Yeah, this has already been one of those days when everything seems to go wrong and it isn’t even noon.

I thought I had a physical therapy appointment, but I’d forgotten the time for it. So I called their office and seems it was for tomorrow.

Last night was one of the worst nights I’ve had in a very long time. My ankle hurt, my back hurt, and my whole body was just stiffened up so much I could hardly sleep.

The physical therapist’s office took mercy on me and told me to come in at 10 a.m., which I did. I took my walking boot because I was either doing something wrong. Or it was worn out. I’ve had it for about 8 years.

Holly worked on me and worked the knots out of my leg. And yes, I was doing the opposite of what I was supposed to do with the walking boot.

Instructions On The Walking Boot:

Somehow I got it into my head that you open the valve up, then pump it up. Then close the valve. I had it wrong.

The boot wasn’t worn out. I just had the process of pumping it up backward for some reason.

So I told Holly to schedule me for Thursday, as I’ve only been going in once per week and that just isn’t working. It’s the first of the year with a clean slate. Insurance allows me 12 visits a year.

I’ve refused to get an MRI because I’m waiting to get on Medicare on February 1. The weeks loom ahead and I’m determined to wait.

My ankle surgeon is wonderful and I just love him. He treats me more like a person and less like an aging patient. At another office, his wife does physical therapy for ankles.

Doctors & Bedside Manner:

I haven’t liked the bedside manner of many of the male doctors I’ve seen. The guy I went to for my hands barely even looked at my face. But then he had interns or whatever there to learn from watching him, so maybe he was distracted.

I’ve heard that he’s supposed to be very good.

The specialist before was who cut the cyst out of the inside of my mouth. And you may recall that the assistant dropped the probe thing and nearly shocked me out of the chair. And then there came a bout of trigeminal neuralgia within hours.

Before I even left this morning, I called the other physical therapist who works on my back. I need some help because limping is doing my back in.

But they said that you can’t see 2 physical therapists at once. Insurance won’t pay for it. And Holly only does therapy on ankles.

Next Up Was Errands:

After I saw Holly I went through the drive-thru at Walgreens to pick up a prescription.

Then I drove to Chicken Salad Chick and went in and ordered 2 meals for myself because it’s been difficult standing up to prepare food. And I don’t know if I have it in me later in the day or tomorrow.

Their chicken salad sandwiches are excellent and so is their potato soup. I got two orders of those.

Then as I was driving home, I thought, I’ll just stop at the grocery store and see if I can find a canned cat food that Ivy will eat. She’s apparently gone on a hunger strike.

At the moment she’s only eating cornbread and dry food. I’ll need to get more cornbread mix.

Ivy’s Picky Eating Habit:

I always buy the canned food that they seemed to like on the previous order, and suddenly Ivy hates it. Gracie seems to barely tolerate it.

Because I was hurting so much and not in my boot (I’m not supposed to drive with it on and I was in a hurry because of the restaurant food in the car), that I guess I just wasn’t thinking. I ended up buying the same canned cat food. Just in different packaging.

So Ivy probably isn’t going to like it, though it’s slightly different.

Apparently, Ivy has decided to hiss and groan and bat at Gracie full-time today. The kitten follows Ivy around and Ivy hates it.

I also picked up a gallon of sweet tea. Oh, how I love my glass of sweet tea. When you’re feeling bad, you need a little comfort. And sweet tea is mine.

I get to the front and the checkout line is longer than I know I can stand. So I go to the self-checkout. Everything got totaled up but it wouldn’t take my card. So the cashier led me to another machine, and that one worked.

More Things Going Wrong:

As I was pushing my cart out in the parking lot, the cat food fell out all over the road. I had to backtrack and pick up cat food between the store and my car.

Then I got in the car and see that one of the potato soup containers had poured out all over the other food in the plastic sack. At that point, I was on my last nerve.

I drove home and unlocked the door, and then I remember that containers of kitty litter are almost blocking my way in and out. They’re 20-pound containers that I ordered, dragged inside, and can’t seem to get any farther.

I nearly broke down then. But of course, I had all that potato soup to clean up. It was all over the sandwich containers. And quite the mess.

I got that quasi cleaned up and then poured myself a glass of sweet tea to try to wind down. Then I limped into the living room to my chair and here I am. I have a big ice pack on my back and am reclining in my chair. Gracie has hopped up here with me.

I don’t take pain pills; I take Tylenol Arthritis and I rarely take that. Over the weekend it seemed to do nothing. I got little sleep because I was so stiff with pain.

Moving Worries:

Just thinking about moving at this point seems overwhelming. I know I’ll have Teri to help and movers to move things. But I’m worried about my Sleep Number bed, which I’ve never had to put together myself. I’m hoping the movers know how to do it.

If there’s something to worry about, it seems that I’ve got everything that could possibly go wrong stuck in my head. And the morning I’ve had didn’t help any.

So what kind of day are you having?

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  1. My mom has a sleep number bed and she recently moved. They came out and set it up for her and there was no charge. I’d try calling the store where you got yours and check on their policy.

  2. I hope you have a much better day tomorrow and feel a lot better.
    Perhaps you can go online and download and print out instructions for putting together your bed to give to the movers, just in case. Put them in your purse or “ important stuff” box, so you know where they are when you move.

  3. Oh boy ((((BRENDA))))! Yours beats mine! On Sunday night I became aware that Monday was going to be a heavy snowstorm – in the morning; by afternoon, it would clear. Ok – so I called my friend Phyllis and rearranged the time. Then at 7:10 a.m. I am bolted out of bed by the phone ;- A friend of mine was having a medical issue he needed to call 911 for – but then – to get back from the hospital to where we live – a cab would be at least $50: Jeannee’s cheaper ;> So yeahhh I was up and out in the snowstorm, anyway – thank GOD for 4WD!

  4. Hi Brenda I’m so sorry to hear about your day. What an angel Teri is! If only I lived near I would help too. I know the last thing you need is more medical advice, But have you ever had blood work done? At least recently? Specifically your sed rate and C-reactive protein? Obviously we can’t tell exactly what your pain Is from just the written word but it does seem like it is excessive for the conditions you have. And the stiffness is concerning. A couple people touched on inflammation and they are right it sounds like you are horribly inflamed. But it might be more than just whether or not you are eating sugar. I would urge you to talk to your doctor about some bloodwork. But of course don’t add to your stress level right now. Just file that in the back of your mind. Hope tomorrow is a better day. ♥️

    1. They checked for autoimmune diseases and said that wasn’t it. But I have bloodwork at least twice per year per my doctor’s instructions.

      1. I agree with the specific blood tests mentioned above. They normally don’t do those on standard blood tests. You have to ask for them.

  5. Isn’t it something that everything always seems to go wrong at once? I hope you have a better day tomorrow. It must be the stress of moving. Maybe you can call Sleep Number Customer service in advance to see if they can send someone to help set it up?

    1. I know. If I do it’s $200 though. Trying not to pay that with all else I have to spend. And at tax time for the year too! But if have to that, I will.

  6. Oh my! It never rains but it pours … that’s how your day went. I do hope you’re rested now and feeling better physically and emotionally. Some days I just have to hunker down and wait for tomorrow to come. Hopefully your tomorrow will be a better day all around.

  7. So sorry you had such a bad day! Thank goodness you have your kitties to make you smile. I’ve enjoyed your updates on Gracie and Ivy. I brought home a rescue kitten (Cookie) a few days ago and I’m hopeful that my other kitten, Jinx (who is actually the brother of Cookie), will accept her. Keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome!

  8. I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, Brenda! I think the soup spilling would have made me angry too. Sometimes a good cry helps to relieve a lot of frustration and stress. That seems to help me anyway. My day has been ok. My daughter’s family left to go back home today, so the house is so quiet. I miss them already! I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

    1. How miserable, Brenda. Tomorrow will be better. I seem to have days like this if I try to do too much in one day. And I’m sure worrying about your move doesn’t help. It will be so nice once you are all moved in. Hugs , for better days !

  9. I HATE days like that! Pretty sure we all have them at one time or another ~
    I agree with Melanie about cutting out the sugar & using Stevia. And with Kathy about the cats picking up on your stress.
    Breathe deep & slow ~ this too shall pass.
    Hugs ~

      1. I highly recommend the brand, SweetLeaf. You should be able to get it anywhere. It’s organic stevia and doesn’t have erythritol in it, which a lot of other brands of stevia do. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol that causes digestive issues in a lot of people.

  10. Oh goodness, my friend! You’ve had quite a day and now I hope you can just settle into your chair and chill out. First of all, don’t worry about Ivy not eating. From the looks of her, I can assure you she’s not starving haha. She will eat what you have if she’s hungry and if that’s dry food, so be it. Mine pull that from time to time but they always eventually go back to eating the wet food. Don’t try to figure out a young healthy cat’s moods, she’s just got her panties in a bunch right now and she’ll get over it. As far as the bed goes, I’ve watched the video and we’ve got this, no problem. We’ll take it apart, the movers can move it, then we’ll reconnect all the hoses and cords. If it doesn’t work out that way I’ll help you make a pallet on the floor, JUST KIDDING. Moving is overwhelming but you have highly recommended movers and we’ll get through this. Promise!! I’ve sat on the couch reading a magazine while movers wrapped my Tupperware piece by piece (I’d have stuffed it all in a garbage bag lol), and that’s how easy this will be for you!!

    1. Teri,
      You are an angel for helping Brenda! Thank you!! If I lived close by, I’d be right there with you guys. Good luck with the move.

    2. If the pain would just let up, I think I could calm down. But it’s hard to think straight (getting the same cat food; no Ivy wouldn’t eat it) when the pain is that bad. I imagine Ivy is picking up on my stress. Got to try to let it go. Thank you so much, my friend, for all you’re doing. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift than the gift of help from you!

  11. Brenda,
    What a day!! It is like nothing goes right some days. That is when it is good to kick back, eat cinnamon toast, drink hot chocolate, read a good book, watch lots of good movies, sleep, and fix a yummy pizza from Trader Joe’s. That is the best defense. The spilled soup would have done it for me. Probably would have really been grumpy and in tears by then. But it passes and tomorrow is a new day.🏡

    1. I just watched a crazy goofy movie and that was what I needed. To lose myself in someone else’s life. I’m feeling better. I think I’m going to sleep in my chair tonight. I’ve done that before when my back has been bad. I rested in it for about an hour before the movie. I felt better then.

  12. Sorry you are having such a bad day. I hope you can relax and the the Doctors can get your pain under control. Unfortunately we all worry too much about what usually doesn’t even come to be. Enjoy your warm comfy home with those adorable kitties.

    1. And I know this! I know that most of what you worry about never comes true. It’s just hard to think about all the upheaval when I can’t seem to get the pain under control. I’ve got the boot situation sorted out, so I’m good there.

  13. I’m sorry you’ve had such a bad day. I have days like that, too…I’m sure we all do. But the good news is, the next day will be better!

    If you have a PetCo or PetSmart near you, go in there and get Ivy some “good” canned cat food for her to try. Weruva, Castor & Pollux, and Tiki are some names that come to mind. Read the labels and make sure they don’t have any by-products or carageenan in them. It is vital that cats have canned/wet food as they need the water and protein. Dry food alone just doesn’t do that for them and can lead to obesity and health problems. I would also suggest not to feed her cornbread, as people-food doesn’t give cats the nutrition they need, plus it is all carbs with the flour and sweeteners.

    I’m also concerned about you and your health…I know you like your sweet tea, but sugar is about the worst thing you can put in your body ~ it causes inflammation. And more inflammation is something you certainly don’t want or need right now! It could be one reason why your pain is acting up. You could always make your own iced tea and add organic stevia if you need the sweetness.

    Be well, Brenda. Tomorrow is a new day and will be brighter! 🙂

    1. And I thought about going to Petco or Petsmart. I probably should have gone there instead of the grocery store. I will order stevia or get it from Trader Joe’s. I didn’t equate sugar with inflammation.

      1. There is a ton of information out there about sugar and inflammation, all very interesting. Give it a google search! And inflammation is what causes disease in the body…cancer, bowel disease, heart disease, skin disorders, diabetes, arthritis, etc.

        I also highly recommend looking up Dr Mark Hyman…you can look at his website, listen to his podcasts, and/or follow him on social media. He’s a wealth of informative information on health and wellness. Here’s his about page:

  14. What a bad day. I hope you feel better soon. My dad has a sleep number bed and we have had to move him three times. It may cost ($150) but the third time we moved, his bed would just not work out right. So we called sleep number and made an appointment for the technician to come and fix his bed. It took some prodding on my part to get my dad to make the appointment but it was well worth it when he reported his sleep is much better.

    1. It’s not one of those beds that lift up. It was the cheapest one they had three years ago when I bought it. I called Sleep Number and asked how much it would be to have someone take it apart and then put it back together once moved if necessary. Two hundred each way. So $400. Teri says she can figure it out if need be.

  15. Oh No!!! I hate days like you’re having and I detest them so much. It’s definitely time to just sit with your glass of sweet tea. You know how much I love it, too.

  16. I hope your day gets better. As far as cat food it could be the by products in it. I had a cat that I actually had to look at the bottom of the can to make sure of the codes. The company told me about the different by products. It was a pain always trying to find the same codes & when I couldn’t find that code I would buy 1 can of each code & if he ate it I would go buy all the cans with that code. What we don’t do for are fur babies!

    1. I ordered canned food that has no byproducts earlier today, so hopefully, she’ll eat that. It was expensive, but the kitties are worth it of course.

  17. Voltaren! Helps so much with arthritis pain. Esp at bedtime. Rub it on, take some Tylenol and sleep will come

    1. I used Biofreeze Pain Relief as I do every night before I try to sleep. I used it three times during the night, but it just didn’t help like it usually does. I’m probably just too tightly wound these days! Once this move is over I can get all this straightened out I think. And it will be Feb. 1 probably before I know it.

  18. When my kids were little, our favorite book was The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. It ends with “Some days are like that. Even in Australia”. So, so true. Hope u start feeling better soon. This dang weather is so up and down. And Ivy doesn’t look like she’s missed too many meals! Just what u need. Playing head games with a cat! Have a better one tomorrow.

    1. The very cold weather has got all my arthritis going in my neck, back, and hands. I will read tonight in my chair and try to sleep in it. I probably would have tried that, but the last time I did was with Charlie and it’s still so hard without him.

  19. So far my day has been okay.
    Arthritis pain is everyday & everywhere though. I usually take 1 Motrin with breakfast. Another at lunch. If together, will fall asleep. Very cold in Illinois. Doesn’t help with body pain. Wind is uncertain. So, often I’m 🥶 feeling freezing.
    Thankfully we have leftovers from NYD to help us with meals.
    Then, time to either g-shop,or order in. Several of our favorite restaurants are on vacation for 2 weeks or so.
    Be careful Brenda. I’m upset with so many things that happened to you today. 😔 Especially the soup 🍲 & kitty food situation. Very sorry. That makes me sooo grumpy & mad. Jeesh.
    Chat again soon.

  20. Try taking Curamin Extra Strength for pain. I use the brand Terry Naturally. I take one before bed and by morning all my aches and pains have backed off. I find it works as well as Advil for me. Ask the PT about alternating ice and heat, I need both for my issues.

    Sometimes when nothing is going right it means you need to quit pushing. I get it, impending move, you have things that have to get done, you’re very independent, push through and keep going. BUT. Part of your kitty problem is that they are picking up on your stress and a chunk of your stress is so much pain you can scream and/or cry in frustration. Allow 10-15 minutes an hour to pack or clean, then PARK IT until the next hour. You’ll chip away at what needs to get done without killing yourself. You got this, just breathe and take it slow and steady.

    1. I alternate ice and heat day and night. Sometimes it helps; sometimes it doesn’t. I did manage to vacuum with my lightweight vacuum yesterday. There was so much kitty fluff it was getting out of hand. I felt like I got at least one thing done.

  21. It’s sunny but very cold here, about 10 degrees F with the windchill. I finished shoveling out the driveway earlier this morning, when the sun came around to the driveway high enough that I was working in the sun, to get some natural Vitamin D. I hate the cold, but tomorrow I will have to suck it up and hike to the supermarket and back. Thank goodness for “Hot Hands” packs!

    1. I have often thought of you shoveling. I could never manage that. Please try not to twist your body, as the PT therapist tells me all the time about chores, when you’re shoveling.

  22. Yes it’s time for you to stay in your chair and just pamper yourself. I’m glad you thought to pick up extra meals. My back has been really bad lately. The X-rays shows my disc at S2 has significant deterioration. That is just above my fusion. And often times just to stand to make dinner is a lot. Please try not to worry about this move. The movers do so much.

    1. I’m sorry. This pain is debilitating and I’m sorry you suffer from it. The x-rays didn’t show anything. And they keep mentioning the MRI, but I’m trying not to have anything major done when I’ll be on Medicare so soon. Hope it’s better than regular insurance. I made supper on Friday and ate that all weekend.

  23. Oh Brenda! I feel so sorry for you. It’s that saying “when it rains it pours” I’m praying you have a better day tomorrow!

    1. I should have picked up the medicine and food and just gone home. But in the back of my mind was Ivy acting so upset about the food I was giving her. It hurts me when she hates her food so much she won’t even take a nibble of it.

  24. Brenda, take a breath, drink some tea, enjoy your sandwich and let the antics of your sweet cats calm you. I am sorry your day isn’t going well. Take care and do not overwork yourself.

    1. Well Elizabeth, you and your husband recently went through a big move. Out of state, I think wasn’t it. But now you seem happy, so it was worth it.

  25. Brenda, try and stop worrying about your move! All you are doing is wasting time on things that might NOT happen. Everything will somehow work out and you will be moved in soon. Believe that!jud

  26. Brenda, Oh, i am so sorry you are having such a bad day. Stay home and feel badly and sad, eat potato soup and sandwich. And rest, sleep best you can. Tomorrow is a new day. We all suffer bad days. It makes the good ones so much better. Take care. Drink tea. Sending healing happy thoughts your way. Susan

    1. Great idea! Watch a fun movie. Have you ever seen “The Guilt Trip” with Barbra Streisand? Very funny!! Also, “Meet The Frockers” is a fun one!
      Enjoy some peace today Brenda.

  27. Hi Brenda. What a day you have had. Hope this will end and tomorrow will be better for you. When we moved our movers put the sleep number bed together. I watched and it was not hard to do. If they do not and you don’t think you can figure it out you can call their 800 number or the store near you and they can talk you through it. Get some rest and watch a good movie and take care this afternoon.

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