1. I haven’t read the novel “East of Eden.” I had a vague memory of “East of Eden” on TV a long time ago. The only scene I remember is of an elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair looking out a window (second story at least) and just rocking, rocking, rocking. Her graying hair was in a bun, you only got a side-view of her face as she sat in the rocking chair staring out the window. A young man was in the scene too, her son. I don’t remember the dialog, but do remember all these years later, it struck me as spooky/creepy/sad. The lady in the rocking chair seemed to be filled with hate for that son, she wanted to hurt him with her words. I checked to see if there was an “East of Eden” on TV and found a production from 1981. A TV mini-series produced, and Jane Seymour was one of the stars – she was the “mother” figure in that scene that I remember to this day that gives me chills. Not a book I’d want to read. I much prefer my family. We seem to have inherited the ability to be funny and serious at the same time. I didn’t marry, but my younger sisters and brothers have and their spouses just fit right in with the strange comedic-tendency genetics my family seems to have. There is constant laughter and humor when we have a get-together while throwing zingers at each other and the world in general. We had a sibling (and spouses) get together on 12/10 and I’m still laughing. Ah yes, such a relief from a world that is so filled with strife.

  2. Oh, I so look forward to your Sunday Snippets. It’s been a good week. The pointsettia is beautiful! So sweet and thoughtful of Pat to give you that. The yellow tree is gorgeous! It’s amazing that this far into December, you still have trees with pretty Fall colors. I swear, Ivy is the cutest thing ever! It’s funny how her toys are scattered everywhere, and she’s just sitting in the toy box, pretty as you please. Steve is so nice to look out for you the way he does. What a good friend. Did you end up getting a new battery for your car too? $380 seems a little pricey for just an oil change and wiper blades, even considering the labor. But I guess if Steve’s been going there for a long time, he obviously trusts them to take good care of you both. Isn’t it amazing how fast the years go by? My grandkids are getting older too, and like you, I remember them being cute little kids, wanting to climb in my lap and have me read to them, and watch a million children’s tv shows with them. Ahhh, the good ole days! I’ve been working on making a Christmas stocking. I’m hoping to have it done by Christmas. I’ve also been watching my Hallmark Christmas movies and reading a cozy mystery. It’s keeping me busy. After I catch up on some of those things, I need to finish decorating and start working on my holiday baking. I make breads, cookies, and fudge. We should all do a Christmas cookie exchange on your blog. We can all type out our favorite Christmas cookie recipe, lol. It could be fun.

  3. Hi, Brenda!
    If you are interested in reading more of John Steinbeck’s books, you might want to try TRAVELS WITH CHARLEY.

  4. Poinsettias are my birthday flower, so they not only look like Christmas, they also say, “Happy Birthday” to me. It puts my teeth on edge, though, when I hear people pronounce them “poinsettas.

  5. Brenda, I just remembered a show you may like, “Keeping Faith”. I’m not sure if you’ve mentioned watching it or not. It’s on Britbox or Acorn TV and I think you’d like it. I get most of my shows from your recommendations. Thanks.

  6. What nice neighbors you have!! So fortunate…it surely was a good place to move, wasn’t it?

  7. One nice thing about having friendly neighbors is that you can enjoy and share the holiday goodies that you make, such as the fudge and cookies if you decide to make some. I actually added fudge to my making list this Christmas in place of some cookies. Making less but still enjoying a treat and some to share. Happy holidays! 🎄

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