, I’ll just be transplanting various perennials to try and fill in bare spots and any plants that didn’t make it over the winter. It is still too cold and wet here to do any serious garden clean-up, so other than going out daily for 30 minutes minimum to sweep up nut shells that my tribe of squirrels leave behind as I feed them, I’m not getting much exercise. It’s cold and cloudy here today, not the warm sunny day forecast. Tomorrow we’re forecast to get rain. The yard is crying for attention and I’m itching to get out there and get at it, but it’s too early yet. When it’s cold and damp like today I don’t feel like doing much of anything outside! Stay safe. It’s funny, my routine hasn’t changed all that much from “before COVID-19” but it’s the feeling of this “I HAVE to avoid going out and possibly being around people because it could be dangerous” that hangs over one’s head like a cleaver. Not a good feeling but necessary. I’d rather be as safe as I can keep myself, frustrating as it is. Stay safe everyone.

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