Just because you live in a small home doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for the Christmas holidays in style. I go for table top Christmas trees and decor I can put on shelves, etc. in my apartment.

This morning I got up and dug around some more in my bin in the closet and found a few more things. I happened to come across three gold bird ornaments.

Well, you know how I love birds. I already had three red birds that matched these already on the tree.

So that meant I was taking off some of the red Christmas ornaments and adding a bit more gold so my birds wouldn’t stand out like sore thumbs.

Christmas in the living room

A Beverage Stand Is Perfect For A Table Top Tree:

I found what I needed to put up the white tree, so I swapped out the green one I had up yesterday. I love the white and red combination on the white tree.

Christmas in the living room

When I got up this morning nothing was broken. Everything seemed to still be as I left it last night. So Ivy didn’t topple the tree.

She did manage to get into a few ornaments I had on the coffee table and knocked them off. I kind of held my breath till I realized they were unbreakable ornaments.

So I let her play hockey all over the apartment with little gold ornaments. Now she’s napping from all the activity. After that she will want to eat.

Christmas in the living room

Situate The Tree Where You Can Enjoy It From Various Rooms:

I didn’t realize that Ivy was in this photo. Obviously one of her toys got away from her and is under the little yellow pantry.

Did you notice that the tree topper is a red male cardinal?

That seemed appropriate since I got a photo of one yesterday. I saw Ivy at the patio door staring at something. And when I went to see, it was this red male cardinal.

Did you know that a cardinal could have a life span of up to 15 years? The cardinal is said to symbolize hope, joy, health, rejuvenation and celebration.

male cardinal

When I was digging around yesterday I found a bit more Christmas decor that I put on my new kitchen wall shelves. Most of it is breakable and I don’t want it where Ivy can get to it.

Christmas Decor On Shelves:

Christmas in the kitchen

Christmas in the kitchen

Mix Christmas Decor With Farmhouse Decor:

I like a mix of decor. So I add the Christmas decorations around and in between decor I already have on the shelves.

I think it makes it more visually interesting.

Christmas in the kitchen

Christmas Figurines:

One of you emailed me recently and asked what happened to my Jim Shore figurines. I emailed back that I gave them away, or so I thought.

But when digging around this morning I found them.

Christmas in the living room

This big Santa is a music box. Isn’t he a handsome Santa?

Christmas in the living room

Christmas in the living room

So my advice for small space holiday decorating is to utilize vertical storage space, as in the shelves in the living room and kitchen. Plus if you have small grandchildren or nosy pets like Miss Ivy Lou, you can keep your Christmas decor safe.

I also opt for table top trees.

I was lucky to find this red beverage stand a few years ago. It is perfect for fitting a table top tree inside. Then I add white netting to resemble snow.

Christmas tree living room

Well, there’s Ivy again. Hm, I didn’t notice her when I took the photo.

It’s nice that I can enjoy the tree from both the living room and the dining room when I eat my meals. And I can enjoy the lights from the bedroom as well.

I think I’m finished holiday decorating now. Unless I come upon something else I forgot I had.

Have you put your Christmas decor up yet?

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  1. Your apartment is so beautiful. Love the beautiful white and red tree. It seems to fit just right. Hope to start decorating my small living room today. Like you I have most of my decorations in my bedroom closet, so easy to get to. The small tree is in the shed.
    Ivy is so cute, always so busy. I do hope she leaves your beautiful tree alone? Hope Charlie is doing better.

    Have a wonderful day

  2. Your decor is very charming, and smart choices for small spaces. My grandmother had a white christmas tree – some years it was decorated with all red, some years, blue. Her little home was just beautiful because of all those touches, just like yours.

  3. Haven’t started yet. I have to haul the boxes in from the shed and I’m 72 now so not excited about that. Every yr I say I’m getting rid of things and never do. But we did get rid of a huge tree we had this past summer. It was beautiful but a pain to get up. Recently had a car accident and totaled my car so glad I don’t have to struggle w that tree. I love all the decorations. Your tree is beautiful. You always do things right. I’m so glad you found those old Ross decorations. They are beauties.

    1. Hi Annette! Thank God your doing fine esp after totaling your car recently!
      Is their someone that’s younger that can help you put up your tree and decorations? I’ve helped some people and offered to help some if they need it cuz everyone needs some Christmas joy!
      I hope this week is alot better for you! J x

  4. I forgot to add that I really like your white tree and love its location where you can enjoy it from different locations. I’m glad you had the treat of finding some decorations you thought you didn’t have anymore. I have a decoration that is a rustic-looking metal calendar with a magnet to mark the days til Christmas. I thought I lost the little magnet, but I found it in another box. I could have used a different magnet, but, it made me happy to find the original magnet. Such little discoveries can be a pleasant surprise.

  5. Very pleasant post! The cardinal is the state bird of Kentucky and six other states — Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. We see quite a few cardinals in our yard which is a treat. I have one of those little metal flag stands by the back porch and I just hung a Christmas flag on it this morning that features a big cardinal. I also put some electric candles in the windows. Usually those candles are my only lights that can be seen outside, but this year I think I want to put some lights on my tiny front porch in some way or another. I haven’t decided just how. I’ve had a small tree for years, but this year I found an even smaller one, only a couple of feet tall, at a thrift store. I’ve decided that each year I’ll decorate it with just one style of ornament, or have a theme of some sort. This year it has only Shiny-Brite style ornaments. Next year could be only wooden ornaments, or only animal ornaments. I have enough types of ornaments to come up with a few themes. In the past, the cats we had paid no attention to decorations. But this is the first year for our cat Calvin. I don’t think he is going to be interested, but you never know. So I am putting this little tree at the back of a table in the living room and I hope he won’t notice it.

  6. I love how you decorated your place Brenda! I always like to see how everyone decorates their house!
    I always decorate my house the 1st of November cuz the wks go by fast as it is.

    I didn’t put up my big tree in the living room this year only my slim 7′ tree that I usually put in the kitchen cuz I wanted to paint. I decided the 1st of the yr will be better…too hectic.

    So I put my 4′ tree in the kitchen on my blk shelf rack that rolls and attached it with wire. I have gumdrop garland and different kinds of gingerbread people, lollipops, candy canes…kind of like the Candyland game!?

    My living room tree has all homemade ornaments that I have collected thru out the yrs. In my den I have a poinsettia tree that’s attached to a wooden stand. I didn’t put out my 3′ foot tree in the dining room either with the Walt Disney ornaments, but everything else is out.

    I also have been abit leary cuz I have a male dog and have caught him marking his spot! Arrrgh! He hates the spray bottle so knock on wood that he doesn’t try it!?

    I also decorated my parents house earlier this year, so now I can concentrate on what I want to bake for the holidays instead and then freeze it.

    Have a great week!

  7. Hi. I’ve enjoyed seeing your decorations and reading the comments. I’ve only put a few small items out and I have a very tiny tree to still get out. Tomorrow I will put electric candles in some windows. I usually just have a wreath on the front door but I’d like to fix up the little front porch a bit more. Nothing too complicated!

  8. Your decorations are lovely. I’ve put up a 4 foot tree in my bedroom so I can enjoy seeing it every night and will move it to the living room on the 24th. I don’t know if I’ll do anything else.

    Carol and Molly

  9. Love your tree and with especially the beverage cart idea..you are a clever decorator and designer in my book…and your place always looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing and you are just a talented writer.. About 13 years ago we downsized to a smaller abode..and I have a hard time downsizing my collectibles and treasures..always hoping to get inspiration from small space bloggers. (sometimes feel like I might be a bit of a hoarder..or borderline..lol)… Your furbabies are cuties..and our lives without our fur family members would be so boring.. Love all the color and also the collectibles you thought you got rid of..thank goodness you didn’t –they are great… ;0) .. Merry Christmas ..

  10. I love your Christmas decor, Brenda! That tree is fabulous. I even showed it to Brian and said, “Look how pretty Brenda’s white tree is.” 🙂 I’m with you on the tabletop trees. I have no desire to ever have a full-size tree anymore. They are SO much work and when you live in a small home, space is at a premium. I find the older I get, the less work I want to do in setting up trees and taking them down. We have a tree on our buffet and I love it. I’m done with my Christmas decorating except for a little tweaking here and there.

  11. I have the same beverage container and I usually put a tree on my front porch with a tree in it. I usually do a lot of decorating but I am getting over radiation treatments and my strength is gone. I put a large bell on the bottom of my tree so when our Lucy goes near the tree I hear her. This is the 3rd Christmas and she has been pretty good. She does like to sleep on the Christmas tree skirt but that is not too bad. She is a devil but we love her

  12. You have done a great job with your tree. I think the beverage stand is a great idea. I love the cardinals as I’ve had a pair at my feeders lately. They are stunning birds. I have most of what I’m doing for Christmas decorations done now. Hoping to enjoy the lights, music, quiet and calm of the season with a dash of excitement and fun with the Grands!! I was telling my daughter about Ivy Lou today!

    1. Oh my, that Ivy Lou. She is such a stinker. She’s curled up next to me now and Charlie is on the pet bed. They’re both awaiting the egg. I fix two now because Ivy really likes them. I have to hold her while he gets his fill of it though.

  13. Just lovely everything you have done ,love the white and red tree ,I know you will enjoy this very much sitting and watching the lights .
    Is Charlie doing better ?
    I hope so and I am glad he and Ivy Lou are friends .
    You now have a cozy lil family !!!
    Enjoy your time during the holidays !!!

  14. That tree is amazing and I LOVE the creative way you used the beverage stand. The “sprinkling” of Christmas decorations into everyday decor is the perfect festive holiday touch. Your post today not made me smile but gave me so many neat ideas to use around my own small home. Thank you. Hope the three of you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

  15. I love your Jim Shore decorations – I have one of the tall skinny santa’s – the way you decorate your small apartment is really nice and doesn’t look cluttered in the least – good job!!

  16. I love your tree and your Christmas decorations. It’s smart to work with what fits your space best. I should take that comment to heart myself. I am also very fond of cardinals. I have a 2 foot tall Christmas tree decorated with lots of red cardinals along with mini ornaments that is displayed in my kitchen during this season. I display other cardinal items as well, but only during the Christmas/winter season, except for one cardinal taped to the top of a sugar bowl cover in a built-in display case in my dinette area. He’s out all year long. That cardinal you photographed, he is like the Superman of cardinals! I’ve never seen one with a breast that big and broad, or a dark ‘beard’ that large. Wowsers!

    This is the one time of year that I ADD things to my decor rather than trying to subtract them to lessen the “clutter.” It will be packed away again probably in the middle of January until Christmas season 2019.

  17. Your home is wonderful filled with Christmas Magic. You have many beautiful things to decorate with. Love the photo with Ivy’s butt sticking up in the air, with her front paws under the yellow pantry. Adorable!!! We put up a table top tree today, it was a little over 5 feet tall, so had to saw off some from the trunk of the tree, and a little from the tip, which was touching the ceiling. Watered it, but will wait to decorate tomorrow,to give the branches time to thaw and branch out. The old cat is sitting/standing on a chair close by, with her paws on the table. Jeff (husband) is telling her NO..we’ll see how long that lasts..

  18. Your tree is very pretty. ?I adopted your idea to use white netting fabric last year. It looks like fluffs of snow swirled around the base of the trees. Thanks again for that great idea.

    1. You’re very welcome! I’ve used this for years. Not sure where I came up with it. Probably saw it somewhere. I think the netting is light and soft enough to give just the right touch.

  19. Hi Brenda.
    An amazing set up. Everything looks wonderful! Beautiful cardinals here in Chicago also. They are so lovely! My sister’s favorite birdie. My tree (not up yet though,,,, soon) is on grandma’s old, antique drum table. Always looks nice with sparkley lights! We ? love Ivy photos!! Kitty-cat is very photogenic. ?

  20. Our youngest cat is over two years. The last two Christmas seasons, I’ve gone with all unbreakable ornaments, and yet she was good with the tree and didn’t really bother it.
    I thought this year I could go back to using my collection of glass pinecones, so I put up the tree yesterday. Nothing on it yet. That pill of a cat has climbed inside the tree several times already. She seems to be getting into things worse as she gets older. The opposite of how most cats do as they get older. The red birds look great on your white tree. I use owls and birds on my tree also.

  21. I have a few things out, but I haven’t been able to talk my husband into going up into the attic and bringing down my tubs. I have a three foot tree, and an old fashioned ceramic tree that lights up. Hope I get to see them this year! I’m almost 70, and I’m afraid I’d fall if I started climbing. Who knows, maybe today is the day!

      1. My decor is in storage bins in the basement. I’m glad Brian digs them out and carries them upstairs for me. I need to consolidate and get rid of a lot of the decor so it all fits in one or two tubs. I don’t use a lot of the decor anymore, anyway.

  22. Your tree is lovely…a couple of years ago, I put a small tree into a beverage bucket similar to yours except it doesn’t have a stand, but I love the way it looks. The white tulle is a great idea for snow. Enjoy!

  23. What a great job you did of making your place look festive! The holiday decor fits right in with your color scheme and adds sparkle.
    I am still working on purging so no decorating aside from glass Christmas trees and votives on the mantle. I gave my Christmas dishes to my nephew and his wife and my pottery Nativity figures to my niece.

  24. We have adopted a 14 month old cat recently, so our decorating style has changed-for this Christmas at least. No ornaments from my mom, no little vintage gems found in thrift stores. He is very curious of all things new, so we’ve been warned. I’m using my china cabinet and hutches for protection. A bit of a minimalist decorating style, which made for a pleasant day of reminiscing while unpacking all and re-packing some.

  25. Everything looks merry and bright. I’m always anxious and excited to see what you’ve accomplished. I have finished moving into my new tiny apartment and I’m channeling your decorating and organizing skills.b

  26. Everything is so beautifully displayed. I’m rearranging and making room for the tree today . Very nasty weather here in Wisconsin today .

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