1. That picture of Ivy is so pretty! It really shows off her fur pattern. She is so beautiful! The book, Without a Trace sounds interesting. It does make you wonder what someone might do, given that opportunity. I liked the article about the things a professional organizer said you could get rid of right away. I’m definately guilty of the leftover storage bins, too many glasses, and expired makeup. Maybe I’ll work on some of that this week. I liked the quote. I love any inspirational quote. I like to stay positive, and inspirational quotes is a good way to remind me of that, and to always be thankful. Brenda, this is totally off subject, but can you do a post with advice about potty training and house training puppies? Did you have to do that with any of your dogs or did you get them already trained?

  2. I reluctantly started taking down and packing away the Christmas decorations yesterday. The tree is still up, I’ll begin taking the ornaments off today and trying to keep things organized and correctly labeled so I can find what I’m looking for next Christmas. I’m reluctant to let the holidays go. I’ve been pondering post-Christmas decor and spend time looking online to see what other people do, so I always appreciate links. I’m not a minimalist, especially in the cold Wisconsin winters when I add layer on top of layer of color and textures over black/cream/white basics. I used red accents out this year, so I’ll keep them out and add a few more, plus switch up the framed “art” to less Christmas-y subjects.

  3. I just found this Saturday blog on another email of mine! I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. Have taken note of the two books mentioned here. There is so much of interest I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it. Love the picture of Ivy.

  4. A few years back, I came across an article about Japanese “jouhatsu”. “That’s the Japanese word for ‘evaporation’, but it also refers to people who vanish on purpose into thin air, and continue to conceal their whereabouts – potentially for years, even decades.” I’ve read several accounts of people who chose to escape their lives, and why. It’s beyond fascinating. In Japan, there is an entire industry that helps people escape their lives, and become someone else. I wonder if Danielle Steele found inspiration from the accounts of these people’s lives?

  5. I’ve noticed a lot of winter decorating is just all neutrals. I like neutrals, but not when an entire house is done that way. Too bland and boring for me. I need pops of cheerful color, especially in winter.

    I love cabbage, but I can’t eat too much of it at one time (causes digestion problems for me). It’s good for you. So is sauerkraut, which I also like.

  6. So many wonderful and beautiful ideas!
    I love your book reviews, Brenda. This week I’ve been forcing myself to read a handful of pages from a book and trying to embrace a past love – the love of reading. I’m determined because I’ve been missing it more and more. Keep those reviews coming! 🙂

  7. Lots of variety here…much enjoyed it. Interesting that story of the woman who quit her job to become a baker. Life can hold some very unexpected happiness. One job I had part-time when my kids were at home, was in fabrics dept of the old Payless (a defunct company now). Must say I REALLY had fun with a lot of parts of that job and actually sometimes looked forward to going to work!!

  8. Thank you for the great and varied links to explore. I’ve been enjoying your book reviews. It’s nice to have new to me authors to read.

  9. Great post today. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing Brenda.

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