New & Notable Mentions 1/14/23

This week at New & Notable Mentions 1/14/23…

In New & Notable Mentions 1/14/23, this is the graphic I created of some of the links

Check out ways to stay active this winter.

Winter Decor In The Living Room:

This is how Leslie at My 100 Year Old Home decorated her home after all the Christmas finery was taken down and stored away till next year.


Check out this house tour that has a major refresh created by keeping a bit of old and adding a colorful new edge.

In-Kitchen Dining:

This eat-in kitchen is at The Gardener’s Cottage blog.

I’ve always had an affinity for eat-in kitchen dining. When I think about eat-in kitchen dining, I immediately think of my great-grandma’s house.

Cottage Style Living Space In Laurel Canyon:

This living space in Heather Taylor’s home grabbed me as soon as I saw the furniture arrangement and that red and beige checked sofa. Heather is a textile and home goods designer.


6 home trends that make your home more accessible for the disabled.

Pottery Barn Shelf Mantel Hack:

Bless This Nest has a Pottery Barn mantel she DIYed out of a shelf.


If you’re cooking for one, as I am, I found a cooking blog that creates recipes for one. It’s called Solo Spoon.


15 best non-alcoholic drinks for sober celebrations.

How To Make A DIY Winter Terrarium:

The blogger at Soap Deli News created this lovely winter terrarium.


Here’s an interesting article about hoarding and other post-pandemic oddities.

Vintage Inspired Valentine Candy Box Recycle:

Pam at House Of Hawthornes always manages to come up with clever new ideas. I love this candy box top that she redid to give it instant vintage charm.


Here is frugal advice that never gets old – 47 tips from our grandparents’ era.

Crispy Pan Seared Salmon With Avocado Salsa

Ashlea at All The Healthy Things created this Crispy Pan Seared Salmon With Avocado Salsa.


Like rice pudding? I haven’t had rice pudding in ages. But Emma from “A Beautiful Mess” has a recipe for rice pudding that needs only six ingredients.

Black Bean Salad:

Meggan over at Culinary Hill created this healthy and filling Black Bean Salad.

This easy salad combines fresh, frozen, and canned ingredients. It’s budget-friendly and only takes 20 minutes to make.


21 pink cocktails for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries:

I love chocolate covered strawberries. The blogger at Healthy Recipes Blog made this decadent dessert.


Read Week 1 of Mavis Butterfield’s $100 a month grocery budget. Not surprisingly, her blog is called One Hundred Dollars A Month. She has fantastic ideas.

Perfectly Ordinary People:

In “Perfectly Ordinary People”, Ruth’s childhood was a happy one, and her family―on her mother’s side―large and loving.

But her father’s French origins have always remained a mystery. Now, with aged relatives beginning to die, Ruth decides to research her father’s family before it’s too late.

When she discovers a series of long-lost cassettes, everything she thought she knew about them shatters.

The tapes expose an unimaginable truth – an epic wartime story of hidden love and sacrifice, stretching back to occupied France.

These long-buried confessions will rock Ruth’s family―and finally piece together the puzzle of her father’s heritage.

But are any of them ready for the truth?

A Light In The Forest:

In “A Light In The Forest,” Vega Jones escapes an abusive relationship with nothing but her two-month-old baby and the van she grew up in.

Her destination is a small Ohio town her late vagabond mother left years ago.

It’s one full of nobodies, her mother warned. That makes it the ideal refuge for Vega to lie low, feel safe, and maybe learn more about a past her mother never spoke of.

Vega warms to the town and to new acquaintances like Heff, the young deputy and artist who prefers his yard art to actual policing. And empathetic Eve, a local farmer whose near-death experience gave her more than just her life back.

But even in this welcoming community, there’s an undercurrent of something unsettled, talk of a tragedy that unfolded in the woods years ago, and a mystery connected to Vega in ways she couldn’t have anticipated.

As a mother on the run and following a path of mounting risks and illuminating secrets, Vega discovers that even during the darkest of times, there’s light in unexpected places.


Check out seed starting for beginners if you want to cut down on gardening costs this summer.

In New & Notable Mentions 1/14/23, this is a quote I added about self-care

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  1. I’ve been following Janet at A Gardener’s Cottage for a few years. Her home and landscaping are gorgeous. She rarely posts anymore though.

    I like the sage green accents that are used in the living room of My 100 Year Old Home.

  2. I checked out the Major Refresh house to see how color was used. I had to laugh when I read that the couple whose home was “refreshed” were empty nesters and decided to buy a 4,500 square foot home in Montreal rather than a condo. Empty nesters in a 4,500 square foot home – boggles my mind. There is a photo of a dog sitting on a comfy looking curved sofa, I think that may be the dog’s own room. I’ll take the house with the fireplace flanked by filled bookcases and the red and beige checked sofa with all the cushions, looks good enough to stretch out on and take a nice nap.

  3. Thanks for all the lovely reads, I spent hours looking at it. Loved the simple recipes and strawberry recipe, even I can do that! Enjoyed Mavis Butterfield and loved the quote at the end. Have a good evening!

  4. What a wonderful post!!! I’ve been running down delightful “rabbit trails” for the last couple hours, thank you!

  5. ALL of these posts look interesting! I can’t wait to read them. Thank you. I think I’m going to start with the chocolate covered strawberries, lol! I thought that quote at the end was really interesting. I love positive quotes!

  6. Thanks for all these ideas! I downloaded both the books to my Kindle FREE, and I plan to check out the cooking for one blog, signed up for her emails. Great post today Brenda!

  7. I really enjoy the New and Notable Mentions. Like Wendy said, I too like looking in the houses. I especially liked the Pottery Barn shelf mantel hack!
    The books you mentioned sound very interesting!

  8. I just love ‘New and Notables’, thank you Brenda, I am sure it takes you a lot of time to put this together so I do appreciate it. There is so much I like about it this week, I love looking inside houses, the wall paper in one house stood out to me, it was beautiful, alas my two bathrooms are too small for such a dramatic paper. The black and white kitchen floor in another shot was something I would love to have in my kitchen, I have a tiled floor and it would seem bad to get that up when it is perfectly serviceable, but its fun to take a look at ideas from other peoples homes. I took a peek at how to stay active this winter, I have recently got back on the treadmill, I can’t say I enjoy it but its a necessary evil as one ages. It would be better to take a walk outside but I am always afraid I might fall over on a patch of ice (if there’s one I will find it) .

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