Obviously there are all kinds of “farmhouse” decorating styles. Today we’ll look at a French farmhouse-style cottage.

This is your typical little cottage bungalow. A white house with a nice front porch surrounded by trees.

Covered Porch:

It doesn’t get much more inviting than this. There’s a beautiful seating area with curtains giving it a cozy feminine touch. Lots of texture here as eye candy.

Upon entering the house there is a vintage dresser in the entryway. It is layered and styled very nicely.

Shades Of Neutral:

A white couch in the living room is surrounded by varying shades of neutral. The overall feeling in this room is one of relaxation and serenity.

In the corner is a weathered vintage box stuffed with pillows. And behind that is an old ladder to layer throws and blankets on.

An antique table houses the liquor and ice bucket with pretty spring branches brought in from outdoors.

A glimpse into the dining room shows more neutral furnishings. French country chairs surround a farmhouse-style table with rustic legs.

Dining Room:

Touch Of Whimsy:

On one side of the rustic table is a settee to offset the sameness of the chairs across from it. This gives a bit of whimsy to the room.

The mostly white kitchen has modern appliances and a herringbone tiled floor. Wood shelves and a knife block are a great contrast to the whiteness of the room.

A rustic island sits ready for chopping vegetables or fruit when preparing a meal. The shelf at the bottom adds extra storage space.

Vintage Decor:

There is lots of vintage kitchen decor. Books and such are corralled in an old wood box. The natural style of the shelves lends a simple yet rustic farmhouse look.

Worn copper pots and vintage cutting boards enhance the color of the barn wood shelves.

Simple White Bedding:

The bedroom too is layered in various shades of white and beige. The bed has the slightly rumpled look that is popular.

There is a modern white bathroom with a tub that I could surely sink into at the end of a long day of gardening!

Stylish Outdoor Living:

The back outdoor area is a delight with two levels of cozy seating to accommodate friends and family.

And what’s a modern farmhouse without an area for the chickens? A chicken coop houses the chickens and is surrounded by gravel to discourage weeds.

Do you like this style of cottage? Which elements of this home are your favorites?

{Photos from The Everygirl}


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  1. Just lovely. I never get why people feel the need to be so opinionated about other folk’s choices. Live and let live.

  2. I love the house but it would have been nice to see a floor plan and square footage info. Oh, and chickens? Better be careful what you wish for – chickens are not prone to maintaining pristine conditions, or being cute off camera….whoever staged this has never lived with real chickens, at least for more time than it takes to do a photo shoot….

  3. It looks like my home until it was broken into, stolen damaged. Shocked when I saw this. Want to fix it. So tired of negative comments about my precious antique, beautiful home.

  4. OMG enough with the everything must be white and gray (oh but look ath this pop of color in a singular red rug). If I wanted a sterile environment I’d schedule a surgery.

    To each his own, but there is nothing farmy or boho about stark white gray and beige.

  5. I can’t say there was anything that I didn’t like about this adorable cottage… it’s so cute!
    There are just a few things that I would change to suit my personal taste.
    I loved everything in the kitchen. Even though I love the look, I wouldn’t like having to wash and clean so many things on shelves and counter.
    I would add a window planter box under the single window on the left filled with colorful flowers. And a couple of Boston ferns hanging on the front porch.
    Otherwise I think it’s pretty perfect.

    1. I like the style of the cottage, and the settee in the dining room. I don’t care for the “layered” look. (Too cluttered for my taste.) The white is nice, but more color needed IMHO.

  6. This home is just about perfect, plus chickens!!!!!!! I am crazy for that antique “bar” table. Just stunning. Thanks.

  7. Beautiful place…but how on earth can one keep something so white, always looking up to par? A bit of color helps…but the house is great!

  8. Lovely. And I love how the vases are full of cut branches. I luckily have a small jungle behind my house that is a good source for cut branches. No need to buy flowers ever.

  9. Very pretty. I like the handles on the appliances in the kitchen, very eye-catching. It looks like they match the copper in the pots and pans but there’s some brass mixed in too. I like the look of mixed metallic finishes in a room.

  10. I like how the house is decorated, with the vintage dresser. the vintage items in the kitchen, and the “to die for” antique table, in front of a “dark wall”, the red rugs in the dining area, kitchen and the bath room. Other wise, way too white for me, would have to paint a few walls. Love the cutting boards, the vintage box with the pillows, the box in the kitchen with books and flowers, open shelves, speaks “Brenda”. I can picture this home, with your quilts on the walls, red touches in the kitchen,curtain on the window, more green plants, would just add your cozy look.

  11. I love the whiteness of this cottage, so clean looking which can always be brightened up with colorful accessories. Even the henhouse is white!
    Everything pops against the white walls. I like the open shelves in the kitchen.

    All the walls in my house are white except for the kitchen, but now I am thinking I would like to bring in more whiteness, especially in the bedrooms.

  12. I love the house, although the interior design is way too white for me. And I prefer some cabinets in my kitchen. My favorite room is the dining room – the mix of styles, textures, color, and the cute settee.

  13. Lovely spare decor. The kitchen looks easy to work in and I like the copper replacement handles on the fridge and dw (white appliances!). With the red rug and comfy chairs, the dining room is my favorite, although the outside back area is very inviting, isn’t it? Thanks for this look at a “not over the top” house decor of French Country.

    1. This cottage is so cute. I especially like the ladder and the vintage box. I also like the copper handles on the appliances in the kitchen!

  14. Cute cottage. I especially like the way the kitchen is decorated. Needs a smidge more color overall for my taste. Outdoor spaces are wonderful.

  15. I LOVE this house and how it’s decorated excepted way too much white. I like lots of color. But other than that, I would love to own this cute little cottage.

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