Recent Purchases I’ve Rated

I got a really good deal on 3 Quick Dri Textured bath towels from JC Penneys a few weeks ago. The price has gone back up now, but they are really soft towels. And the best part for me, as I don’t have a dryer, is that they dry quickly.

Good Deal On Towels:

I paid $4.89 each for three towels. The regular price is back up to $14. But if you use their code you can get them for $10.50 each. So I got a really good price.

I have been using JC Penneys Quick Dri Textured bath towels ever since I moved to this apartment.

Right after I moved in I bought my LG European style washer. I bought 4 of their towels at the time and have used them exclusively ever since. One of you recommended them to me.

These last 3 towels are much softer after washing and allowing to dry than the first 4.

I give them a 5 star rating out of 5 possible stars.

There weren’t a lot of color choices left when I placed my order. I ordered my 3 towels in earthy colors.

IPad Pro:

This month I ordered the new Apple iPad Pro and absolutely love it. It has a 12.9-inch screen and 256GB.

I am giving you the links for your convenience in case you want to check them out. I don’t make any money off of these recommendations.

Those of you who use Apple products and have the iPad encouraged me to get one, and I decided to take you up on it.

I give this iPad a 5 star rating.

Greenland Home Andorra Throw:

In July I purchased this throw that I currently have on the back of my couch. It is the Greenland Home Andorra throw and the colors work so well in my home.

Some of you mentioned interest in this throw which is why I’m giving you the link today.

I give this throw a 5 star rating.

Here it is on the back of my couch.

So those are some of things I’ve purchased lately that I’ve been very pleased with.

When I shop online I rarely buy a product that doesn’t have a four and a half or five star rating from other customers.

I always, always read the reviews before I make a purchase.


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  1. I did not love the ads but I know they are necessary to support your blog. I’ll put up with them to enjoy your posts. I feel like when I read your blog it’s like a conversation and since I live in self imposed isolation due to the pandemic I am hungry for conversation. Thanks for being there

  2. Brenda~
    I agree, the ads are intrusive and ever so very distracting!
    As mentioned before, they are huge!
    I pay for a Ad Blocker so i can read in peace, savoring each detail from the writer.
    So, until there are no more ads, i’ll refrain from visiting your delightful blog.
    Thanks for so many years..from the beginning until now.

  3. Those towels from Penney’s are the only ones I also use. I think I own every color except white. Love them. Have not had to buy any in a couple years so they last very well and remain soft. I cannot stand microfiber towels. I don’t have any issue on your blog with ads popping up.

  4. Hi Brenda – thanks for the recommendations. Love the quilt. However, may I ask why all these pop up ads? It’s hard to read your post with these incredibly intrusive pop ups. Never saw this on your wonderful blog until this week.
    If you’ve addressed this already, I’m sorry I haven’t seen it.

    1. I talked to my ad network yesterday about reducing the ads. They recommended the ones you see. I didn’t know what they would look like. I’ll talk to them again. I haven’t made any changes to the ads before yesterday, so not sure why you’re suddenly seeing what you’re seeing this past week.

        1. The ads are huge – covering almost a third of the screen on my laptop. They follow each paragraph. I wouldn’t comment, and really don’t mind small ads, but these really interfere with the continuity of your narrative.
          Sorry, don’t like to sound like a complainer. Maybe it’s on my end. Just started this week. Thanks for your reply.
          Take care,

          1. I agree. I have 3 ad blockers on my computer and this is the only site I get ads on starting this week. I even switched from Chrome to Edge. I have to say that on the Edge browser I don’t see that annoying “next post” floater that took up half the page in Chrome.

  5. It is so hard to find a good absorbent towel, so when I find one I like and at a good price I buy several. I also don’t buy anything that doesn’t have a good review or star rating!

  6. I bought the throw as well! Perfect colors in my family room! Thanks for the recommendation! Love it! (I think of you every time i look at it! haha)

    1. I love the towels and appreciate the recommendation. I don’t use microfiber towels, I dislike the feel. They are supposed to be great for cleaning but I recently read they are made of plastic and every time you wash them they break down and go to the water ways. I use a cotton dish towel for my dishes. My husband likes to use a sponge. I almost purchased Swedish dish clothes on Amazon. I take everything I read with a grain of salt. Makes me laugh, some people will think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and others despise the same item. I love a good bargain and really miss going to flea markets. The huge flea market I went to for years closed. When I am in Florida I make an effort to stop and buy $6.00 beach dresses that I wear all summer in the house. Comfy!

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