The first order of the day was to do my morning stretching on my yoga mat and then head to senior hour at my grocery store.

I had to toss about $50 worth of food that had ruined during the power outage. Hurt me to think of all that food going to waste. But nothing could be done about it.

When I got to the grocery store I saw they were in the same shape. There was lots of emptiness because they too had to throw away ruined food yesterday.

I know their losses cost a whole lot more than mine did.

Anyway, I got groceries and headed down the road for gas. I like to get my errands done all at once so as not to waste gas or go out around people. There is a Kwik Trip where I sometimes get gas right down the road from my grocery store.

Now we seem to be in the midst of another storm. Please, please don’t knock my power out again. I’m crossing my fingers.

Look at the size of the cucumber I brought in the other day. It’s the biggest one yet.

Yesterday was very tiring. The worry of keeping Charlie from getting too hot. Worrying about Ivy here alone without air. When I got home she was in the front window staring at me through the screen.

Today I hope is just a calm relaxing day without any drama.

While at the flip house yesterday I did get to watch Kendra patch and fix dry wall.

The house is made of rock. So every time she goes to chip at the wall or doorway some of it crumbles off.

When I left she was trying to decide if it would be less costly to take all the trim around the doors and windows down and replace them. Or sand what is there.

She’s sure there’s something bad in the paint that’s on them because it gives her a migraine to sand them. Thank goodness she has that heavy duty mask contraption.

She has to pay the bank I think a thousand a month while she works on the house, so she tries to get it finished within 3-4 months if possible.

She had trouble ordering appliances due to the pandemic. She won’t have appliances for a couple of months.

She already has her chandelier. Isn’t it pretty? This is on the island at the house where she lives.

I love the black and white floor she chose for the existing bathroom.

I don’t know how she handles all that stress. Balancing a thousand here, a thousand there. All the time trying to make the house beautiful while at the same time keeping an eye on a profit for herself.

I sat and held Charlie and looked around me at the house in its current state. Just an old house that needs a lot of work.

I could not see her vision. But she sees it and in a few months time I will look at it in wonder I’m sure. Because she always comes up with a winner of a renovation.

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  1. We’ve lost food in a long power outage too, and so has our son. It was heartbreaking to throw food away…I remember Tim had a hard time doing that, too. But like you said, no choice. It has to be done.

    I’m glad someone commented about a battery operated fan. I didn’t know there was such a thing either. I’m going to see if Amazon has them.

    I love both the chandelier and the bathroom tile that your daughter chose.

  2. I have recently seen the BLAUX Portable AC unit on Amazon. It seems reasonably prices @ $50.00. Check it out!

  3. Brenda – check with your electric company to see of they have some type of claim you can file with them to replace the cost of your lost food. Some utilities do that for extended widespread outages,

  4. What an ordeal to lose all that food. You may want to invest in a couple of large insulated thermal zippered totes. We use them when shopping at a grocery store that’s an hour away. I keep the plastic cold packs in our freezer and place them in the bags before we leave home. Those bags will keep food cold and frozen for many hours. If your power goes out you could fill the bags with the most costly food items and salvage at least most of your food supply. They work really well.

  5. I LOVE your collection of cutting boards…. the one’s hanging up and the one’s on the counter top. You display your collections in a very pleasing way. Do you use the hanging cutting boards or are they decorative only? Thanks for sharing.

    1. There are a couple of small cutting boards that I use for every day. And I have a couple I use to hold hot food, since I don’t have a stove. They are not the ones hanging. But if I needed to use them I would.

  6. Brenda,
    Your daughter’s vision to renovate and choose such beautiful items for her houses, most likely comes from you.
    You must realize, that many of your readers look to you in admiration; the way you decorate your wonderful little apartment into a gem.
    Not to mention your gardening skills.
    Enjoy the cucumber!

  7. Brenda, I researched generators and I found this on Amazon. Rainier R4400DF duel fuel (gas & propane) portable generator electric start for $467.93. Reviews stated that it will run 2 refrigerators and a freezer amongst other things!

  8. I invested in two BATTERY OPERATED FANS (that can also be used with power cord too); 02COOL 10 inch Battery or Electric camping fan. Takes six D batteries (I get a case of the batteries to keep in the house as I also have a camping battery one burner stove AND I have three battery lamps. The FANS are a GODSEND during power outs in the south!!!

  9. Nice looking cucumber! Our cucumbers are the only crop in our small garden that has done really well this year. And they are lasting longer in the frig thanks to your suggestion to wrap them in plastic wrap!

    Your Kendra does amazing work! Impressive!

  10. Brenda, I think after your stressful day you should relax today! I will pray that you do not have another storm today. Your daughter is so talented! I thin the house is going to look fabulous!

  11. Your daughter can get herself a quick test kit to test for lead paint on the woodwork and I would also test the walls of the home – inside and outside. I’ve seen them used on home improvement shows on HGTV and DIY Network. Chances are in an older home built pre-1967 there will be lead paint, perhaps layers of it underneath more modern latex paint. The lead paint test sticks aren’t expensive and the kit is easy to use. Typically you break the stick, rub the stick on the paint and if it turns pink it has lead in it. You can test several areas around the house and then she could make her determination as to whether it would be cheaper to remediate the lead or just remove the trim with the lead paint and replace it. Remediation costs can quickly add up. She should not be messing around scrapping it from the walls or stripping it off without being dressed in one of those “space suit” type outfits with a full protection oxygen mask on! Kendra can breathe in lead particles just as easily as a child can and can carry them home on her clothing and in her hair, on her skin. I hope the power in your area stays on.

  12. Sorry you lost food in the power outage but the fact that Charlie and Ivy did ok more than makes up for that loss. Do you have renters insurance that might cover the loss or is the deductible higher?

    I remember as a kid during the “hot spells” of summer the adults saying the wished it would rain and cool things off. It NEVER cools off after a rain now.

    Kendra has a quite a talent. I cannot look at something in disrepair or disarray and visualize how to make it beautiful. Looking forward to the unveiling of this flip house!

    Hope you are able to relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

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