In this week’s new & notable mentions, I found an informative post suggesting Best Stories With A Female Lead by The Espresso Edition.

I’ve already ordered two of the books mentioned there, by the way. I’ll let you know what I think after I read them.

This blog showed how to decorate with vintage wooden pieces.

Here are 11 surprising ways to use your toaster oven.

And this blogger showed how she created a DIY cabinet makeover for her kitchen.

This blog showed how to choose an autumn color palette for your home.

Just Plain Crazy:

What on earth is wrong with these people?

Health Tip:

Stand up every 30 minutes while working.

I need to follow this. Because I get to doing something online and forget to get up and move around.

What I’m Enjoying At Home:

I’m truly enjoying this painting. And here is where I bought it if you want to check it out.

I stare into the depths of this painting and feel myself relax. It is such a restful work of art.

We all need more relaxation in our lives these days.

What I Watched On TV This Week:

Homeland: I am now in the seventh season of Homeland. It gets more suspenseful by the episode. You can get Season 7 here.

What I Finished Reading & What I’m Reading Now:

I finished reading “Right Behind You” by Lisa Gardner and started reading “What Have You Done” by Matthew Farrell.

Books I Want To Read:

Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult comes out November 30 – Diana O’Toole is perfectly on track. But then a virus that felt worlds away has appeared in the city.

In October John Grisham’s The Judge’s List comes out – Investigator Lacy Stoltz follows the trail of a serial killer and closes in on a shocking suspect—a sitting judge.

In September Liane Moriarty’s latest book, Apples Never Fall comes out – If your mother was missing, would you tell the police? Even if the most obvious suspect was your father?

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”  – Tony Robbins

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  1. Re: What on earth is wrong with these people: I’m hearing of more and more outrageous conduct on airplanes. It’s horrifying that being rude, vulgar, and disrespectful is so commonplace.
    Enjoy Homeland! I loved it! Have you seen Call The Midwife on Netflix? In my opinion, one of the best TV shows I’ve ever seen.

  2. I like these little tidbits, Brenda! I bookmarked that website, Vin’yet. She has a lot of interesting articles I’d like to look at.
    I use my toaster oven all the time. Much more than my regular oven, since it’s just the two of us.

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  3. I’m unsure if you watch movies as you generally write only about tv programs. However, I highly recommend the movie Maudie. It was recommended by another blogger I follow, and I watched it 3 times during the 48 hours it was rented (Amazon). It’s based upon the life of Maude Lewis, a folk artist. The scenery alone is worth it.

  4. I dislike the way that even the regular news programs have jumped on this “Karen used for name calling” bandwagon along with all of the snide twitter and facebook stuff.

  5. Brenda, thanks for the link for the toaster oven cooking. I have clicked around this site a bit this morning and really like what I see. I signed up for their emails and this couple really seem to have some good tips, recipes and fun!

  6. Appreciate the links for using toaster oven!! I LOVE ours…it is getting old now and we need to replace ere long. But it has been worth every single penny we paid for it (heh, Kmart was selling off the whole store so it cost only $40!!)

  7. I have a cabbage slicer and I’m going to put a plant on it. What a great idea!
    The world is getting crazier and crazier! People are becoming so selfish and demanding!

  8. I’ve just finished reading Ellery Adams’ ‘The Secret, Scone, and Book Society’ and I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it. A story of women, strength, friendship, and recovery. I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!

  9. Bad behavior on planes is getting worse or getting reported more than in the past. About 15 years ago our connecting flight was delayed (mechanical issue) so we were late catching our final fight home. The (same) airline held the plane for us but let me tell you, the evil and nasty looks we got when we boarded was very uncomfortable. It was announced to the already seated passengers the reason for the delay, which obviously was through no fault of our own. In today’s world, I am certain it would not just be evil and nasty looks. Hence why I can’t for the life of me understand why some people want to draw attention to themselves as this mother/daughter team did during an already tense situation of existing flight delay and further add to additional delays. My goodness, what will life be like if we all decide to become a bunch of heel-banging, bellicose whiners? I shudder to think.

  10. This “Karen” term seems a bit racist to me. So can we term all the black crazies, Jamekas, Tamekas, Tiagras, Shquitas….just saying. Can we all just act like we have a brain and get along…and stay off of planes if we can’t behave….crazy times in this world…. (I have a friend named Karen and she just doesn’t get sure)…!!!

      1. I do not know either how or I know it was not your idea..seems a common term now..but it truly is racist against white causcaisan females. Have a blessed week.

        1. I do not know either how or I know it was not your idea..seems a common term now..but it truly is racist against white caucaisan females. Have a blessed week.sp (need a spell check on that cau word)

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