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  1. hi I hope this pops up for you to see. as it is now May 20th and this e mail is from the start of May. I have not received your posts since this one. I’m upset as I enjoy looking/reading 6your stuff. I was wondering why and if we can fix it. Thank you so much

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  3. Love all these decorating links…wow, that dresser is gorgeous. I’m going to send to my mom, as she does furniture makeovers, too. The chicken enchiladas look really yummy. I like the slightly different take on them with the lime marinade. Pinned the recipe for future use. I’m just finishing up Maggie Smith’s memoir that you featured. It’s a really good read; she’s a fantastic writer.

  4. Oops don’t know what I did, lol
    Another new and notable post I have enjoyed, thank you!
    Wendy C – Bribie Island,Oz

    P.s. sorry about the goof post 😉

  5. Lots to enjoy here! I really like that magnolia dresser and already put the Maggie Smith book on reserve at my library. I too thought of the great actress from Downton Abby! Lol!

  6. Lots of interesting articles and info in this post, Brenda. I have to come back to it to partake of as much as I’d like. Thanks for your research!

  7. Wow, that magnolia dresser is beautiful. I’d love to have a featured piece like that!

  8. I have to laugh… when I saw the memoir from Maggie Smith, my mind immediately went to the actress who played in Downton Abbey and Harry Potter, lol! I actually had to Google the name and saw there’s an actress and a poet with these same name. The cabin book sounds scary but intriguing, lol! Any chance you can read it and do a book review for us? You found some interesting articles this week. I’m curious to know how much protien I should be getting.

  9. Another fabulous New and Notable post, Brenda. Thank you for working so hard to share so much.
    I love the Thomas Moore quote at the end of your post!
    Have a fabulous day.

  10. Jarret Yoshida – wowsers! That’s the kind of series I would love to see on TV, restoring a 160 year old Boston brownstone and taking care of 40 stray cats that were living in the dilapidated place. So impressive, the dedication, care and love he and his partner put into the building and the lessons caring for the cats taught him.

  11. Always a good post! I may try a new enchilada recipe:-) The article/book about Succession Planting interests me. Thank you. I want to be better at having a succession planted garden (my beds are flowers not vegetables) from early spring through late fall! Maggie Smith’s memoir looks like a good read to me.

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