1. Brenda,
    Oh, I love this idea of the Suitcase full of Trees. Jess just bought three old suitcases and stacked them on top of eachother for a vintage look. I should tell her about this creative idea.

    Your little doggy is sweet. I am looking forward to your post for the blog tour.


  2. I love your style. You take the ordinary and make is spectacular. Thanks for that sweet dear comment on the blog today. I am still weepy when I read everyone's comments. Need to go to some laundry and get my head on the ordinary things.

  3. Your home looks so festive, Brenda. I love everything you've done. Charlie Ross looks downright comfy and cozy in his new bed. You're a good Mum. 🙂

  4. Tiny wreath or jingle bells around cows neck might be cute. I love your cozy Christmas!

  5. The suitcase is really cute, what a lovely idea, and very you. I'm sure it will inspire many others to put something together.

    Oh by the way? Cold? It's only -14 C here, but some other Canadian bloggers, it's -35C too cold to go outside for more then a few minutes with bare skin freezing…now that's brrrr. So whenever I want to complain, I just think of my other blogging friends.

    Warm climates here we come, let's pack our bags.

  6. The trees in the vintage suitcase are just perfect! Wow, you have a knack for vignettes!!

    Charlie Ross looks so cozy. Milo loves his dog bed but Layla has to be curled up right next to me. For a little dog she can get hot under those covers!

    Have a great week!


  7. Gee, Brenda, I don't mean to be critical but if you elevate those four medium trees in the suitcase so that they would break the line of the open side of the suitcase and be taller than it, your vignette there would be better…
    Love all that you do and look forward to each new blog with photos! 🙂

  8. Oh I adore those suitcases filled with Christmas Trees!! So festive, fun and lighthearted. Got me to thinking of the year my sister came home unexpectedly for Christmas to surprise us-we heard a knock on the door and opened it and there she was, snow falling behind her and a suitcase filled with pretty wrapped presents for us!

  9. Your vignettes are really beautiful, especially the trees in the suitcase. I enjoy seeing your vintage items and the cow in the old wooden box is lovely!

  10. It all looks sweet and cozy and Charlie is stealing the show again just like the other day 🙂

    Lasagna would make a next good casserole if you like pasta …

    Come to think of it I've not made lasagna in ages and might do so now that I am thinking of it, lol…

  11. I think it's unanimous. Everything looks perfect, but Charlie Ross steals the show. He looks so cute cuddled up in his bed, looking at the camera and probably thinking 'go away mommy and let me sleep'!

    I know what you mean about the convenience of making casseroles. I find on days when I don't have to think about what I'm making, then actually make it, I'm much more productive.

  12. Brenda your decorating is outstanding. Great look with the vintage case. I love the window with the anytime pics and bingo cards. Each vignette is perfect and Charlie Ross looks adorable cuddled up staying warm. Be careful in the ice and cold. It's still hanging on with us and I am getting cabin fever.
    Have a good Monday! Hugs

  13. Oh, this is as cute as can be! I love how you group things for a cute vignette. Just adorable! You are SO talented, and Charlie is so sweet! Love that shot!



    P.S. Glad you like the socks. I can't wait to see how the others turn out once we get them hung!

  14. I love all your pretty vignettes, but that little Charlie Ross steals my heart. I'd love to pick him up and give him a hug!

  15. Looking good! Your window turned out really cute! That Charlie really owns that bed, doesn't he? Your decor is beautiful.


  16. I love your vintage holiday decorating, but Charlie Ross steals my heart! He looks so darn cute in his new bed. I bought 2 similar ones for my pups and they love them!

  17. I also love to fix casseroles that last a few meals my favorite blogsite is called plainchicken you might like her different receipes How you have a great day snow and ice here in louisville ky.

  18. I love the way you used the sewing machine drawer. I also got a kick out of the cow — no pun intended — looking out over the softdrink box. She looks as snug and contented as Charlie! The tree on the blackboard is nicely done.

  19. I've always loved how you've made vignettes in suitcases. Charlie Ross is so cute in his little bed. Who knows, maybe Abi will get used to hers. Now that the weather is cold, all three of my cats prefer my bed, especially before I can make it in the morning! They love to snuggle down into the flannel sheets and blankets. I don't blame them!

  20. Love the window with the vintage pictures-your blog is always so pretty and inviting! What a sweet picture of Charlie Ross curled up snug in his bed!

  21. The trees in the old suitcase look so enchanting Brenda. I've been meaning to ask about your Pepsi crate. Did it have dividers that you removed or was it plain without dividers. I have one but it is difficult to use like you are able to. Enjoy your afternoon. ♥

  22. Your house is decorated so nicely! Very colorful and comfortable. I love ALL the Christmas decorating you did.

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