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  1. Great post Brenda…thanks for sharing!! I will come back later when more time, in order to click on a lot of the links and read!!

  2. This was so much fun – love the post! The food links sure caught my eye – lol!
    Loved seeing baby Ivy – she surely is a pretty cat!
    Have a happy weekend and hope you get some rain!

  3. Your mantle decorations are so pretty. Definitely will be visiting some of those links you put up, I want to see how people are decorating for autumn, etc. – there are always such beautiful and clever things to see – and get my mind off my own house issues. So you’re in for another bought of broiling weather, UGH! It’s been very humid (high dew points) here in SE Wisconsin and we’re expecting more rain – maybe. The forecasts have been all over the place for rain today, tonight, overnight or tomorrow, or maybe not at all. I’m an early riser and went to the supermarket early before it got too hot and sticky outside, then spent many hours (with many breaks in-between) continuing to clean up water in my basement from a rain storm a week ago that I didn’t discover until yesterday when I went to the basement to do laundry. I will not repeat here the words that came out of my mouth. Evidently the sump pump didn’t do its job. Nothing like wet carpeting starting to stink in the basement, and wood furniture sitting on it for several days and I was unaware. I will sleep for a week when all this is over, including today cleaning out parts of the garage, rearranging shelving units and scaring mice away. Yesterday it took, me, one of my sisters and a very strong teenaged great-niece to move a large sopping wet area rug (thankfully it was rolled and taped and the tape held) up the basement stairs and out to the concrete patio where I got it unrolled and dried out under the sun and a good breeze, despite the high humidity. The garage is now the new home for that rug. I rolled it up in plastic today – nothing like kneeling on concrete – and managed by myself to get it up on and shove/heave it across the shelves of three shelf units next to each other (the rug was lighter when dry, for sure.) Can’t trust that rec room area in the basement as a place to stash things any longer until I get a new sump pump. More work tomorrow continuing to clean out the garage, which really needed/needs it, unless it is storming out, and continuing to address the issues in the basement. It’s really true – a woman’s work is NEVER DONE!

    1. Jan, I am so sorry to hear about your flood. It happened to us last year and we found it 3 weeks later. When our daughter lived in the Pacific Northwest the plastic water pipe to the ice maker slowly leaked under the floor in her rental. Both were huge, moldy clean ups. Glad you have some help. Rest when you can.

  4. I love these fun posts Brenda! I’m glad I suggested the food posts to u bc I did find one blog that I haven’t looked at in along time. Cute post with the Halloween costume’s for cats and dogs! Lol

    1. I should say with the exception of one bunny in a Halloween costume too! Lol
      One dog had a smile on his face while some cats and dogs from the expression on their face , they were totally not happy!

        1. Ha! Can you imagine what Ivy would think being all dressed up in a costume! Talk about getting the stink eye! Lol! 😂 My aunt dressed up her dogs. They didn’t seen to mind though. I just can’t imagine Ivy being happy about it. What do you think? You know her best.

  5. Enjoyed the gf apple
    recipe. We eat gf in the home due to my daughter having a wheat allergy. It is just easier to cook gf and avoid contamination for her.

    I totally missed
    the hobby link so much go back and find it. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I really like the New and Notable Mentions post! So many wonderful things to see.

  7. What a delightful and fun post today, Brenda. So much terrific information. I am a huge fan of hobbies so I enjoyed reading the blogger’s post about getting more out of our hobbies. When I was a young newlywed one of my older neighbors instilled in me how important hobbies were and how much more important they would be as I got older. I beat that drum on a regular basis! Reading, enjoying good movies, puzzle making, sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting, etc. Thank you so much for sharing the link to her blog post, Brenda.
    Today I plan to spend the day doing something that will make my heart smile. I know you’ll be doing the same thing. Enjoy your day, Brenda!

    1. In my thirties, I recall loving to put puzzles together. Ivy would have a field day with the pieces, wouldn’t she?

  8. Hi Brenda, I like the New and Notable Mentions post. Found some good recipes to print out to prepare next week. Of course, I had to look at the link for pets dressed up for Halloween! Thanks for the links.

  9. Oh those are a lot of great posts to check out. Thank you for the recommendations. It’s amazing how little Ivy was. She has melted your heart from the beginning, hasn’t she? It’s raining here, so I’m not inspired to go anywhere. It’ll probably be a binge watching day for me. Still going strong with Heartland. In between episodes, I suppose I’ll try to get some laundry done, lol! Enjoy your Saturday!

  10. Nice post, I will enjoy reading more later when my chores are finished. Hope you are doing well today. Fall is on its way. Our cars wires were eaten by mice. Car manufacturers are wrapping wires with a soy based material. Yum, yum for the mice. Insurance doesn’t pay for the damages. I love the layout of your living room either way you have it configured. I am glad you moved the sofa to have more room for now. There were no cashiers at Walmart yesterday. My Dad said he saw on tv Wegmens will no longer have self checkout, they are getting ripped off so bad. And the states where they don’t allow grocery stores to use plastic are saying people are using the hand baskets and that they are disappearing and the stores aren’t ordering more. What a world we live in. Thank goodness even if we didn’t have much in our childhoods we didn’t have this craziness. Have a nice weekend.

    1. That’s a stupid idea when it comes to the manufacturers. But who knows what they’re thinking. The cheapest thing possible probably.

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