I have purchased a new mirror to be the focal point for the living room. It got tacked on the wall just above the boho quilt behind my couch.

Here’s how I found it. Yesterday I was online browsing the Hobby Lobby website. I clicked around on decor and happened upon mirrors.

As soon as I saw it, I thought: I wonder what a mirror would look like above the couch over the boho quilt?

In New Mirror Focal Point For The Living Room, this is it

I Knew This Was The One:

And when I saw this particular mirror, I immediately knew it was the one.

I didn’t know if Hobby Lobby carried it in their store, but it’s just a short drive so I went over to look.

I walked to the mirrors and the very first thing I saw was this mirror. And I snapped it up. I immediately knew it would work because it’s very lightweight.

Also, I knew that it would fit right in with the boho look and add texture to the setting.

Ivy standing on the back of the couch where the boho quilt and new mirror went

Half-Price Mirror Sale:

I figured I would never find something else I liked better. And probably not for the price of $59.99. The original price was $119.99.

When I see something and immediately feel in my heart that it’s the one, I tend to grab it. Because too many times I’ve lost out on items I didn’t get.

And then when I changed my mind, what I didn’t buy was gone when I went back.

Ivy seems to like the new mirror.

But then Ivy saw a patch of light on the wall and off she went on a new adventure.

Ivy's switched her attention to a shadow on the wall

I was in and out of Hobby Lobby in less than 10 minutes. Which is great this time of year with all the shoppers milling around just weeks before Christmas.

In New Mirror Focal Point For The Living Room, it reflects the wall across from it with farmhouse wall decor

This Boho Quilt Just Needed Something More:

Ever since I put this quilt above the couch, I felt that it needed a smaller focal point inside the perimeters of the quilt. I think this mirror achieves that.

A view of my living room with the new mirror

Of course, a mirror is always a good bet in a small space home. It makes the room seem larger with the reflection in the glass.

And oddly enough, I only have one other mirror hanging in my apartment. Which is the one in the bathroom.

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  1. What a great idea!
    I love your mirror over the sofa & wall hanging!
    By the way, I am almost ready for a new kitty, & I want one that looks just like Ivy!
    I love her & she is stunning in your photos! I am looking at rescues, for a cat about 3 years old. I don’t want to go through the kitten phase. My recently passed kitty was great friends with my little Shihpoo dog, & I sure wish I could find a cat that would interact with him too. I cant remember,
    do Ivy & Charlie interact?

  2. The mirror is a great addition. I wish I had even an 1/8 of your talent and flair.
    I’ve always liked HL, but refuse to give them any more of my money. Once in a while I know that my search for something would over if I were to shop there. However, that would defeat the purpose of my boycott so I keep searching.

    1. Put a nail above the quilt and hung it with jute. There was a saw toothed hanger on the back of the mirror. Just looped the jute around that a few times.

  3. We don’t have a quilt hanging but we do have a painting from Hawaii that is on fabric. We hung a curtain rod above our bed and used clip rings to hang it. We love the look!

  4. The mirror looks great..and your whole place looks like “Comfort City”…your furbabies are lucky to have such a warm and comfortable perch. Ivy is a little mess..lol It was in thirties today with rain and I had to be out in it for an appointment..and I thought well at least my doggies are at home safe and warm. Have a great Christmas Season. Thanks for sharing all your decor talent. :0)

      1. I want to hang a quilt on the wall and I am so glad to hear that you attached it to the wall with thumb tacks because that’s what I thought to use, but I thought I would check online to see what others used. I was shocked to see that people used these elaborate methods that were very expensive or involved using a sewing machine to make a sleeve to put a bar through. I don’ have a sewing machine ! Now I will use the old thumb tact method ! Thanks !

        1. Years ago I made some of those “sleeves” out of muslin and sewed them to the back of the quilt to hang them. If the quilt isn’t very heavy, you can just use thumb tacks.

  5. I love the mirror and you have the perfect spot for it. Your home is such a “comfortable” place. Just seeing the pictures makes it a welcome place. Your fur babies complete it. I admire you being able to look at something and immediately know if it’s the right thing and where to use it. I look forward to your post each day.

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