1. Ivy is the cutest! If I slept in that position, I probably wouldn’t be able to move to get myself out of bed, lol. And I love how she “tolerates” the doggies that come for a visit. It does seem like the holidays are creeping up fast. I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year, so we’ll have about 15 people, so as you can imagine, I’ve been quite busy. Thankfully, my sister came early to help me with everything. I really enjoy your Sunday Snippets. How it’s Kendra doing? Is she feeling any better?

    1. For the grandchildren on the opposite shore, I have finally ordered a few things. Giving thanks always comes last. We will thus just schedule pasta for supper as we can still prepare it on a gas stovetop.

  2. Well, when we get busy and our minds are focused elsewhere, tis easy to not realize when a certain holiday is falling any given year. Yep, me too this year…a couple days ago I just realized that we are early this year. But being it will just be us and our daughter, and we all agree to do as easy as can be, it will be ok. Worst yet, I finally ordered a couple items for the grandkids on the other coast…and 1 item is not to arrive until Dec 24th…and we all know those dates are estimates. (Via Amazon). Good grief, I thought I had a few more days to order gifts!!

  3. Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November.
    So, given that there are five weeks in November, the holiday can sometimes arrive as early as November 22, or as late as November 28.
    In 2023, Thanksgiving Day is on Thursday, November 23.

  4. Not sure if it is due to my age but the holiday season is coming in like a fast freight train coming to town. One day it’s October 1st then it’s Thanksgiving and we all
    know what follows!

    We are being taunted with the possibility of fire and high winds and power outages for Thanksgiving again! So just going to plan on pasta for dinner as we can still cook on the gas stove top. Just no baking.

  5. Unlike last November, we haven’t had a lot of rain this month. We had a few days where the noon time temperature got up to 60 or just above, and the Sun has been out all week, but the temperature has dropped down to about normal for this time of year, and I’ve been waking up to frozen over bird baths and drinking pans that I put down lower for the squirrels and other critters. I’m tired of sucking up leaves with the lawnmower and/or raking. We had a late leaf shed this year, and because there is no snow in the long-term forecast, the city extended leaf pick-up to December 1 from November 15. The city has come through twice to sweep up leaves homeowners piled up in the streets, but they need to come through at least once more and nobody knows what day that might be. My problem is that the winds in this subdivision seem to circle the most around MY house, and I end up with just about everybody else’s leaves in my yard. But maybe every homeowner feels that way, ha! I’ve got sore shoulders and neck from 2 days of pushing the mower around with the bagging attachment on it to suck up leaves that blow right back on the lawn when I empty the bag out and make piles in the road. This morning I cleaned up what seemed like a ton of leaves that had accumulated behind my garage from neighboring trees, but since that is on concrete I used my broom, dustpan and a laundry basket that I stomped the leaves down into until I couldn’t flatten them out any more and then lugged the surprisingly heavy filled basket out to the road to dump the contents. Today is relatively calm, for which I am grateful. This week is major house cleaning and getting the Christmas tree up, if not decorated, by Thanksgiving Day. I too was surprised it’s on 11/23 this year, I thought I had an extra week to do all that needs to be done inside. Been too busy outside to get much done inside. When you live alone, it’s always a balancing act trying to decide what chore to do next.

  6. If you would, I’d appreciate it if you’d include where you watched something. Maybe I just missed it, but I’d like to check on Payback. Have you watched The Firm on Prime? You might like it!

  7. The 28th is the last possible day Thanksgiving can be on. I figured that out years ago because my younger daughter was born on the 29th so Thanksgiving never falls on her birthday.

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