1. Hi Brenda, I have followed you for years. You once featured my craft room when you did your weekly blog party. I have lived in a small condo and recently I moved to a much smaller apartment, 950 sq. feet. My blog is Karie’s Chic Creations. I hope you will take a look at my blog. I would be very honored to be featured on your blog. I check your blog every day. I have seldom commented. The way you have accepted your small living” has helped me to accept my life in a small apartment. karieschiccreations.blogspot.com

  2. Goodmorning Brenda, I have not been receiving your blog enteries since the twenty first of this month. I googled your blog name to see if perhaps you had not had a recent entry for some reason. I found you had as usual entries tht I had missed. I can resubscribe but I wonder if there are others out there having difficulty and missing your enteries as well? I have read the last five days and caught up this mornng. So glad you are there as usual and all is well. I have missed you!

  3. Can’t wait to see your redo. That is great you have someone experienced to hire that you know and trust..your daughter. :8) yay. Things are so crazy now..I would be afraid if lived alone to hire someone.. I bet it will look fabulous…!! That sure is a cute baby pic of your Ivy..she is a little mess. lol You reminded me I should get an appointment for a skin check, also. Hope the update goes well for you both.

  4. Brenda I don’t have ur e-mail.
    I’m Ruth-Ann @ Freedom Cottage
    Can you send it to me, please??

  5. It’ll be great to see your kitchen re-do. I hope you can figure out a way to keep Ivy off the counters. Monkey rarely goes on my kitchen counters, but Clementine does quite often.

  6. The pictures of your babies are always so cute and Ivy is so expressive. I share them with my husband and he says they certainly do look loved. I ditto that. We have 2 dogs and 3 cats — all are recuses., and they are a source of love and entertainment to us. Thanks for sharing all that you do.

  7. Glad your kitchen project is beginning. I think the plastic drop cloth taped securely to the upper counters and down over the counters is a great idea. Can you shut Ivy in the bedroom with you at night as an added precaution? Or would she keep you awake all night trying to get out? Do protect those counters, though. It would be such a bummer to have little paw prints in that paint material. Plus, it wouldn’t be good for Ivy to have it on her feet.

    Gee, if anything under 1500sq.ft. is considered a small house then mine at 1200 sq.ft. qualifies. I’ve always felt it was cramped–especially for four people as it is now occupied and was when my ex-husband and two girls were living here. Of course we have the full basement so that helps with storage and such. (I should say it helps with clutter!)

    It’s nice your daughter is doing the painting for you. Hope all goes smoothly with the re-do. Can’t wait to hear how the counter resurfacing goes.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of your new kitchen! I love it when you redecorate!

  9. Sounds so great that your daughter is coming and will start painting. Then you can move onto the counters. I did not think about Ivy until I saw the other comments. Maybe you can pick up some plastic drop clothes a the Home Depot and tap them to the cabinet and down past the counters so she cannot get up on the counters. I bet her curiosity will make her want to go up there. The smell though may keep her away. Good Luck.

  10. I agree with the other ladies about the kitchen counters. BLOCK them off. Our little Norah who only cackles never gets on the counters or the table EXCEPT at night when we are sleeping. They are little scamps. Can’t wait to see it done.

  11. Good afternoon. Speaking from experience, don’t underestimate Ivy’s ability to walk across tacky counters. If there’s any way to block off the kitchen, I’d do it. I think cats are naturally drawn to exploring chemical smells, at least mine were. Good luck.

  12. Too bad somebody hasn’t invented a machine that would automatically follow a cat around and swat it on its tail every time its paws get into something they’re not supposed to and say “Naughty kitty! Naughty!” LOL! What qualifies as a small house?

  13. Hi Brenda, I just moved from a 425sf guest cottage to 500sf Sr Housing. I moved in 9 days ago & im all decorated except for the curtain rods & curtains up.
    I’m loving it!! I’ed be honored to be featured on your blog!! Please come & visit me, Brenda!!

    1. I tried to find you googling and could not. What is your URL? I don’t have your email. Please email me, okay?

  14. If she thinks it is a naughty thing to do she may find a way to get up on those counter tops. Cats seem to have a knack for that. Glad you are getting things started. I had skin cancer five years ago so I go to the dermatologist once a year to be tested. So far so good since the one I had. xo Laura

  15. Eileen makes a good point. I’m guessing curiosity about what’s being done to the counters and cabinets will have Ivy jumping up to explore. If it’s possible to barricade the kitchen space or keep her in a back room during the painting process and a portion of that 48 hour cure time, I’d do it. Better safe than sorry.

  16. I think your biggest chore will be keeping your sweetie, Ivy, off those counter tops. Good luck with that!!! I love her expressions!! And of course, your little love, Charlie. Can’t leave him out. He’s such a darling.

    1. So far I’ve never seen her get on the counter tops. But there’s always a chance she will. One just never knows with Ivy.

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