Decorating Corners & Leaning Artwork

I wanted to start decorating the living room with this corner. it is where I began to design and put the elements of this room together.

The chair needed to go here because all the other furniture spaces were already taken. Pluse I also wanted this boho/cottage-style cupboard to be placed along this wall.

I don’t like the look of the vertical blinds, but I’m not supposed to take them down. And I don’t have the hardware to put my curtains up yet that will somewhat hide them. So just pretend they’re not there!

In Decorating Corners & Leaning Artwork, this is the corner I began with

I knew this was a good space for my Crossley CD player because it is right across from my recliner and I like to use the remote to replay CDs.

The start of this corner wall decorating you saw one day last week, but I had not finished it yet. (As if anything is ever truly finished when decorating).

Quilts As Wall Decor:

I had thought I wasn’t going to put quilts on the wall. But some of you said that you wanted me to.

And the longer I sat and stared at this wall, the more I knew I needed a larger backdrop for my vignette combining furniture and wall decor.

So yesterday I put this lap quilt up with thumbtacks. It is somewhat boho and partly cottage. Which is the look I’m going for.

Boho meets cottage with my chair in the living room and a cupboard next to it

I find that a bit of boho decor adds whimsy and is light-hearted. And cottage style adds coziness to your room.

Sometimes instead of trying to decorate an entire room, it’s just easier to choose a corner and focus on that smaller bit of space.

Overlapping Wall Decor:

Sometimes I like to overlap wall decor. It keeps you from having to put nails on the wall, and it brings cohesiveness to the space.

This corner is next to the fireplace on one side. You can see a bit of it on the right. And on the other side is the view of the patio, which I feel adds openness to this arrangement in the corner.

In decorating corners and leaning artwork, the focal point chair in the corner of my space

Two Main Elements:

Let’s look at the two main elements: the chair and the cupboard.

The chair is decorated with a quilt, which is more in the cottage style. And the throw pillow is more boho style.

The chair is a focal point and statement piece. It grounds and balances that corner.

Then there’s the cupboard. It is a unifying piece.

In Decorating Living room Corners & Leaning Artwork, this is the furniture arrangement I chose

Paintings aren’t the only objects you can overlap. You can overlap shutters, bulletin boards, mirrors, signs, or any other type of wall decor.

Reasons For Leaning Wall Decor On Surfaces:

  • Hiding something (like cords) that you don’t want people to see.
  • It’s easier to switch decor because the elements aren’t attached.
  • Leaning artwork is less formal; more casual.
  • Layering brings more interest and dimension.

Overlapping wall decor on surfaces is a good strategy for renters because you don’t need to put nails in the wall.

Tips For Layering Wall Decor:

  • Always put the largest piece in the back, then work forward with smaller objects.
  • Slightly overlap one object over the next so they become a cohesive unit.
  • Lean and overlap frames to avoid blank spaces
  • Fill in with accessories, but don’t overdo it. You want the emphasive on the paintings/artwork.
A chair in the corner of my living room next to a cupboard holding odds and ends

Leaning/Overlapping Artwork Tip:

The tall painting leaning against this wall had to be placed over cords from the CD player in order to plug it in. Therefore one side of the painting leaned a bit too much toward one side.

I had some poster putty. I use it to secure paintings to walls. So I rolled up some of that and put it underneath the leaning side. Then the painting was straight.

This putty is both cheap and reusable. It’s under $3 at Amazon. And it doesn’t harm your wall. I brought used putty I bought ages ago at Hobby Lobby over from the other apartment that secured paintings there.

The actual purpose of this putty is to secure posters to the wall. Don’t try to hang something more substantial on the wall with this putty. I only use it to straighten and hold wall art.

How I Store Poster Putty:

For storage, I put my putty in a ziplock-type sandwich bag to keep it from drying out.

Poster putty from Amazon

Hiding Cords:

The vintage wooden box and red picnic basket behind the chair hide a plethora of electrical cords and the internet modem.

You know I’m all about covering and hiding what I call “uglies.”

This morning I’m listening to Peter Kater. It is the perfect blend of serene and formality.

Fireplace & Mantel:

Next in decorating my apartment, I’ll probably show you the fireplace and mantel.

In the morning I have a medical appointment, so I’ll probably post it either tomorrow or the next day.

Here are a couple of photos of the kitties, since you haven’t seen them in a while. You can see the mess of things stacked around that need to be put somewhere. As well as a glimpse of where my couch is located.

Yes, little piles of things are still everywhere! And I still can’t find the cords and chargers for my vacuum, etc.

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  1. I love your quilts. Did you make them? I have quite a quilt collection from when my mom was quilting. I wish I could display more. Of the larger ones she made I rotate them seasonally on my bed and the guest room bed. Smaller ones I display on the back of the sofa. I will have to try them as wall hangings.

  2. My solution to covering vertical blinds is to have them pushed all the way back and then have my curtains (which had to be hung on an extended rod) cover them.
    The curtains (large grommet) can be slid back during the day for maximum light, and pulled across at night for privacy if needed.
    This way the verticals are covered, and I’m able to get maximum light (I face north😕and my plants crave it!).
    I hope this gives you food for thought.
    Seeing your personality showing up in your new apt. is fun to watch, and seeing your kitties so content is wonderful.
    Day by day it will all come together.

    1. That’s what kind of curtains I have. We left the hardware that holds them because they were too hard to get out. So now I just have to find three sets of hardware to hang them away from the blinds.

  3. This is so much fun seeing you make your new place a home. I love the quilt and that corner looks so great! I didn’t realize that crosby made a radio/cd player! I want one!!!! I just love seeing you make this place a home and seeing your kitties settle in!

  4. That Danish modern style chair is to die for, just love it. It fits in with just about any decor, from ultra modern to Alaska log cabin rustic. The entire corner vignette is beautiful. I’m sure whatever you do to your fireplace mantel and walls above and around will be gorgeous. You pulled all the items you’ve got in the new apartment out of your former apartment, which was much smaller than the space you now have. You’ll find homes for all of those things. It just takes time and thought, you don’t want to just try to get things out of sight willy-nilly and then later spend more time rearranging and putting everything back into this storage space and that closet, etc. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a home decorated in a day. Take your time. We all know it will be gorgeous when it reaches Take #1.

  5. It’s shaping up nicely, Brenda. The floral piece with the throw behind it looks great. And I’ve always loved those turned wood lamps. Little by little you’re putting together another charming home for yourself. It’s very fun to watch and apply some of your techniques to my own spaces. Thanks for sharing the process.

  6. Brenda,you spoke of the flush that isn’t tall enough and you don’t like the solution you have at the moment. Today I saw an ad of Kohler ,showing a tall toilet seat that is a seat and a cover,to close. The name was Hyten.
    I didn’t check out any measurements,etc. but if you haven’t seen it yet,it might be something you would be able to use. I live in Senior housing,so I know the advantages of a tall toilet!

  7. Coming along beautifully well! The kitties look well settled, smug, and thinking, “we ain’t goin nowhere!” (Yeah, I know…..double negative, but it’s cats talking, so what can ya do?) ❤️

  8. Everything looks to be coming along nicely . I really like the quilt on the wall , I think it’s homey and cozy . I’m glad you hung it .

  9. Brenda, can the complex handyman hang your curtain rods? And I’m glad to see the kitties out and about again.

  10. Thank you for the lesson in overlapping artwork! I really like that idea! Everything is coming together. Good luck at the doctor tomorrow!

  11. The quilts are so you! That colorful quilt is my favorite, too. I notice there are lines in the quilts and cabinets. Maybe you can find things for a line theme that will go with the blinds. I want to move that quilt to the other room making “motion” to draw me in there. The vertical blinds probably make the outsides of the other homes cohesive. Before I retired from teaching we had to leave the blinds down at the end of the day for that reason. It was good to see another of your quilts. I like that you use them in decorating. Keep warm and happy. You seem happy. Your new home has so much more light.

  12. Your little cozy corner looks great! The kitties look pretty comfy too. Can’t wait to see the mantle. That will be especially fun to decorate during the holidays. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

  13. Brenda, that looks absolutely wonderful. I love that particular quilt! I will not mention that you were on the ladder again (oops, I just did, lol) because I slipped on the ice on my driveway a couple of days ago and for the moment you’re the one who actually can get on a ladder. I’m just a big bag of hurts all over but getting better every day. I ran across a cane in a coat closet a while back and thought to myself that might be a good thing to have around “someday” and that came way sooner than I thought it would. The right side of my body took the blow, hurts waist to knee, but the left side now hurts from leaning on the darn cane. Glad I was in front of the car and no one could see me crawling on my hands and knees gathering up the mail I’d thrown around. Ibuprofen that has been here for at least 5 years is my new friend.

    1. Ouch, Teri! I’m so sorry you got hurt! I hope you get better soon. Does alternating heat and cold help? The ibuprofen definately should help. Sending you get well wishes.

      1. Thanks so much Laura! I usually heal pretty quickly and this cane if NOT good for my image (of myself lol)

    2. Teri, I am so sorry to hear that you fell! You have been such a good friend to Brenda and you didn’t deserve that at all! I’m praying for a quick recovery!

      1. Thank you JoyceD!! I’m from good strong stock so I should be better in a few days. I used a therapy light a little bit ago and I really think it helped. I usually use it on the BF’s sore back, but I’m really glad I had it. My sister has one for her horses that must be extra strength lol.

        1. Feel better Teri. You are a great lady for all you have done. Thank you. Prayers for a quick healing.

    3. Ewwww. Snow, ice, injuries and horses to care for……
      I’m hoping you have help or heal fast! Having had two horses💕 in MI in my younger years (60 y/o), I can remember knowing I had to go to the barn twice a day when I wasn’t feeling up to it. Yikes!!
      As you know you are so appreciated by this group. I hope you recover quickly. Sending good vibes your way🙌.

    4. Brenda, at first glance I thought the quilt was wallpaper, LOL!!! It makes that space extra special. Not only does it add a pop of color but warmth too. Would you please share your resource for the chair? Thank you for taking your readers along with you as you “pretty up” your space!

  14. I love the quilt on the wall. It really makes an impact statement. I am the queen of layering and propping. lol
    Kitties are SOOO very sweet. xo Diana

  15. I love this corner, Brenda! The colors and textures are perfect and warm and cozy.

    The sweet kitties look quite content.

    I’m with you – I don’t like vertical blinds or cords showing. I know once you get curtains up around the blinds, it will soften the look of the blinds and will be much better.

    One day at a time!

  16. 😊 Rooms, etc ,,,,,, are looking good Brenda! No rush to decorate immediately. Take your time. AND ,,,,,, be careful. With stools, ladders & tools!
    Eventually, we all know everything will be lovely!
    Oh ,,,,,, Ivy & Gracie are sleepy and so adorable!!! I missed seeing them.
    Wanted to mention your stove. So glad you have one now. There’s a lot you can do to make meals extra delicious! For instance. Like
    Roasting fresh veggies ,,,,,,, so delicious! 😋
    Enjoy your new spaces!!

  17. I love seeing your quilts come back. You have so many beautiful ones.

    Is that little Gracie? She is so grown up now.

    I agree, I don’t like vertical blinds. Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

  18. So far everything is looking great. I hope you are enjoying decorating a little at a time so you don’t overtire. As for the cords and chargers, All will be revealed in time. 😊😊😊

  19. I like the mix of boho and cottage! Definitely looks warm and cozy.
    By the way I have always loved the quilt with pinwheels with blue and white stripe sashing. Talk about cottage!!! That’s it! LOL
    Enjoy your Sunday. I appreciate the pictures of the kitties.

  20. Looks like the kitties are adjusting to the new place and finding special places to relax and nap. I like your boho vibe. Looks so good. I hate those vertical blinds too and I know you will figure a cute way to hang some drapes to hide them. Good luck.

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