Tuesday Morning Find: Boho Style Credenza

Raise your hand if you have more than enough storage in your home to fill your needs.

I never seem to have enough storage for items in my kitchen since I don’t use the kitchen drawers. They’re nailed shut because they won’t hang right.

And in this apartment there is no pantry, no hall closet and no linen closet. So I rely on stand alone furniture to provide storage space for my things.

So now my kitchen dish towels and cloth napkins are in this piece of furniture. Before they were stored in a cupboard in my bedroom.

No, I didn’t lift it myself. I believe I’ve learned my lesson about that kind of thing.

The guy at Tuesday Morning put it in my car and I paid the maintenance guy here to bring it inside.

I’m not sure what this piece of furniture is actually called. So I’m calling it a credenza.

It fits right in with everything in my living room. I like the sanded and unpainted look of it. The natural smooth surface lends a bit of character I think.

You could also use it as a night stand if you needed one. Or you could use it in most any room where you need drawers for storage.

It would also work great in a sewing room to store fabric and notions and such.

Oh, the things I find at Tuesday Morning! I just love that store. It’s seldom busy and I like to stroll the aisles at least once a month just to see what’s new.

I look around my apartment and can count the beloved items I’ve discovered at Tuesday Morning and just had to bring home with me.

I decided to change up the look on top of it just for kicks. Here’s another version of how I decorated it. I just changed up the elements on top of it slightly.

I switched paintings that I leaned against the wall. And I switched out the vintage blue bottles for a terra cotta pot with a candle in it.

I brought my snake plant over to set to the side of the credenza.

On top, if you can see the red and white checks, is a place mat just added for fun.

As you probably already know, caned furniture is all the rage in decorating right now. Particularly for its boho and textured style.



  1. That’s a great piece of furniture. And, yes, I’ve been seeing cane all over, everywhere. We found an old vintage oak desk on the side of the road that simply needed some “fixing up”… just a bit of glue and clamping and it was back together. I opted to leave the wood plain… just added some tongue oil. I like the raw wood finish also. Thank you for sharing your tips!

  2. Lovely piece and complements your space perfectly. I love the whole scene with art, plants, books and accessories. It exactly says “cozy little house”!

  3. The lament of women the world over – NEVER enough storage! I am beginning wonder what would happen if I cleaned out one of my closets that is currently holding excess bedding, pillows, and clothes I haven’t worn since I retired 6 years ago. Would the items suddenly decide to disappear? Maybe with a little help – especially the never to be used again still wearable functional work suits and clothing. And why am I still holding on to too small comforters in colors that have not been popular since the 1980s? And lace valances and various single pairs of curtains that fit – NOWHERE – in this house? And a pink satin bedspread stashed in a hope chest purchased in 1968 when teenaged girls still bought such things. In the basement. Geez Louise!

    1. This is what I have been working on for along time. Now I wonder what ever was the reason that I bought most of these things. I keep an extra trash can in my garage and throw away things when I leave and come back, for some reason that has made it easier to do. If the things are not useful to me then I do not want to pass them on to anyone. Having a garage sale is too much work for too little gain.

  4. I love the credenza! It looks very nice in your apartment! I really wish you didn’t have to pay the maintenance man for everything you need him to do!

  5. I LOVE beautiful furniture that doubles as storage and gives you an other surface to decorate! Great find!

  6. Hi Brenda, I don’t comment often but I want you to know how much I appreciate your sense of style. I guess more importantly your life style. I follow a few bloggers but seldom do I learn anything of real importance. So far from you I have: a Japanese maple in a pot on my patio, a subscription to BritBox and Acorn TV, rooms filled with beautiful indoor plants, piano music playing in the background, food in my freezer from Trader Joe’s, etc, etc. I love your decorating style although it’s different than mine. I love this new piece from Tuesday Morning.
    I just wanted to let you know how much you’ve added to my life. I sincerely appreciate you.

  7. That is a great find and very practical. We too use pieces for storage as our house doesn’t have many closets. Your snake plant is so pretty.

  8. I love it Brenda, that type of furniture always reminds me of the beach.
    We are already planning a trip over the border from Canada to Buffalo when the border reopens. We used to go twice a year to stock up on vegan food from Wegmans because we particularly like the Quorn products which I have never seen in Canada, and I do believe that there is a Tuesday Morning in Buffalo so I will most certainly be looking that up.

  9. It looks perfect with the other things in the room. I really like it.

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