Yesterday I went outside to walk around the patio, and before I knew it I was digging the sedum and peppermint out of the blue container bed. Sometimes that happens. An idea hits me and I’m on it.

I like those plants in the spring, when they look new and healthy.

But within a month or so the mint will begin to look leggy and tired. And besides, it had taken over that bed and I’d like to plant some other plants in there. Maybe a few more perennials.

Mints are famous for taking over a garden space.

I rolled around on my ancient garden cart and dug it up, put it into yard bags and took the bags down to the dumpster.

The peppermint had encircled the bed many times over. I’m sure there’s still some down there somewhere, but it will be a gradual process getting it out I imagine.

I left just a bit of it at the end, maybe a six inch clump. But I’m thinking I might have to take that out too or it will send out those long roots and be everywhere again.

It felt good to dig my bare hands down in the soil, pulling out roots and smoothing the dirt around the plants. I’m never calmer and more at peace than when I’m working with my plants.

I pulled sedum, mint and lemon balm out of the pots too for the most part. I did leave one clump of lemon balm in a galvanized container. I have a whole pot of peppermint over under the sun on the fence.

In one container there were ants and I went inside and got my cheap cinnamon and sprinkled some around the perimeter of the pot. They hate cinnamon.

I also ordered a fountain yesterday from Wayfair. Here is the link to it. For some reason it won’t let me copy the photo to show you.

It is just the right size, about 16 by 16 at the bottom, to put in the corner of my patio next to the patio doors and against the fence I share with my next door neighbor.

It has a long cord, so I’m planning to put an electrical adapter in one of the lights and then pull it across the top of the doors with a few nails to hold it up. Then it should fall directly down to the fountain just below.

I’m looking forward to having the sound of water in my garden again. It always draws in the birds and maybe will help conceal the noise around here a bit.

There is not anything more pleasant than sitting outside with birds swooping down to the bird bath and a water fountain trickling water.

Someone asked yesterday where the tree I call Jade is. It’s right behind the wicker settee. I tried having it in the sun last year, but the sun burned the leaves. It seems to do just fine where I now have it, though it’s mostly in the shade.

You can see just one branch of it in the photo below to the right.

I’ve made one more appointment with Southwoods for later this morning. I need zinnia seeds and more soil.

It seems like I always run out of soil. No matter how much I bring home, it never ends up being enough.

Maybe this will be my last trip for awhile at least.

I do prefer their soil though, as they make it up themselves and I think it’s better than the soil you buy from the big box stores.

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  1. Glad you are able to get some dirt-digging in. Everything is still cold and grey and brown here yet. I always planted my mints in a hollowed out (bottom out) container amongst my other plants and that kept it pretty well contained. I just sunk it right in the ground up to the level of the soil I used old ice cream buckets which were the perfect size for my garden.
    Have a great week!

  2. Is it safe to use nails to support an electric cord? There are probably insulated hooks or plastic tubing to run the cord thru that can be mounted where needed. Something. Google probably has ideas!

    1. I would just need something to prop the cord up to the ceiling of the doorway. I don’t need anything to run the cord through because I plan to run it up and around the doorway.

  3. Looking good, Brenda! I love planting and digging in the dirt, too. That fountain is pretty and will look nice on your patio, but woo, that’s pricey. I can’t put anything electric on my patio because the closest outlet is all the way around to the front of the house.

    Still too cold here to plant anything about pansies. And I have radishes from seed growing in a pot on my porch, but that’s it. Usually by mid-May, we can start planting other flowers and some vegetables.

  4. Thanks for the fountain link . I like that it has a long cord. I do have an electric outlet on my deck. I read the description and it looks like the fountain also has easy maintenance.

    Looking forward to seeing a picture of it on your patio.

  5. Brenda, the 3 bowl blue fountain you ordered from Wayfair is beautiful and then some! I also found it for an even less sales price at OVERSTOCK for $178.69 “with free shipping for most items” plus a 15% discount if you sign up on the site. Woo-hoo, save more!

  6. I always plant mint in a low, long container I put right by my kitchen door – it’s supposed to help keep ants out….seems to work! The people before me planted mint around the veggie garden, which keeps coming back no matter how many times I rip it out – ugghhhh! Just one of many aggravating mistakes they made in the landscape here, but oh well. Still too cold to do any planting here, so I’m still focusing on my seedlings and overwintered geraniums, Another week of this cold and then hopefully things start looking up!

  7. Brenda, when I looked at your fountain, I knew, (really) that it was one made for you. It is going to look perfect on your patio, and it is going to sound so beautiful with the waterfall effect. You and the birds will be in love. (grin). I can’t wait to see it when you get it set up and plugged in. Hugs from WI

  8. “Mints are famous for taking over a garden space.
    …dug it up, put it into yard bags and took the bags down to the dumpster.”. You, Brenda, are one smart Cookie!! I don’t like containers for plants (we have a large flower garden area in the backyard.) I would never put any mint in my flowerbed and like You I readily dispose of pesty plants I dig up, I put them on my small burn pile to sit and wait and die (tho we have had a burn ban for quite awhile now.) I also found out that chives is a pesky little bulb, it can multiply rapidly summer to summer. (I’m still picking those things out of my flowerbed!!) And in-laws had planted “tough” English Ivy on one side of their house (with both in-laws gone we get to live in the house and fight the ivy and when I pull some out I put it right on the burn pile!!)
    I really like the pretty cobalt blue of Your fountain, very pretty!!
    Is the tree You call “Jade” a Japanese maple? Very nice. Those things are tougher than they look. We had neighbor’s once that had 5 kids, all under 12 and I would see them climbing and swinging from the branches and that little tree just kept on surviving!!
    I hope to get out tomorrow and plant oregano, lavendar (I didn’t do well with a plant a couple years ago, watered it too much,) creeping thyme (I don’t have the lemon which I like a lot,) lemon balm, portulaca, lantana (my plant last year took up a good 3′ dia. area and the bunnies loved hiding and sleeping under the leftover leafless skeleton during winter,) and three Gerbera Daisies (one of my very fav flowers, I have one plant going on 4 or 5 years old and that is one that does well in a pot for summer!)
    Like You I thoroughly enjoy “toiling in the soil!!” Have fun and enjoy that pretty fountain!! barb:)

    1. The tree I call Jade is the gingko biloba butterfly tree. The leaves look like butterflies opened up. This tree is right by the settee.

  9. Your fur babies are so sweet, Brenda. You can see the love that you give them shining right out of them.
    And love the blue fountain – it is beautiful! If I had a ground floor balcony instead of the second, I would consider it. I always worry about weight and potential problems, although I love my plants and have been using Bloombox here in Pennsylvania as I’m just not ready to shop in person. The plants have been wonderful, grown in nearby Lancaster county, and the delivery service is superb. Love your patio so much, have a wonderful day.

  10. That fountain is really nice. I’m not aavy enough to hook one up and my only electrical outlet is on my porch. So you would have to walk over that cord and that won’t do. It is all coming together so beautifully. Right now we have ear wigs galore. Going to try some diatomaceous earth in the plants today and see how that works. I don’t want them to kill all the newly planted ones.

  11. your patio is already so beautiful!
    and the water sounds of the new fountain will be delightful. especially during the heat of the summer.
    Ivy and Charlie both look adorable! I always love pictures of them.
    that running wild and free in Kendra’s back yard must have been good for him!
    he almost looks like a new little Charlie! xoxo

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